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Alices early humans tools
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Alices early humans tools



Published in Education
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  • 1. By: Alice S.
    Early Humans: Tools
  • 2. Early humans used tools. As they evolved, the tools became more complex. It started with found tools to a bow and arrow. In this PowerPoint, it will tell you about the great tools that the early humans invented, ones we still use today. This PowerPoint also shows how each hominid evolved into in their lives.
  • 3. Australopithecus afarensis (southern ape)
    These early humans had small brains and did not have complex tools because their brain capacity couldn’t take the advanced thinking to make tools. They did not hunt, only gathered and scavenged. They only use found tools, like a chimpanzee, such as a stick into an anthill, and then it would be covered with ants. Or they would use a leaf as a sponge or a stick to protect themselves. Though some people think that Australopithecus afarensis made tools, they did not. But they may have used tools like a sharpened stick.
  • 4. Homo habilis, started to make tools. This era is called the “Old Stone Age”. But they made simple tools such as a stone sharpened at the end. Though they hunted, they were not very good. They mostly scavenged instead. They made tools to fend off animals that would have been a threat (carnivores). Homo habilis could not make fire, but they used it if they found it. Homo habilis had Oldowan tools. The Oldowan tools are made by banging the pebble on a rock to create a sharp edge. The tools were used to let Homo habilis to easily take off the meat and bones from a dead animal.
    Homo habilis (handyman)
  • 5. These species of hominids used tools like a hand axe or stone knives. They were good at using stone tools. People named them the “Stone Age people”. Their stone tools were more intricate than Homo habilis. Homo erectus created in the Acheulean style, a type of stone tool industry. The Acheulean era of stone-tooling lasted from about 1.2 million years ago to about 500,000 years ago, Acheulean tooling were tools like hand axes, chipped on both sides, which allowed hominids to defend themselves against the large predators.These people learned how to make fire and traveled out of Africa. They were good hunters. Scientists think that they were the first people to travel onto the ocean on rafts.
    Homo erectus (upright man)
  • 6. The name of this species of humans is thinking human. They made stone knives, harpoons, and spears. They built shelter for themselves and were good hunters. They knew which stones were soft and which were hard, and which stones were better for cutting which are better for weapons. They were the first people to have straight pointed tips on their weapons. These people were large animal hunters they did a technique for making stone tools called “prepared-core” or “Leavallois”.  This is done by removing flakes from a rock r to produce a chip of stone from the rock.  The chips of stone are removed around the sides of the rock until a large flake comes off of the rock.  The flake is then sharpened by removing small flakes on the edges, called “retouching”.  This technique was also used to create other tools like different kinds of scrapers. 
    Homo sapiens Neanderthal
  • 7. This is another group of Homo sapiens. They had a really big brain and their thinking was complex. They had many hunting tools for fishing and hunting. These group of hominids did the arts. They sewed, drew, and made music. They carved and sculpted. They made fish hooks and needles from antlers. They were the first hominid to start using bone for tools. They invented the bow and arrow. And the spear thrower. They started using trap to hunt, like driving animals off a cliff. Cro-Magnon made tools from blades of Flint stone, used for cutting and cleaning animal skins. They had pierced shells, tooth and bone pendants used for jewelry. They made cave painting of woolly rhinos, mammoths, cave lions and cave bears.
    Homo sapiens Cro-Magnon
  • 8. These are the group of hominids are the group we belong today. They made great and complex tools. For example, they made baskets by weaving reeds. They invented farming. Their tools unlike before, were made of antlers, ivory, bones, and wood. They caught big animals with advanced tools, such as buffalo. They built shelters like a woolly mammoth hide with wood and bones to support it. But tools can also be computers and TV’s. Axes allowed humans to chop down trees. Early humans used logs to make canoes. Tools were created for measuring the time, such as calendars, star charts, and sun dials. They also invented things for farming, like a ox driven plow. Also, they invented the loom to weave better and more comfortable clothing.
    Homo sapiens sapiens (Modern humans)
  • 9. As you can see, tools have evolved and became more complex just like the people did. The tools changed how hominids lived, from scavenging, to hunting, to drawing. They have made people’s lives easier and have helped humans fight off danger and helping them survive. Tools are a part of all human’s lives and are very important.
    Thanks for watching about Early Human Tools!
  • 10. Textbook “Ancient Worlds”
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