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Facilitating Online - 5 Easy Pieces
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Facilitating Online - 5 Easy Pieces


This deck was developed for a webinar for Vital Learning Corporation as we began to move into the world of virtual facilitation - 2005. Reviewing it now I seems like many of the concepts still hold …

This deck was developed for a webinar for Vital Learning Corporation as we began to move into the world of virtual facilitation - 2005. Reviewing it now I seems like many of the concepts still hold true.

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  • 1. Vital Learning for business and lifeFive Easy Pieces to EffectiveOnline Facilitation Presented by: Dave Erdman Rick Stamm President – Vital Learning Corporation Principle - The Team Approach
  • 2. About Vital LearningVital Learning Corporation Formerly McGraw Hill Learning Systems Became Vital Learning in 1989 Leadership, Sales, Service & Productivity Practical, Relevant, Comprehensive Solutions Flexible Delivery – Online/Classroom/Blended National Network of Performance Consultants
  • 3. Rick’s JourneyA Journey into the Online World Early AOL adopter - chat rooms Narrowcast - WITF, Harrisburg PA V-Tel - video conferencing Teleclasses with IM & Chat Forums/Discussion Boards Vital Online Campus
  • 4. AgendaQuick Review of the BasicsFive Easy Pieces1. Culture Shift2. Stay Tuned to WII-FM3. High Tech? High Touch!4. Inspect What You Expect5. Be YourselfDiscussion
  • 6. Challenges to Online LearningLack of Verbal Cues LearnerExpectations - Instant Feedback Technology YOURS?
  • 7. Two Approaches to Online Learning? Synchronous Asynchronous
  • 8. Synchronous?Benefits ChallengesSpecific time schedule TechnologyCloser to classroom Specific time scheduleSpecific content
  • 9. Asynchronous?Benefits ChallengesIndividual attention Time flexibilityTime flexibility Time commitmentDynamic flow of info Technology
  • 10. Blend of Classroom and Online Get basic knowledge onlineSkill practice and discussion in classroom
  • 11. Vital Learning for business and lifeFive Easy Pieces to EffectiveOnline Facilitation Culture Shift WII-FM High Touch Inspect Be Yourself
  • 12. 1. Culture ShiftMarketingOrientationsMake online learning part of thecultureUse online technology for meetingsas well as learningEncourage employees to try coursesfor personal development as well asprofessionalDiscuss online experiences in teammeetingsUse company newsletter to highlightonline experiences
  • 13. Tips to Success1. Participate Before You Facilitate2. Invite Management to Orientations3. Use Online Technology for Meetings, etc4. Discuss Online Experiences in Team Meetings5. Use Company Newsletter to Highlight Online Experiences6. Create a Marketing Plan - Be the Advocate7. Others?
  • 14. 2. Stay Tuned to WII-FMEver get this question? What is this all about?
  • 15. Tips to Success1. Pre-assessment activities with students2. Get manager support to enhance relevance3. Market the time and flexibility benefits4. Link objectives to business & professional goals5. Use surveys and polls before during and after6. Post objectives on web site with resource links7. Explain time commitment8. Orientation to class and technology9. If synchronous, offer multiple sessions10. Others?
  • 16. 3. High Tech? High Touch!Online can be more High- Touch than classroom (especially asynchronous)
  • 17. High Touch in Various Forms Senior Review, Application on the Management Discuss & Rehearse JobIntro/Kick-off Online Course Modules Interaction online with Facilitator One-on-One Follow-up Coaching Online Reinforcement + Application Tools
  • 18. Tips to Success1. Set ground rules for interaction2. Post expectations3. Support plan/Help desk4. Office hours - Instant Messenger?5. Discussion boards6. Email and regular mail7. Buddy system for application exercises8. Use student names9. Teleclass sessions pre and post10. Include photos of instructor and students11. Others?
  • 19. 4. Inspect What You Expect ManyOpportunities Exist With Online Learning
