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Audrene emma socials

  1. 1. AncientEgyptBy: Emma T, Audrene K
  2. 2. The Map Of Ancient Egypt The Ancient Egypt Civilization began in 1350BC and went until 30BC. It ended because the Romans took over and it became a Roman province.
  3. 3. Background of AncientEgyptAncient Egypt was a civilization located in EasternNorth Africa. Ancient Egypt lived in both Upper andLower Egypt. In Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs used to rulethe country. Nobody was more important than thePharaoh. Ancient Egypt is mostly known for thepyramids. The reason why Pharaohs put slaves to workand build pyramids is because inside of the pyramidsare tombs. Once the Pharaoh dies, they aremummified and then put in there tomb so they couldbe remembered. The Pharaohs were known as thegod’s on Earth. Without the Nile river, Egypt would havenever been developed. The Nile river is a very popularriver that runs through Egypt.
  4. 4. Social Structure The slaves were always at the bottom of the social structure because they had no rights so there at the bottom. Next, there were the farmers. They were above the slaves because they could trade food with other people. After were the people with more important jobs. They had money so they were average on the social structure. After them came the priests and the nobles. They were very important because they would work for the Pharaoh personally. Finally, the Pharaoh is the highest on the social structure because they ruled all of Egypt and they were like the gods that were on Earth .
  5. 5. Housing of Ancient Egypt Rich houses Poor housesOf Rich in many parts of Usually if you are not the course wealthiest person in Ancientthe world including Ancient Egypt, you are probablyEgypt if you are rich you will more likely to live in a shackobviously live in a bigger or a smaller house. Insteadhouse than most people. of making two layers ofWhen rich people built their brick from mud, they wouldhouses, they would usually make one layer becauseput two layers of bricks. they don’t have as muchThey would gather up mud money. They also wouldn’tand leave it in the sunlight get the best spots to live dry and would soon mostly slaves would live likechange into brick made that. .from Nile mud.
  6. 6. The wealthy people of Ancient Egypt The rich and famous people of ancient Egypt lived a decadent lifestyle, they would always have servants working for them and slaves in there shacks. They would have fun by throwing parties and having a lot of food and drinking alcohol. Also wealthy Egyptians mostly knew how to play lovely instruments. Back then only the wealthy men were allowed to vote since they were considered important. They had quite high fashion back then since they could afford everything. Many of the wealthy people were mean because they would only think of themselves, they would sometimes let there slaves starve to death.
  7. 7. Food in Ancient Egypt Food for the Food for the Rich PoorMany people in Egypt ate bread  Many people all aroundmost of the time but, of course Ancient Egypt even thethe rich have more options in rich ate lots of bread.what they ate. Some of the rich This is because they did not have much to growpeople had enough money to and did not have anygrow watermelon, cantaloupes, grocery stores backand other fruits. Many of the rich then. Most of the peoplepeople also grew crops in Ancient Egypt spendaccording to the weather in there days makingEgypt. There weather was mostly bread. Also they would eat dates, grapes, andsunny so they could grow a lot. figs,
  8. 8. Family life in AncientEgypt All around Egypt, not matter if you are poor or rich you were, you would usually have a loving and fun childhood. Many kids and adults in Ancient Egypt would have a immense families filled with many brothers and sisters. When families lived on poor lands it would be very hard to live, they would probably let their new born babies go because they could not afford to raise them. Grandparents would live with the rest of the family and would be loved and importantly respected. Back then they respected the elderly a lot because it was important to there culture.
  9. 9. Marriages In Ancient EgyptIn Ancient Egypt there marriages were just anyother country back then, the women wouldstay at home while the men worked. Thedifference was back then they would getmarried at a very young age. By the time theywere 13 the women were pregnant. InCanada no one gets married before 19,because were in modern day and its wrong toget married at the age of 13, its even illegal. InEgyptian marriages either the women or mencould call a divorce. In there marriages thehusband would usually make his own moneyand keep it for himself. While the wife woulddo the same thing.
  10. 10. Childbirth Practice The Women in Ancient Egypt usually gave birth to there children on stones in the middle of the streets. They didn’t keep there babies for to long because they couldn’t afford to take care of them. They could only keep them to the age of 4.
