Nwp rov and sonar briefing mar 2014

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  • 1. Office of Dive Safety NWP Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and sonar briefing By Rick Benoit and Todd Manny District Dive / ROV Coordinators / Dive Safety Officers
  • 2. Portland District’s Deep Ocean Engineering’s Phantom XTL and VideoRay Pro 3 GTO LX Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)
  • 3. Portland District’s Rapid Response ROV Package
  • 4. ROV applications USACE Projects and Facilities • Inspections of: – Navigation Locks, Trash-Racks, & Pen-Stocks; – Fish-ways, Fish Ladders, Intakes & Outfalls Pipes; – Ships Hull, Bridge & Piers, Stilling Basin, Walls & Aprons; – Potable Water Tanks, Bulkheads, Stop-Log Sills & Guides. – Marine Life Surveys; Hydrographic Surveys with SONAR; – Bottom Sampling (Subaqueous Sediment Testing); – Security Investigations; Archeological Investigations; – Light Maintenance & Salvage (Retrievals of ROV’s a Specialty!).
  • 5. Specifications General: Weight: 110lbs Maximum depth:500 feet Test depth:1000 feet Camera: 12:1 optical zoom high-resolution color video camera Superb video quality, +/-90* camera and light tilt Instrumentation: Gimbaled fluxgate compass Electronic depth gauge Auto depth control Leak detector Lights: Tungsten-halogen, (2) 150 watt Standard Umbilical Tether: 400 feet, neutrally buoyant BlueView 2D multi-beam and Tritech scanning sonar; 17 in. daylight viewable video monitor; DVD and SD card recording capability; Adjustable Manipulator Arm with gripper/cutter; USBL Tracking system; GPS positioning capability; Vehicle mounted electric hoist with 100’ cable; SYSTEM PACKAGE VALUE: ~ $150,000 Phantom XTL Specifications
  • 6. Specifications General: Weight: 10lbs; Size: 14.5” x 9” x 8.5”; Maximum depth: 500 feet; Speed: GTO (Greater Thrust Option) 4.1 knots max; Control Panel: 15” Daylight viewable monitor with sensor overlay, joystick and switching for ROV control and operations. Video and recording outputs; Camera (s): Front: Wide angle, variable tilt, high-resolution color video camera. Superb video quality, 570 lines of resolution; Rear: High Resolution Black & White with high intensity LED array; Integrated Sensors: Compass heading; Electronic depth gauge; Auto depth control; Lights: (2) X 20 watt halogen lamps with variable intensity control; Standard Umbilical Tether: 580 feet, neutrally buoyant; BlueView 2D multi-beam and Tritech MICRON scanning sonar compatible; DVD recording capability; Adjustable Manipulator Arm with gripper; SYSTEM PACKAGE VALUE: ~ $40,000 VideoRay PRO 3 GTO LX Specifications
  • 7. Sonar Image Interpretation
  • 8. Phantom ROV Video Display ROV depth ROV heading DateTime Tether rotations
  • 9. ROV Scanning Sonar •Tritech SeaPrince DST Sonar- Long Range ROV Navigation, Obstacle avoidance and Sector Scanning sonar. Used to navigate ROV into areas of low/zero visibility. Also allows ROV pilot to “see” further than the ROV’s camera permits due to light and water clarity. Scanning capability allows section and elevation views of structures as well. Dam Face Intake structure covered with wood debris Bottom profile Cottage Grove Dam, Fore bay Section View Cottage Grove Dam, Fore bay Elevation View Water surface Dam Face Corbels Wood debris Top of Intake structure Bottom profile
  • 10. ROV 2D Multi-beam Sonar BlueView P900-45, 2D multi-beam sonar- High resolution imagery for underwater detection and identification, especially in low-visibility environments. Used for hull and structure inspections, IED detection, underwater navigation, and search and recovery operations. Items on the scanned image can be measured with installed software; video and jpegs created as well. Dorena Dam Intake Structure, Upper Elevation View Corbel Dam Face Bulkhead Guide Top of Trash Rack structure Regulating Outlet Reservoir bottom Dorena Dam Intake Structure, Lower Elevation View Top of Trash Rack structure Bulkhead Slot Trash Rack vertical columns Reservoir bottom
  • 11. ROV 2D Multi-beam Sonar, cont. Denison Dam Trash Rack Denison, TX (SWT) Bottom profile Trash rack horizontal members Pier nose ROV tether
