How To Use Social Media to Leverage Your Brand


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How to Use Social Media to Leverage Brand & Offering. Increase Engagement, Create Trust/Loyalty & Sales

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How To Use Social Media to Leverage Your Brand

  1. 1. Social Media StrategySocial Media Strategy Designed to IncreaseDesigned to Increase Engagement & SalesEngagement & Sales How To Leverage Brand/OfferingHow To Leverage Brand/Offering Through Use Of Social MediaThrough Use Of Social Media
  2. 2. Social Media On Its OwnSocial Media On Its Own  Can generate fans,Can generate fans, followers, “likes”followers, “likes”  Can Increase BrandCan Increase Brand AwarenessAwareness  Opportunities toOpportunities to engage & networkengage & network  Immediate interactionImmediate interaction  Low costLow cost  Helps improve SEOHelps improve SEO
  3. 3. SM - Digital “Word-Of-Mouth”SM - Digital “Word-Of-Mouth”  Social Media is INBOUND marketingSocial Media is INBOUND marketing  Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Slideshare, Linkedin, Google+, Flickr,Slideshare, Linkedin, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest are all places to reach peoplePinterest are all places to reach people  Soc Media INCREASES chances toSoc Media INCREASES chances to spread the message (OPEN)spread the message (OPEN)
  4. 4. Email On Its OwnEmail On Its Own  Easy to track &Easy to track & manage listsmanage lists  Campaigns easy toCampaigns easy to tracktrack  ROI measureableROI measureable  Low CostLow Cost  Can generate repeatCan generate repeat business BUTbusiness BUT COULD BE “JunkCOULD BE “Junk Mail”Mail”
  5. 5. Email Is Not a Dirty WordEmail Is Not a Dirty Word  Email is OUTBOUND MarketingEmail is OUTBOUND Marketing  Provide information to current subscribersProvide information to current subscribers  Email LIMITS potential to spread messageEmail LIMITS potential to spread message  Content does not appear on the webContent does not appear on the web
  6. 6. Put Them Together – Kapow !Put Them Together – Kapow !  Regular newsletters,Regular newsletters, blogs, tweetsblogs, tweets  Page updates –Page updates – Facebook, Linkedin, etc.Facebook, Linkedin, etc.  Video/audio contentVideo/audio content  Soc Media links in emailSoc Media links in email  Makes it easier forMakes it easier for someone to followsomeone to follow  Email –Email – CALL TOCALL TO ACTIONACTION
  7. 7. What To Post On Social MediaWhat To Post On Social Media  Limit Self Promotion (wantLimit Self Promotion (want people to ENGAGE with you)people to ENGAGE with you)  Be likeable, interesting,Be likeable, interesting, helpful, entertaininghelpful, entertaining  Establish a regular scheduleEstablish a regular schedule  Use life or real experiencesUse life or real experiences  GIVE to RECEIVEGIVE to RECEIVE  Acknowledge & follow backAcknowledge & follow back
  8. 8. Example - E-Book StrategyExample - E-Book Strategy  Create E-Book (Say.. Top 10 Tips to..) PersonCreate E-Book (Say.. Top 10 Tips to..) Person fills in information to receive e-bookfills in information to receive e-book (Name/Email)(Name/Email)  Download E-Book & receive email with bonusDownload E-Book & receive email with bonus video thanking them for downloadvideo thanking them for download  Further email within week with links or videoFurther email within week with links or video  A 3A 3rdrd email again few days later again with CALLemail again few days later again with CALL TO ACTION (special offer), further links or videoTO ACTION (special offer), further links or video
  9. 9. Something Is EngagingSomething Is Engaging  Because it is ofBecause it is of interest to: -interest to: -  The client (individual at thatThe client (individual at that time), and/ortime), and/or  Someone the client knows &Someone the client knows & would feel good about sharingwould feel good about sharing at that timeat that time
  10. 10. Email/Social Media EngagementEmail/Social Media Engagement  Right mix to defineRight mix to define BRANDING, demonstrateBRANDING, demonstrate skills & bring people toskills & bring people to conversation (ENGAGE)conversation (ENGAGE)  Blogs/Video are keyBlogs/Video are key drivers of socialdrivers of social engagement but emailengagement but email campaigns are Calls-to-campaigns are Calls-to- action.action.
