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Kenny early people tools
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Kenny early people tools


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. By: Kenny
  • 2. Intro
    • Tools are an very important object. They helped humans as long as humans have lived. Tools helped us survive by making it easier to get food, make weapons, start fires and many more things that humans can’t do without them. Tools has become part of our lives and without tools, it will be challenging to survive.
    A rock being used as a tool to shape a rock.
  • 3. Australopithecus afarensis
    • Australopithecus afarensis was the first hominid to live on the earth that we know about. They used tools that they found but did not make tools. They did not hunt when they had tools or when they didn’t have tools, they scavenged for dead animals instead. Their brains were too small to make tools.
    A model of an Australopithecus afarensis person.
  • 4. Homo habilis
    • Homo habilis are called the first real human. Their brains were bigger than Australopithecus afarensis so it is easier for them to use tools. They used rocks as a tool to hunt animals, to scare off animals, and for other reasons. They started building crude shelter with tools they made or found. They still didn’t know how to make fire so they couldn't survive colder climates.
  • 5. Homo erectus
    • Homo erectus were becoming good hunters, they worked well as a team and there tools were improving. They started making tools, like spears and traps and they could make FIRE! It helped them get bacteria out of prey and to be able to travel. They were the first group to leave Africa and with fire they could hunt and keep them self warm.
    Using fire to see. Traveling with fire.
  • 6. Homo sapiens Neanderthal
    • Early humans were becoming very good with tools and hunting. Homo sapiens Neanderthal were great at hunting and making tools. They were stronger than modern humans and very smart. They were the first people to bury there dead and have an religion. They were great in groups for hunting and finding caves to live in.
  • 7. Homo sapiens Cro-Magnon
    • Cro-Magnon mostly lived in Europe and were becoming very good hunters. They started fishing, building rafts and canoes, making clothes and jewellery. They also started making art. They were good working together and they made the bow and arrow.
    Fishing. Bow and arrow
  • 8. Homo sapiens sapiens
    • Homo sapiens sapiens are what we are now. They were becoming very advanced with making tools for many uses including war. They made some very important tools like equipment for farming, guns, hammers, computers, swords, metal, nails, cars, boats, trains, planes and many more extremely important equipment that shape are way of life.
    Car from medal Farming
  • 9. Conclusion
    • Tools have are becoming more advanced and are making life easier for us. They are not always good like guns, tanks and some other objects, but most of them come in handy and they shape how we live now. If we didn’t have tools life would be much harder.
  • 10. Bibliography For Info
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