  11. 11. Childhood in AncientEgypt In Ancient Egypt children were not given any power at all. Children could not vote or be apart of many things in Egypt. As children grew up in Ancient Egypt they are most likely to have many brothers and sisters and be very independent. When the children aged, there tasks and chores became more permanent, important, and reliable. Many of the kids in Ancient Egypt grow up very fast and usually apart of their parents life more than they were today in Egypt.
  12. 12. Extra- Childhood comparison Egypt Canada Many children in Ancient  There are many differences in Egypt always had more how kids and children live today responsibility and a lot of than in Ancient Egypt. Many kids in Canada are lucky and go to a chores and tasks. Children formal school but most of the in Ancient Egypt were not girls and boys living in Ancient likely to wear clothes Egypt never got to go to real where as in Canada school. Children all over Canada everyone would be are probably much wealthier covered up. In Ancient than the kids in Ancient Egypt so Egypt kids were usually in Ancient Egypt they had to help their families out a lot more homeschooled and were with certain tasks as they grew mainly only taught reading older. and writing.
  13. 13. Education in AncientEgypt If you were a kid living in Ancient Egypt you are most likely to be home schooled or educated at your home. Most of the children in Ancient Egypt are taught to be farmers, craftsmen, or even housewives. Although if you are a young boy in which are quite wealthy, you at one point of your life might go to a real school. This school might only include writing and reading. Not many girls would attend a school.
  14. 14. ReligionThe Egyptians worshiped all there gods andgoddesses. Religion was a enormous part of theEgyptians lives. There religious festivals wereconsidered holidays. They would follow bytraditions, that’s why they didn’t like changevery much. There religion said that Pharaohswere the rulers of Egypt. They were like a royalfamily except, there religion would believe thatthey were gods that walked on the Earthssurface. The gods were such a huge part ofthere religion.
  15. 15. Gods Of Ancient EgyptOne god that was very important was Osiris. He wasthe god of the next world or of the dead. Theybelieve that Osiris was the only one who could go inand out of the underworld, also he would rule allPharaohs. Osiris would have priests around him allthe time, they were like his assistants. Osiris was theone who would hold ceremonies for the dead. theyhad made a statue of Osiris inside of the temple.They would always treat his statue so well becausethey were afraid Osiris would kill them. Osiris diedbecause his brother Seth had killed him andbecame the ruler of Egypt, that’s why he becamethe god of the dead.
  16. 16. Clothing in Ancient Egypt In Ancient Egypt the climate was usually very hot. Men most likely wore white kilts made out of linen. In some parts of Ancient Egypt wool was also used but in most areas in Ancient Egypt due to religious beliefs wool was not allowed to touch skin. This is because wool is from animals. Women mainly wore tight dresses or robes coming up half way through their chest. Children would most likely not have worn clothes until they started to grow up.
  17. 17. Art of Ancient EgyptPainters and sculptors were usually thecraftsmen carpenters. There drawingsalways had a specific form. The personsfeet would be facing left of right. The bodywould be facing forward, and the headwould also be facing left or right. The personwould always be holding or doingsomething in the image. they would use aspecial type of paper called papyrus.Sculptors would make there figures withwood, bronze, mud, even stone. They hadbasic tools so they made some very good
  18. 18. Music of Ancient EgyptThe Egyptians always loved to listenand to play music. They would writesongs on the papyri and play musicalinstruments. They would play the flute,five string harps, and the scaredrattle. You would hear music everyday on the streets of Egypt.
  19. 19. Festivals of Ancient EgyptFestivals or any other kind of occasion would beset on calendars. There festivals were alwayscivil. Some festivals were really important likeFeast of Anket, feast of Thuthi, and New Years.These were all celebrated for different reasons,and that’s why they were so important for Egypt.The celebration of Anket is for the riding of theNile River. Finally the celebration of Thuthi wasfor the dead, they would celebrate this in thesunset.
  20. 20. ConclusionAs you can see Ancient Egypt is very importantnow a days. We have there fabulous art. Alsothere known for there pyramids, mummies,temples, and especially there Pharaohs. Theybelieved that Pharaohs were the gods that wereon the Earths surface. Without the Nile riverEgypt would have never have been created, sowe would never be able to see thesefascinating things. All in all I believe AncientEgypt is a great country.
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