  • 12. Muliti-beam and Scanning sonar comparison -Broken Bow Reservoir Low Level Outfall Structure. Structure located at the bottom of the reservoir in 165 ft. of water using the BlueView Multi-beam sonar. -BlueView also used to navigate ROV to structure for inspection of bulkhead guides and sill. -Tritech scanning sonar utilized to pilot ROV within the Outfall Structure to conduct guide and sill inspections. Outfall vertical walls Bulkhead guides Debris on reservoir bottom Outfall vertical walls Bulkhead guides ROV location ROV location
  • 13. Other ROV System Equipment & Capabilities -Ultra Short Baseline Tracking System (USBL)- allows geo-referenced tracking of ROV underwater; provides relative bearing, depth, and location of ROV from vessel or deployment point; -HYPACK Survey- a hydrographic survey and processing software that provides the tools needed to collect survey data, track and plot ROV and target locations on a geo-referenced background or map; -Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)- provides accurate differential location of ROV or vessel while conducting surveys and inspections; -KVH Digital Compass- provides accurate heading of ROV or vessel while conducting surveys and inspection;
  • 14. ROV Missions in 2011: 1. BON PH1 Amburson Section Insp. (3); 2. Foster Dam Lifting Beam Guide Insp.(2); 3. John Day Dam Adult Fish-Way Insp. (2); 4. John Day Dam ROV Recovery; 5. John Day Dam Spill-bay #20 Insp.; 6. Foster Dam Fish Ladder Sill Insp.; 7. Green Peter Dam Trash Rack Insp.; 8. John Day Dam North Fish Ladder Insp.; 9. John Day Dam S. Fish Turbine Intake Insp.; 10. John Day Dam MU TR#1 Insp.;
  • 15. ROV Missions in 2012: 1. Columbia River Derelict Barge 202 Insp. (2); 2. DET Dam Fish Transducer Insp. (2); 3. USACE ESSAYONS Bow thruster Insp.; 4. Little Goose Dam NAV Lock/Fish Ladder Intake Insp.; 5. Little Goose Dam Boat Boom and Anchor Insp.; 6. BON Bradford Is B-branch Fish Ladder Repair Insp.; 7. BON and TDA Trolley Pipes Inspection; 8. Little Goose MU TR #1/NAV Lock Insp.; 9. JDA NFL AWS ROV and Lifting Beam Recovery (2); 10. JDA South Fish Turbine Bulkhead Insp.; 11. BON PH2 MU 11 Tail Log Insp.; 12. Willow Creek Water Quality Intake Insp.; 13. Dorena Dam Forebay and Stilling Basin Insp.; 14. Cottage Grove Forebay and Stilling Basin Insp.; 15. Cougar Dam RO Stilling Basin Insp,; 16. JDA Adult Fishway Collection Channel Insp.; 17. JDA NFL Entrance Insp. (2); 18. Lost Creek Dam Stilling Basin Insp.; 19. BON Spillway Apron Insp.;
  • 16. ROV Missions in 2013 1. TDA Navlock Insp. (2); 2. Fern Ridge Dam Forebay Insp.; 3. Cougar Dam Diversion Tunnel Entrance (2); 4. BON PH2 dredging survey verification; 5. Foster MU Trash Rack/ Spillway insp.; 6. Green Peter Fish Well insp.; 7. JDA S. Fish Collection Channel/TR and MU Trash Rack debris insp.; 8. BON PH1 ROV retrieval; 9. Denison Dam (SWT) Intake tower/Stilling basin insp.; 10. Broken Bow Dam (SWT) Intake tower/Stilling basin insp.; 11. BON PH2 LFS insp. (external); 12. BON PH2 LFS insp. (internal); 13. JDA Fish Collection Channel Insp.; 14. TDA trash rack insp.; 15. BONN PH2 FU trash rack insp.; 16. Coos Bay USACE Field Office Pier insp.; 17. USACE Dredge Essayons hull insp.; 18. Oologah Dam Intake and Spillway Insp. (SWT); 19. Marion Dam Intake and Spillway Insp. (SWT); 20. BONN Hamilton Is. Boat Ramp Insp.; 21. JDA Adult Fishway Insp.; 22. TDA N/S Fish Ladder Entrance Insp; 23. McNary WA Shore Fish Ladder Exit Insp.(2); 24. TDA Navlock Intake Insp.;
  • 17. ROV Missions in 2014 (to date): 1. JDA South Fish Turbine Intake/ MU 2 Trash Rack Insp.; 2. McNary Dam (NWW) ORSFL Bulkhead Sill Insp.; 3.Lower Granite Dam JFF Trash Rack Debris Insp.; 4. TDA AWS pre-installation inspection; 5.McNary Dam (NWW) Fish Unit #2 inspection; 6.JDA NFL VWW Panel Recovery; 7.Elliott Bay (NWS) Dredge Debris inspection; Upcoming Missions: -Lower Granite Dam (NWW) RSW inspection; -Bonneville Dam Spillway Gate Inspection; -Ft. Gibson Dam/Tenkiller Dam (SWT) periodic insp.; -Ft. Peck Dam/ Garrison Dam/ Big Bend Dam (NWO) periodic insp.;
  • 18. Costs Comparison USACE / NWP ROV Team About $2.5-3k per day ROV Operator ROV plant rental ROV Tender TDY Travel Commercial ROV Team About $8,000* per day ROV Operator Demob ROV Tender Mob
  • 20. QUESTIONS?