Enabling the Social Enterprise - Trae Chancellor


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Enabling the Social Enterprise - Trae Chancellor

  1. 1. Enabling The Social Enterprise IT’s Strategic Role Trae Chancellor, V.P. Global Enterprise Strategy Twitter @traellor
  2. 2. Social Enterprise Architecture do.com sites portals communities native HTML5 Chatter Finance Social Customer Sales Profile Desk.com APIs / integration Service Custom Apps radian6 Marketing AppExchange ERP Rypple Remedyforce Data.com Force.com Site.com Heroku HRMS Database.com Any Social trusted, multi-tenant infrastructure Network Any System
  3. 3. A Beginner’s Mind - IGNITE
  4. 4. We Run Our Business in the Cloud Human Capital Customer Sales & Enterprise Compliance Finance Development Management Service Marketing Infrastructure and Risk Performance Coupa Service Cloud Sales Cloud Salesforce Ideas Chatter Audit Controls Management Procurement Management Customer Portal Opportunity to Agile Scrum and Content Time-off Manager Concur T&E Quote Bug Tracking Patent Manager Knowledge IT Help Desk Applications Volunteer Tracking Quote to Cash R&D Programs Manhattan Lease Answers and Resources IT Assets Recruiting Management Contract Mgmt Management Twitter for Service Quality Live Ops Ruesch Payment Cloud Checkout (e- Assurance Test Kelly Contingent Services commerce) Automation Google Docs Worker Outsourcing SLA & Oracle eBusiness Entitlements Conference & Omniture Web Workday HCM Suite Financials Event Mgmnt Analytics Appirio Services Salary.com Salary Sabrix for Tax Management Google AdWords Business Objects Manager Hyperion Plateau Learning Click to Dial (CTI) OpenCms Web ADP payroll Financial Management CMS Planning Xactly Sales Comp Ping Identity Mgmt Skipjack Payment Microsoft ExchangeLegend Processing Salesforce.com products Oracle Process Built on Force.com Comergent Manager SAAS/PAAS Products Configurator On Premise Applications Cisco Call Manager
  5. 5. Facebook’s Use of Salesforce Sales Cloud Force.com Service Cloud heroku Sales Marketing Facebus HR Landing Pages Comp Offer Admin Review Campus Maps Ad Sales & JobScience Workd S2S Campaigns Deals Rypp Partners ay iPad HR Svc Interview le Desk App Nexus - TechOps Microstrate Finance Inventory Repair Ariba Management Ticketing gy Vertex Omega (Oracle Varicent eBusiness Suite) Data Center Mobile Site Datacenter Maps Tracking PLM Concur Hyperion Public M&A Risk User Identity Data Integratio G&A Policy Ops Ops Mgmt n
  6. 6. Agile with Business & Architects in Every SCRUM Projects Prioritized Backlogs Self-organized Scrum Teams(EA Member in each SCRUM) Order to Cash Infrastructure Recruit to Retire Integration
  7. 7. Enabling Citizen Developers while Retaining ControlFunctional Lead Scrum team 62 CAB recommendation Approval Backlog no Sales Operations yes IT Admin Resource Design Architect ResourceChange Request Build Train Product Owner IT CAB Test approval Deploy
  8. 8. Toyota Friend: Why can’t your car be your friend?