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Mivesta Pitchdeck

Mivesta Pitchdeck

Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
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  • Flip right through this one
  • Cooking is just the start; we intend to expand to sharing other activities
  • Everyone has a small equity share.
  • Creative, real life, conversational, community. Video chat app where people who love to cook, pros and amateurs alike, can cook together in real time.
  • Start up in similar space:,… recipe sharing & static updates, not video conversation. Some sites, Like All Recipes, do have a paid or supporting member version with less ads and some premium benefits.
  • Founders not drawing salary .. Would not draw any pay during the 90-120 day period. Money go to web hosting, features build, and optimzing the application for /round 2. Stage 3: angel investment, build iOS application, add different activities
  • Transcript

    • 1. Copyright © Mivesta 2011
    • 2. Copyright © Mivesta 2011
      • Mission Statement
      • Mivesta connects people to the things they love and the people who love to do them.
      • We strive to create an environment where people can not only share their past experiences, but where they can create new ones.
      • We facilitate the human connection.
    • 3. Team Mivesta: Creative & Smart
      • Richard Velasquez
      • Entrepreneur
      • Advertising at UF
      • Sales experience
      • Funding, concept, & promotion
      • Visionary CEO
      Copyright © Mivesta 2011 Richard Velasquez Andrea Fuentes Roberto Andrade & Greg Bachrach Amanda Sanchez Amy Jhie Zhao Visionary Cofounder Make it Happen CoFounder Developers Art Director System Analyst/Intern UF Senior - Advertising Business Generalist Synthovation Tech Partners Iequity) Online, offline, & mobile media Development & testing Sales experience Cook, artist, educator, MBA IT Infrastructure 7+ years experience 5 years experience Prior Start up experience 17 + 22 yrs exp
    • 4. Product Service Offering
      • Social collaboration portal: sharing experiences in real time.
      • Cook along with friends or pro chefs; interactive video “meet-ups.”
      • Inspiration: wanting to connect people to DO things together, like in Real Life… Not just update or tweet stuff.
      • Application in progress
      Enchant our community members with creating, sharing, & learning…
    • 5.
      • Sticky addressable market
      • 81% of US adults enjoy cooking @ home.
      • 15% of US adults watch cooking TV “very often.”
      • Tech: tablets, mobile, broadband, & video
      Market for Cooking, Connected Online “Foodies” Sources: Quantcast 2010; CNN-app downloads & Harris Poll Specific targets: Miami foodies (& beyond), active on social network, ages 20-55, middle income + Service Users FoodBuzz 14.0 M users FoodNetwork 7.8 M users 7.3 M users 4.8 M users Epicurious 1.1 M apps 1.5 M users Big Oven 2.0 M apps .5 M users
    • 6. Competition Copyright © Mivesta 2011 and are 2 other startups in related space. Food Network AllRecipes & FoodBuzz SocialEyes & Stickam Ustream & YouTube Mivesta  Written recipes and photos User video library Educational Chef or Pro videos Social sharing or commentary Live video streaming events TV shows Interactive Video streams
    • 7. Competitive Advantages
      • Early entrant, the Alive Web: real life, activity based.
      • Sticky niche ripe for disruption.
      • Advantage for sponsors to engage fans/customers and create engaging content for all users.
    • 8. Use of Proceeds Copyright © Mivesta 2011 Angel investment will be to hire key team members, and to build the iOS apps Pre- Beta Founder Capital (excluding sweat equity) $75K -Start up cost -Building MVP Stage 1 Pre-Launch Beta Friends & Family (through July 11) $15K + -IT infrastructure -Load testing -Promotion -Complete MVP -Beta test hosting costs Stage 2 Early Roll out July-Oct 2011 Miami Innovation Fund $20K - Ramp up infrastructure -Optimize for Android -Add features to MVP -Support growth & traction to attract angel investment
    • 9. Exit Strategy
      • Mivesta expands outside cooking into fitness and other areas
      • IPO w/in 5 Years post angel investment then VC
      • Founders can continue to play a role in product development and strategic planning, or retire.
      Copyright © Mivesta 2011 Another possibility: major food network or recipe site buy.
    • 10. Questions & Answers Copyright © Mivesta 2011