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GreenLink 2010, Smart + Connected Communities


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  • The world around us is undergoing a major transition. For the first time in human history majority of the people in the world live in urban areas. Over the next five years, some 500 million people will be added to the world’s cities. By 2050, at least 100 new cities will be inhabited by more than a million residents. Villages are moving from agricultural to industrial economies. The environmental impact of this massive urbanisation is significant. Cities consume 75 percent of the world's energy and are responsible for 80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. The need for all these cities to sustainably balance social, economic, and environmental resources is more critical than ever before.
  • Where initially business functionality like online banking and corporate communication needs were driving the usage of the internet, the mass-adoption of social networking and online buying changed the internet from a business internet to the consumer internet. But now, 400 million devices are being connected – from the GPS in the car, to hospitals, schools, entertainment, government services….everything is getting connected. The internet is becoming the industrial backbone of everything we do.How can we leverage the industrial internet to solve the needs of the community distraught by the impact of ever increasign populations on scarce resources?
  • Have quick and easy access to the information and government services needed to enhance personal and professional life. Access real-time data about your home's energy use or visit the doctor or attend school from the comfort of your own living room. All this and more is possible when you live in a Smart+Connected Community.
  • Cisco’s HealthPresence solution integrates a variety of technologies and medical devices to create a live, “face-to-face” experience over the network for remote doctors and patients. You can achieve a collaborative, responsive, and highly secure communications system where information can flow directly to the point of care. Smart+Connected Health supported by the Cisco Medical Grade Network, helps communities:Respond to patients more efficientlyExpand preventive healthcare initiativesBoost the overall health of communities
  • At Cisco, we're helping schools, colleges, and universities create a connected way of living and learning. Cisco solutions help educational institutions build an on-demand learning environment that:Remove barriers to communications Facilitate real-time interactionsExpand access to resources and information
  • eGovernance embeds IT infrastructure and connectivity into the governance mechanisms of a city’s administration. Cisco solutions give government agencies the ability to be more connected, contain costs, and better serve the needs of an on-demand culture by:Increase the effectiveness of public safety, justice, and corrections agenciesHelp the government workforce increase productivity and better serve constituentsImprove citizen experience and quality of life
  • Cisco Smart+Connected Transportation solutions make use of an IP enabled Urban Services Platform to comprehensively manage traffic flows and integrate multiple modes of transportation. Smart+Connected Transportation integrates workplaces, residential buildings, travel service providers, airlines, and hotels onto a single platform promoting a seamless transportation experience to increase sustainability and productivity. A variety of wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi Mesh, WiMAX, satellite, and 3G/4G can enable connectivity on any mode of transport. These solutions enable communities to:Increase productivity during commuteImprove sustainability, reduce environmental impactOptimize city transportation and logisticsDeliver key citizen services anytime, anywhere
  • Cisco Smart+Connected Real Estate solutions enable effective management of a building’s resources for increased operating efficiency. A Smart+Connected Real Estate is responsive to its users’ needs and adjusts quickly to changing requirements, both internal and external. Cisco Connected Workplace and Cisco Smart+Connected Real Estate solutions make new and existing buildings:More effective, efficient, and productive work placesMore economical to operate Easier to manage with centralised functions Environmentally sustainable
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