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Hominid tools
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Hominid tools


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  • 1. Hominid tools
  • 2. Introduction
    Hominids are humans. This slideshow will show you what the tools were like in the past and how the tools become more complex when time comes by. Humans have evolved 6 times. First one was called Australopithecus, second is called homo Hablis, third one is called homo erectus, fourth one is called homo sapiens Neaderthalensis, fifth one is called homo sapiens Cro-Magnon and the last one is called homo sapiensapiens. We are right now Homo sapiens sapiens.
  • 3. Australopithecus
    This form of human did not make tools. It would find a tool such as a stick or rock. Their brain mass was too small to make even a sharpened stick. Although, they didn’t need to have tools because they did not hunt, they gathered food. Picture by: Carlos Lorenzo 
  • 4. Homo Hablis
    The homo Hablis is the second form of humans. They were the first ones to create tools. They hunted and still also gather. The tools were very primary tools. They were made out of water worn cobbles , they were hitting the two faces of the stone making a sharp edge. Picture by rafaelamonteiro80
  • 5. Homo erectus
    This is the third development of the hominids. The Homo erectus learned how to control and make fire. They could make stone knives and axes because their brain has enlarged. They were taller than us.
    Picture by Ryan Somma 
  • 6. Homo sapiens Neaderthalensis
    The homo sapiens Neaderthalensis had a bigger brain than us but more narrow, and a lot stronger. They were able to make sharpened copper tools. Which also gave them a advantage in wars and hunting. Sadly.... They died from diseases and wars because they had a very limited amount of population. Picture by Robert Goodwin 
  • 7. Homo sapiens Cro-Magnon
    Homo sapiens Cro-Magnon were early modern people. They have invented many things such as the bow and arrow, tools to catch fish, tools to draw, sewing tools, and tools to create sounds (music). They had a larger brain. Picture by fizzghigg 
  • 8. Homo sapien sapiens
    The homo sapien sapiens are the most advanced hominid of all! They have invented a lot of things and also modificated things in the past to make it much more useful. Such as the instruments, eventually they have made iron ones. They invented steel swords and shields and later on there's guns. Picture by perpetualplum
  • 9. Conclusion
    This is how the hominids develop making their items for better and useful as time goes by.
  • 10. Bibliography picture
  • 11. Bibliography Information
    My big page with information
    2 textbooks