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  • 1. AncientChina By :Gary
  • 2. Background• In 206 BC a new dynasty begin in China, called the Han Dynasty.• The Han Dynasty had a strong economy.• They used money instead of barter.• They were excellent engineers.• They sailed all over Asia and made maps.• The government had a lot of control of the country.
  • 3. Map The Han Dynasty was from 206 BC—220 AD. Here is a map of the Han Dynasty.
  • 4. Social Structure• The person at the top social system was the Emperor. He had all the power.• There were twenty social ranks.• The main ranks were Nobility, Farmers and Merchants.• Merchants had the lowest social positions.
  • 5. Housing• Farmers lived in mud houses with thatched roofs.• Richer people lived mostly in wood house but there were some brick houses.
  • 6. Food• The main foods were rice, millet and beans.• Fish, duck, chicken and other meats were eaten.• Beer and wine were also drunk.• Many fruits were eaten.
  • 7. Family Life• Men ran the family in Han society.• Most marriages were arranged by parents.• Most men had only one wife.• Only sons could get money when the father died.• Divorce was possible.
  • 8. Marriage• Marriages were arranged by the groom’s family• Men only had one wife but some rich people had more than one.• Women had to obey their husbands.• Wives worked in the home and made clothes for their husbands and children.• Men worked outside the home.
  • 9. Childhood•Children had to obey their parents•Only rich children went to school•Most boys married at age 16, girls are 13-15•For most children, as soon as they could take care of themselves, they work with their parents on the farm.
  • 10. Art• Art in Han Dynasty was highly developed• Painting was excellent• Work in Jade was beautiful• Pottery, weaving and metal work were all highly advanced.
  • 11. Clothing• The wealthy people have silk robes, skirts and pearls.• But if they are not wealthy then they won’t have enough clothing to have.
  • 12. Religion• The people of the Han Dynasty made animal sacrifices to the gods.• The Emperor was the religious leader of China• People thought if the Emperor was bad, many bad things would happen like earthquakes.• Buddhism got to China in 65 CE.
  • 13. Conclusion• Han Dynasty Culture was very great• There was good government• The economy expanded• Families and society were stable• Han Dynasty art is still thought to be excellent.
  • 14. URL• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Han_map.jpg• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:CMOC_Treasures_of_Ancient_China_exhibit_-_fragment_of_Xiping_stone_classics.jpg• http://www.trocadero.com/brianpage/items/991502/en2store.html• http://kaleidoscope.cultural-china.com/en/8Kaleidoscope6770.html