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Context for panel discussion on Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and the value of the Internet of Everything. Panel included BMO Financial, Oxford Properites, Jones Lang Lasalle.

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  • The World is changing, we’re going through massive rebalancing in economic growth, socially – talent re-shuffling, and environmentally – natural resources.THE world will consume 40% more energy in 2030 than it does today, according to BP's Energy Outlook – The Economist, Jan 2012 CIOs also understand the value the network brings to the business. They are tasked with delivering the best tools to enable the business and drive employee productivity. But the CIO must also balance the needs of the users with the needs of the business – ensuring the business is secure and its IP is protected.How does the CIO deliver a “work, your way” experience that the next generation demands?The pace of innovation continues to accelerate, making it difficult for companies to keep up with innovations as they enter the market. Companies recognize that they must not only innovate, but innovate faster. To achieve this goal, companies should establish an innovation process that: provides access to a variety of innovation sourcesmills the best ideas from that processapplies those innovations to products and servicesThis process should increase the impact and value of innovation and decrease the time required to get products to market.
  • Phases of the Internet Economy RevolutionConnectedCommercialImmersiveMobileSocialUbiquitous
  • Bring the building systems and the IT systems into one networkAccess – only the network provides access to all of these systemsAnalyze – find new ways to harness informationAct – continuously improve building operationsVery important component in LEEDGet feedback to change the pattern as to what is happeningMonitor and adapt performanceHooray for technology.Use “Living Organism” analogy.Cisco Real Estate solutions converge key functions onto an IP network that becomes the fabric of every building—supporting all real estate requirements and provides the foundation for workforce effectiveness, building performance, and physical security. With the Cisco’s Real Estate solution, you can reduce costs and complexity by replacing disparate communications, security, and building automation systems with one simplified, flexible, and scalable IP network.
  • ConnectivityHealth managementSmart home, Energy managementQuality of Life, ExperienceParticipationLocal player in global economyEconomic development, attractionBusiness growth and productivityCustomer experienceCollaborationSafety and SecurityEnergy managementEfficiency and productivityCost reductionUrban mobility (reducing congestion, public transit)Workforce productivityCost reductionDistributed delivery of gov’t servicesCitizen engagement, CollaborationCity planning and Development
  • What will it take to create these cities/communities… new visionary leadership & the creation of New Business Models.Imagine the huge opportunity for new services. Technology will be the key enabler.Only 2% of infrastructure spend – 2% of a trillion dollars is spent on technology – even an increase of 1%? To enable this we should together drive:Visionary leadership is key – finding people with similar mindsets, passion and vision for the future…that’s really key.Global open standards – this is what we do! We did it 25 years ago with the internet…bringing together different protocols and making them all work together. That’s not something just anyone can do.Smart regulation – we need leaders to step up….LEED certification….give benefits to people who implementPublic private partnerships – this has been key to our success so far.And a New ecosystem – working with developers, people like Schneider ElectricBut it takes all five of these factors…without one, it changes completely.
  • Are You Ready? Business, more than ever seeks greater productivity, driven by increasing globalization and the consumerization of IT.Major technology transitions are happening: Mobility with Video, Cloud, and big data. It’s all leading to a new breed of applications, and ongoing drive to the Internet of Things with machine to machine connections and automated contextual decision making.For organizations of all sizes, this means new growth opportunities with advances in productivityCompanies and organizations want to deliver technology as a service inside the Enterprise. Employees want the ability to access any application, anytime, anywhere – from the device of their choice.Employees are demanding the same technology experience expectations in their workplace that they have in their personal lives.This changing world is changing role of IT. You need to accommodate the technology transitions AND deal with the business implications faced by your organizations.Are you ready?
  • Cantech 2014

    1. 1. Trends that shape next generation real estate Social Demographics Economics Environmental/ Energy Technology
    2. 2. Evolution of the Internet Connected Immersive Mobile Commercial Social BusinessandSocietalImpact Intelligent Connections
    3. 3. Connecting the unconnected… Solve Environmental Challenges Thrive in Smart Communities Live Enriched, Healthier Lives Redefine Work Models Focus on Improved Safety Achieve Energy Efficiency … to change the way the world works, lives, plays, and learns
    4. 4. Innovation in Buildings IoE for Real Estate value exceeds $428B 1-3% savings in construction 7-10% savings in operations 22-30% energy savings
    5. 5. Value at the intersection of IT and real estate Economic Sustainability Social Sustainability Environmental Sustainability Smart + Connected Real Estate Property Value Tenant Satisfaction Safety and Security Healthy buildings Operational excellence Energy conservation and savings
    6. 6. Creation of a New IndustryVisionary Leadership Global Open Standards Smart Regulation Public Private Partnerships New Ecosystem What Will it Take?
    7. 7. Are you ready?