History of farming


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History of farming

  1. 1. History of FarmingInquiries about the Past
  2. 2. Where, When and why did Farming Start? It began 10000 B.C. years ago. It began in a place called the Fertile Crescent. It also started when people began to scatter the crop’s seeds they found nearby. Rainfall in this area made it possible for growth.
  3. 3. Fertile Crescent East of Mediterranean Sea Crescent shaped From Levant region(Israel, Lebanon, and Syria) and around Tarus and Zagros Mountain. Home of First Farmers Also first settlement like Jericho Trading centre like Çatal Hüyük is there
  4. 4. Çatal Hüyük homes Çatal Hüyük had mud- brick houses closely packed together. No streets. Ladders leading up to doorways on a flat roof. Hearths for heating. Benches for sitting and sleeping on. Ovens for baking bread. Also dead family members are buried under floor.
  5. 5. What were the first Crops grown?Fertile Crescent Barley Wheat Emmer EinkornOther Parts 8000-3000 BC years agoLocal plantsTimeline available on7th slide
  6. 6. What were the first animals that were domesticated? Dogs in 12500 BC. Gazelle, sheep, goats in 10000 BC. Weak was for food. Best is for breeding.Timeline of domestication on 8
  7. 7. A timeline of Farming9000 BC Wheat/barley, Fertile Crescent8000 BC Potatoes, South America7500 BC Goats/sheep, Middle East7000 BC Rye, Europe6000 BC Chickens, South Asia3500 BC Horse, West Asia3000 BC Cotton, South America2700 BC Corn, North America
  8. 8. Timeline of Domestication15,000 to 11,000 BC Dogs10,000 to 8000 BC Goats9,000 to 8000 BC Wheat7,000 BC Maize6,500 BC Cattle6,000 BC Pigs5,500 BC Horses2,000 BC Cats
  9. 9. Why I Did this Dragon Design!I read 2 myths about farming with dragons in it.1. Once upon a time, there was once a river dragon who controlled all sources of water. The dragon constantly falls asleep so the land becomes dry in a few months for that is how long he sleeps. The gods did not like this so he let humans have the instrument called the drum! This easily woke up the dragon and that is how they brought rain for their crops for a long time until the dragon got the habit of getting up more frequently.
  10. 10. 2nd MythOnce upon a time there were 4 dragons, they didn’t like the earth being parched all the time so they asked the gods to give humans a better source of water. They promised but they never did. So the dragons stole water for humans in the form of rain and defied the gods who hunted them for a long time until one day they all turned themselves into four long different rivers in China for Songhua humans to use forever. river Yellow Yangtze River River Pearl River
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