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Efficient us of content marketing strategies for small business and services.

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Content Marketing

  1. 1. Content Marketing Effectiveness
  2. 2. Strategizing Your Content • Content distribution is key to gain attention o two ways to distribute your content  home based content distribution •  feed based content distribution • o content that is primarily placed on your webpage/social media content that is primarily placed on people’s webpages/social media both are effective depending on business model
  3. 3. Home Based Content Distribution • Mostly used by subscription websites people go to the content’s source o needs to grow into a significant following  if audience is small after lengthy time the strategy is not working o reputation is key o less need to distribute your content around the Internet o
  4. 4. Feed Based Content Distribution • Mostly used by businesses to reach out your content is distributed to audience o you are seeking to reach new audiences o you implement your content into audience’s Internet habits  could be “in your face” content o • o too much of it could mostly turn audience off and ignore you more work intensive, resulting quicker following
  5. 5. Automated Marketing Through SEO • Easy way to start your online presence with little work o o many online directories and SEO corporations have software that automatically attempt to rank your business on search engines shortcuts are not always efficient  ignoring a strategy and jumping into AM could easily backfire into unwanted results
  6. 6. it could put you in the wrong target audience  or generally give you the wrong audience o Could be construed as Black Hat SEO tactics  tactics that are o • • • o aimed at flooding your business info for rankings purposes only and not targeted to an actual audience seen as data dumping methods disavowed by search engine rules could work for short-term, but hurt extensively in the long run
  7. 7. It’s A Personality Issue • Give your company a personality o o o people are wary of privacy on the Internet and make their usage of the Internet personal give your company and mission statement character  your purpose should answer to an audience’s interest communication is key  learn about your target audience to then build a solid strategy
  8. 8. the Internet is your source of information  conduct surveys, ask questions on forums/discussion boards, Google+ communities, Facebook pages etc…  learn your audience, and then market to their needs o make your company’s personality likable o
  9. 9. So, My Content, What Of It? • • You’re not the only one talking about your goods or services o you have competition Ask yourself this question o “What content niche could we be the leading experts in?”  what distinction you have from the rest?
  10. 10. o put yourself in the shoes of your audience and read your competitors’ content  what unanswered questions are you left with  could the info be simpler to understand  is there a more entertaining way to present info?
  11. 11. How Does My Content Get Publicity? • Patience is key, but the content has to be valuable no matter what if your content is valuable it will get noticed and shared o freely share your content with publications  connect with publishers to see if holes can be filled in for their next issues o the Internet is all about free information and free sharing, so embrace that and practice it o
  12. 12. For More Information… Contact: 888-700-8290 About Who Can I Hire, Inc.