  • 20. Example From Vital Learning Course Pre & Post-Test:• Promotes specificity of learning• Allows organization to monitor progress • Pre and Post movement suggests level of learning• Post-Test acceptancelevels may be set by organization
  • 21. Tips to Success1. Require participation in discussion and postings2. Invite supervisors when appropriate3. Host calls with supervisors4. Web site for supervisors5. Send reinforcement ideas to supervisors6. Completion teleclass or classroom skill practice7. Knowledge tests8. Others?
  • 22. 5. Be YourselfDoes it work in the classroom? Can it work online?
  • 23. Classroom Skill Practice Online Simulated Practice: • Provides simulated, real world practice situations • Prompts open submissions and compares with structured answers • Multiple scenarios provide variety
  • 24. Tips to Success1. Practice, Practice, Practice2. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance (5 P’s)3. Learn the Technology4. Tune into the Participants5. Surf the Internet6. Be a student and evaluate other instructors7. Others?
  • 25. Classroom Techniques Used Online Information Links Via Web Numerous Methods Are Available toDiscussion Board FacilitatorFor Participants Messages & Enhance & Facilitator Assignments Online Class The Online Learning Experience Class Surveys & Polls Via Web Be Creative!
  • 26. Tips to Success1. Poll Monkey2. Survey Monkey3. Forums4. Audio Generator5. Google6. Amazon (sample pages)7. Upload handouts8. Application exercises on the job9. Podcasts10. Blogs11. Others?
  • 27. Last, But Not Least,Results! OnlineLearning MustGet the Same Results You Expect From Classroom Training
  • 28. Achieving Behavior Changedevelopment that actually changes performance Commitment Assessment Training Reinforcement Integration
  • 29. Achieving behavior changeTo Achieve Behavior ChangeII. Select strategic/important tactical areas of need to invest critical training time/dollars onIII. Implement an integrated learning processIV. Provide context, structure, and support
  • 30. Achieving behavior change Integrated Learning Process Commitment Assessment Training Reinforcement Integration Prepare & Commit Assess & Motivate Learn & Train Reinforce & Practice Integrate & Implement Preparing a detailed Meaningful participant High impact training Continued structured Integrating methods plan of action that skill assessment provides awareness reinforcement that learned in training into commits leadership, provides powerful, of possibility, new focuses on ongoing daily business human resources, and insightful feedback prior ideas and methods to learning, ongoing practices and participants to a to training and develops apply, and structured, feedback, coaching, organizational policies reinforcement-centered understanding of and safe opportunity and accountability ensures continuedlearning process is individual skill strengths/ to rehearse the use ingrains the training reinforcement of a critical first step gaps and builds of new skills. in ways that behavior change. toward achieving personal motivation to overcome old behavior change. want to learn. patterns of behavior.
  • 31. Achieving behavior change Think of OnlineLearning Much Like Any Training andProvide the SameImportant Context, Structure and Support
  • 32. SummaryFive Easy Pieces to Effective Online Facilitation Culture Shift (Online Should Become Part of the Culture) Stay Tuned to WII-FM (Relevant Content) High Tech? High Touch! (Look For Ways to Interact) Inspect What You Expect (Get Manager Support) Be Yourself (If It Works in the Classroom, Can it Work Online?)
  • 33. A Special Related EventOnline Leadership Development Made Easy Wednesday, September 7, 2005 1:00 PM Eastern www.vital-learning.com click on “events”
  • 34. Q&A
  • 35. Upcoming EventsOnline Leadership Development Made Easy and High Impact Wednesday, September 7, 2005 1:00 PM EasternFive Effective Techniques for www.vital-learning.com Facilitating Online Learning click on “events” Wednesday, September 21, 2005 1:00 PM Eastern
  • 36. leadership  sales  service  productivity www.vital-learning.com www.vital-online.comIf You Are Interested In Knowing MoreAbout What We’ve Explored Today… Please Contact Your Vital Learning Affiliate