Greek gods and goddesses term 1


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Greek gods and goddesses term 1

  1. 1. By JeongMin
  2. 2.  Well, according to a book called The God and Goddess of Olympus by Aliki, in the beginning of time, Gaea, the Mother Earth was born in a dark space called Chaos. There she gave birth to Uranus the sky. They had 12 Titans, 3 Cyclops and 3 Hecatoncheires as their children but Cyclopes and Hecatoncheires were thrown into Tartarus for Uranus hated them because they were ugly. Gaea was furious for the fact that she loved all her children equally and urged the Titans to overthrow their father and save their brothers. Cronus, the youngest, was up for the job. He overthrew his father and made himself the Lord of the Universe but he did not save his brothers. Cronus married his sister and they had 6 Children, the gods and goddesses. He was anxious that one of his children will overthrow him like he overthrew his own father so he swallowed every one of his children except Zeus. He was taken cared by the nymphs until grown up. When he was grown up, Rhea wanted him to get rid of him but Zeus’s wife Metis said he needed help for Cronus had the Titans in his side. Rhea got her sons and daughter out of Cronus’s belly and they got ready for the battle of their lives. They rescued their uncles and they build weapons such as thunder bolt for Zeus, trident for Poseidon, and Helm of Darkness for Hades. At the end they won the battle and threw Titans into the Tartarus. Then Zeus declared himself as the King of the Gods and Gods of heaven and Earth. Poseidon became the God of the Sea and Hades became God of the Underworld.
  3. 3. Zeus King of the Gods God of Heaven and Earth Son of Cronus and Rhea Weapon: Thunder bolt Animal: Eagle SHORT DISCRIPSION OF ALL THE 12 GODS AND HADES AND HESTIA Poseidon God of the Sea and Earthquake Son of Cronus and Rhea Weapon: Trident Animal: Horse Hades God of the Underworld Son of Cronus and Rhea Weapon: Helm of Darkness Hera Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth Daughter of Cronus and Rhea Animal: Peacock Hephaestus God of Fire and Blacksmiths Son of Zeus and Hera Aphrodite Goddess of Love and Beauty Animal: Dove, Swan and Sparrow Ares God of War Son of Zeus and Hera Weapon: Anything Animal: Dog Athena Goddess of Wisdom, War, and Arts and Crafts Daughter of Zeus and Metis Weapon: Her brain Animal: Owl Hermes Messenger of Zeus Herald of the Gods Son of Zeus and nymph Maia Artemis Goddess of the Moon, Wildlife, Hunting and Chastity Daughter of Zeus and the Goddess Leto Twin sister of Apollo Weapon :Bows and arrows Apollo God of the sun, Music Archery, Healing, and Prophecy Son of Zeus and goddess Leto Twin brother of Artemis Weapon :Bows and arrows Animal: Dolphin and Crow Demester Goddess of the Harvest, Grain, and Fertility Daughter of Cronus and Rhea Mother of Persephone Dionysus God of Wine and Vegetations Son of Zeus and mortal princess Semele Hestia Goddess of the Hearth Daughter of Cronus and Rhea
  4. 4. Cronus King of the Titans Slayer of Uranus Son of Gaea and Uranus Father of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demester, Hera Rhea Wife of Cronus Daughter of Gaea and Uranus Mother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demester, Hera Oceanus Titan of the sea Hyperion Titan of light, sun, moon , dawn Mnemosyne Titan of memory Themis Titan of justice and order Coeus Titan of intelligence Phoebe Titan of the Moon Metis Titan of Wisdom Mother of Athena Atlas Known for holding the earth on his back Prometheus Known for giving mankind fire
  5. 5.  Persophone  Nemisis  Eros  Pan There are more but these are the most known ones.
  6. 6. Cronus Rhea PoseidonZeus Demeter Hades Hestia AresHephaestus Zeus Zeus Zeus Persephone Aphrodite Married Married Leto ApolloArtemis Maia Hera Hermes Metis Athena Zeus Semele Dionysus
  7. 7. Athena’s Birth Well, if you remember the Family tree, you will recognize that Athena’s mom was Metis, but Metis did not give birth to Athena. Here is how the story goes. Well, Zeus and Metis got married then Zeus got the news that he will be overthrown by Metis’ son. Geae told him that her first ild will be a girl and but the second child will be a boy. After hearing this horrific news, Zeus calmed Metis down and then swallowed her. Soon a horrible headache hit Zeus. Hephastus was ordered to cut through Zeus’ skull and there Athena came out. Perseus and Medusa Well to begin the story, Perseus is Zeus and Danae’s son. Medusa is a monster who was once Poseidon’s girlfriend but was turned into a monster by Athena. If anybody looked at them directly, they would be turned into stone. Perseus was a strong man and was challenged to bring Medusa’s head for a wedding present. He accepted the challenge. With the present from Athena, which was a shield which should be used to ‘see’ Medusa, and Hermes, a winged shoes used to travel quickly and the sickle to kill Medusa. With a few help from Graeae, three people who had to share 1 eye, he located the gorden and went inside it. Afterwards, he cut Medusa’s head and used that to petrify everyone in the wedding except his friends. Story of Hermes Hermes is probably known for this story. Just few se conds after Hermes’ birth, Hermes killed a tortoise a nd made a lute out of it. Then, Hermes stole all of his half brother, Apollo,’s cows and hid him. After Apollo figured out that Hermes stole his cows, he was going to punish him for his misdeeds. Because Hermes kno w Apollo’s love with music, he gave his lute in trade for his cows. Apollo gave him all hi s cows and more and left happily with the lute. Then he lured Zeus to give him a throne then h e will not trick people a lot and then he was th e messenger of the gods.
  8. 8. God Picture God Picture Zeus Demester Hera Apollo Poseidon Artemis Athena Aphrodites Hermes Dionysus Ares Hephaestus
  9. 9.   The Gods and Goddessese of Olympus by Aliki  All the pictures from clip art