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Social media proposed strategy Nikon Europe
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Social media proposed strategy Nikon Europe


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My presentation for Nikon Europe, March 3rd 2009.

My presentation for Nikon Europe, March 3rd 2009.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Marketing Systems Use of Social Networks Corporate Web Site and Marketing March 3 rd 2009 v 0.1 DRAFT
  • 2. The change will be to transform into a more marketing driven strategy, instead of the current technology driven strategy Until now, we have had our websites online as 'digital brochures' and ‘waited’ for visitors/customers to come and visit us.
  • 3. Visitors come via various sources to our site(s). Traffic via Search Engines and Direct Traffic can be influenced. But the real opportunity is Referring Sites .
  • 4. How do we attract ‘quality traffic’?
  • 5. Listen to what your (potential) customers are telling each other. * * 92% of all digital consumers only buy a product, if their peers have written positively about it on blogs, social networks , etc. Because they have learnt to trust each other .
  • 6. So what is our audience doing online?
    • In 2008, the use of social networks in Europe grew by 35%.
    • 56% of 'online Europeans' visited social networking sites in 2008 (127.3 million unique visitors)
    • 41.7 million Europeans are regular users of social networking sites. They will be 107.4 million by the end of 2012. Europeans are using them to share personal and professional experiences, keep in contact with family and friends, and organize their social lives
    • On average, European users spent 3 hours per month on social networking sites according to Comscore.
  • 7. So where is our online audience?
  • 8. Can we become one of them? Yes, by listening and participating
  • 9. Let’s use this funnel……. And not only ‘speak out’ but also ‘embrace’ the web
  • 10. Study your web analytics, and find out which sites are popular and generate ‘quality traffic’
  • 11. Create a profile Make sure you visit sites like these on a regular basis; maintain your network!
  • 12. Benefits:
    • Link building
    • Which sites do pass search engine value through their links? Here are a few:Digg, Propeller, Flickr, Kirtsy, LinkedIn, Current, PostonFire, BloggingZoom, CoRank, Technorati.
    • Pagerank
    • 3 rd Party Social Media Pages can sometimes rank where your website cannot.
    • SEO (benefits of having your own Social Media Network)
      • User Generated Content gives you large volume of content.
        • More content = more chances to show up in search engines.
        • The content is free.
      • Active users are likely to link back to their profiles.
      • More control over links, navigation, funneling people back to your main site.
    • No budget is needed
    • The result is measurable
    • Branding and communicating with target audience (= Customer Engagement)
    • You can be pro-active instead of re-active
    • It’s not time-consuming
    • You can share content via MediaBin
    • Monitor ‘Reputation Management’
    • Increase in reach
  • 13. To do:
    • Look in your own country which social network sites are popular
    • - Make use of Google Analytics to analyze quality of traffic generated via these sites
    • Look for the sites where your audience is
    • - Coolpix target group probably use different sites than DSLR target group
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