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CTDE governance
CTDE governance
CTDE governance
CTDE governance
CTDE governance
CTDE governance
CTDE governance
CTDE governance
CTDE governance
CTDE governance
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CTDE governance


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Central Texas Discover Engineering Organizational Structure and Governance
  • 2. Vision
    • The US is the leader in technology development and innovation, improving the quality of life on the planet.
  • 3. Mission
    • Our mission is to excite Central Texas
    • K-12 students to pursue careers in math, science and engineering through in-class, hands-on engineering activities and collaborative, volunteer-driven initiatives of the engineering and education communities.
  • 4. Subcommittee Structure
    • Five subcommittees
      • Operations
      • Sponsorship / Fundraising
      • Volunteers
      • School Visits
      • Community Outreach
    • Each subcommittee chaired by a member of the Central Texas Discover Engineering steering committee
      • Other members can be outside the steering committee
    • Meets as required by phone, e-meeting or face-to-face
      • Subcommittee chair handles the administration
    • Monthly reports to the steering committee
  • 5. Governance / Organization Structure Steering Committee
    • Provide coordination, including accountability for schedule, budget, work products, and deliverables
    • Manage inter-program elements
    • Agree to organizational and program interfaces, dependencies, and impacts
    • Commission new projects/track status
    • Meets monthly face-to-face
    Operations Sponsorship Volunteers Schools Community Outreach Project Teams and Subcommittees
    • Plan, execute and close projects
    • Execute subcommittee responsibilities
    • Meets as needed
    Executive Committee
    • Provide oversight for local programs and contact point at other levels
    • Meets as required
    CTDE Projects
  • 6. Operations Subcommittee Responsibilities
    • Financial responsibilities
      • Develop yearly budget
      • Approve expenditures
      • Track account balance through the ACF
    • Administrative responsibilities
      • Develop annual calendar
      • Draft and release community communications
      • Manage volunteer / teacher materials
      • Manage the web site
      • Create and manage databases
      • Ensure representative and active governance
      • Create and manage “organization” distribution lists
      • Draft and release the interim and final reports
      • Obtain Discover Engineering proclamations
      • Accept nominations for local Honorary Chair
  • 7. Sponsorship/Fundraising Subcommittee Responsibilities
    • Develop fundraising strategy
    • Solicit cash and services donations
    • Assure pledges are fulfilled
    • Thank sponsors
    • Assure sponsors receive recognition
  • 8. Volunteer Subcommittee Responsibilities
    • Develop volunteer strategy
    • Volunteer Communication and Support
      • Plan and execute volunteer training
      • Develop supply / giveaway / t-shirt needs
      • Request and analyze team follow-up reports
      • Create and manage distribution lists
      • Provide on-going communication to volunteers concerning program status
      • Plan and staff distribution days
      • Other duties as required
    • School / Volunteer Matching
    • Coordinate volunteer needs with other subcommittees
    • Assure volunteer recognition
  • 9. School Visit Subcommittee Responsibilities
    • Develop school strategy
    • School Communication
      • Create and mail school letters
      • Develop supply needs
      • Create and manage distribution lists
      • Follow-up with e-mail and calls as necessary
      • Provide on-going communication to schools concerning program status
      • Follow-up on school feedback forms
    • School / Volunteer Matching
  • 10. Community Outreach Subcommittee Responsibilities
    • Plan and execute community Kick-Off Meeting
    • Review and recommend new STEM-based outreach sponsored by Central Texas Discover Engineering
    • Coordinate, as needed, with other STEM-based community outreach
      • Others?
      • UT outreach
      • ACM activities
      • Robotics
        • FIRST
        • FLL
        • BEST
      • Scouts
      • Professional society activities
        • SWE
        • IEEE
        • ASCE
        • Others?
      • QUEST