Food clothing about homos ny quintin
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Food clothing about homos ny quintin






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Food clothing about homos ny quintin Food clothing about homos ny quintin Presentation Transcript

  • Food/Clothing By Quintin
  • Introduction I have decided to do my project on the food andclothing of the Homos. I think that it would be cool tolearn about the Homo Sapiens and how they use to eatand what they wore. Also learning about how theystarted to cook meat because the first humans atethere meat raw and was really chewy. Finally learningabout how they dressed would be neat because theywould have to use animal fur or they would be nakedbecause they never thought about wearing clothing.This would make it hard for them to hunt because itwould be cold when Winter came which would makethe humans underdeveloped.
  • Australopithecusafarensis• The word “australopithecusafarensis” means south ape Africa.• The “austral” part means south the word “opithecusa” is the ape.• The last word “farensis” is Africa.• Did not were clothing.• Ate meat raw.• Did not hunt for food.• Ate meat off the ground making them scavenger.• Hairy making them warm for Australopithecusafarensis Skeleton Winters.
  • Homo Habilis• The word “homo” meaning human.• Then “habilis” which meant handy/tools. Jaw of a Homo Habilis• Began to hunt for meat.• Still ate raw meat. Skull of a Homo Habilis
  • Homo Eretus The word “homo” means human. “Erectus” meaning upright. Began to make clothing.• Found string to sew.• Warmer during Winters because they made clothing.• Ability to talk, share, stories and hunt.• Knew hoe to make fires.
  • Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis• Ate raw meat.• “Homo” meaning human.• “Sapiens” meaning thinking.• “Neanderthalensis” Skull meaning valley in Germany.• Wore clothes. Diagram
  • Homo Sapiens Cro-Magnon• Hunted together.• Knew how to cure mold by storing the food.• Learned to fish.• Worked really well together. magnon.php• Clothes were a lot more advanced.• “Homo” meaning human.• “Sapiens” meaning thinking.• “Cro-Magnon” meaning valley of Diagram France.
  • Homo Sapiens Sapiens Pee Wee• Learned how to weave. Herman• Wore clothes.• Cooked there meat.• Made clothing for all parts of the body.• “Homo” meaning human.• “Sapiens” meaning thinking.• “Sapiens” meaning thinking.
  • Conclusion• I think that the race from the very beginning to now. If the people didn’t have food or clothing they wouldn’t be able to evolve making humans so it’s a good thing there was clothes and food. This is the most important quality in there lives because the minute they were Australopithecusafarensis they would die off because there wouldn’t be animals and plants to feed off of.
  • Bibliography Pictures•• MG_2930.JPG• sity_of_Zurich)-1.JPG• neanderthalensis-skull-50000-ya-p-8006.html a-neanderthal-homo-neanderthalensis-compared-with-a-skeleton-of- a-modern-human-homo-sapiens/•• ass-fruit-platter/
  • Bibliography/Writting••• Sapiens•• Australopithecusafarensis• s