  11. 11. Social Media StrategySocial Media Strategy  You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Slideshare etc. create awareness, buildSlideshare etc. create awareness, build engagementengagement  Your Website is the centre of the contentYour Website is the centre of the content or engagement strategyor engagement strategy  Social media distributes content & drawsSocial media distributes content & draws attention & traffic to website, blogsattention & traffic to website, blogs  Email, E-Books & Social Media provideEmail, E-Books & Social Media provide ongoing content & engagementongoing content & engagement
  12. 12. WebsiteWebsite  98% of traffic to website98% of traffic to website will go to “About Us”will go to “About Us” PagePage  Average time 4 – 10Average time 4 – 10 secondsseconds  Time determined byTime determined by quality & presence ofquality & presence of photo &/or videophoto &/or video  11stst 10 seconds is vital –10 seconds is vital – 85% leave < 20 seconds85% leave < 20 seconds  > 20 seconds person> 20 seconds person likely to remain > 3likely to remain > 3 minutesminutes
  13. 13. Recent #SM Sales Success StoryRecent #SM Sales Success Story  Started as “1 Man Band”.Started as “1 Man Band”.  Product 1Product 1stst launched in Australialaunched in Australia  Sales momentum gained throughSales momentum gained through Internet Blogs & Social MediaInternet Blogs & Social Media  Generated sales of 25mGenerated sales of 25m units in USA in 4 monthsunits in USA in 4 months  Nearest competitor took 4 years toNearest competitor took 4 years to achieve same sales levelachieve same sales level  ANY GUESSESANY GUESSES …..???????…..???????  Chances are you have product inChances are you have product in your homeyour home  Answer …..Answer …..  50 Shades Of Grey50 Shades Of Grey
  14. 14. Other Recent #SM PhenomenonsOther Recent #SM Phenomenons  Planking - FacebookPlanking - Facebook  Harlem Shake – YouHarlem Shake – You TubeTube  Arab Spring/Uprising -Arab Spring/Uprising - TwitterTwitter  Superstorm Sandy -Superstorm Sandy - InstagramInstagram
  15. 15. The Golden Circle – Simon SinekThe Golden Circle – Simon Sinek Why What How
  16. 16. What Is The Golden CircleWhat Is The Golden Circle  Why – Our PurposeWhy – Our Purpose Cause Or BeliefCause Or Belief  How – How We Do itHow – How We Do it  What – What WeWhat – What We Actually DoActually Do
  17. 17. Golden Circle Example - AppleGolden Circle Example - Apple  Why – Challenge TheWhy – Challenge The Status Quo. Believe inStatus Quo. Believe in doing things differentlydoing things differently  How – Our products areHow – Our products are beautifully designedbeautifully designed simple to use & Usersimple to use & User friendlyfriendly  What – We happen toWhat – We happen to make great computers –make great computers – Wanna Buy OneWanna Buy One
  18. 18. Use the Golden CircleUse the Golden Circle  Differentiate Your BrandDifferentiate Your Brand  Differentiate Your PurposeDifferentiate Your Purpose  Get People to Believe What You BelieveGet People to Believe What You Believe  Do Business With People Who Believe inDo Business With People Who Believe in What You DoWhat You Do
  19. 19. Social Media & BrandSocial Media & Brand  BrandsBrands in the initialin the initial consideration phase areconsideration phase are 3 TIMES3 TIMES more likely tomore likely to be purchased thanbe purchased than brands that aren't –brands that aren't – Mobile Phones - AppleMobile Phones - Apple Samsung dominateSamsung dominate  Social Media ExaminerSocial Media Examiner reported 72% clientsreported 72% clients closed more business &closed more business & 52% reported more lead52% reported more lead generation due to socialgeneration due to social mediamedia
  20. 20. What Is A BrandWhat Is A Brand  A brand is WHATA brand is WHAT People believe aboutPeople believe about you – PERCEPTIONyou – PERCEPTION IS REALITYIS REALITY  Nike – Innovative HighNike – Innovative High PeformancePeformance  Coca Cola –Coca Cola – Lifestyle/HappinessLifestyle/Happiness  Volvo – Personal SafetyVolvo – Personal Safety
  21. 21. How To Differentiate BrandHow To Differentiate Brand Being Different whilstBeing Different whilst looking the samelooking the same  Why deal with usWhy deal with us  Why are we so specialWhy are we so special  Making money is art &Making money is art & working is art & goodworking is art & good business is the best artbusiness is the best art –– Andy WarholAndy Warhol
  22. 22. Brand AttributesBrand Attributes Value PropositionValue Proposition + Brand identity+ Brand identity + Positioning+ Positioning = BRAND= BRAND
  23. 23. Without A Strong BrandWithout A Strong Brand Clients make decisionsClients make decisions aboutabout PricePrice (cheapest price(cheapest price wins)wins) DeliveryDelivery (availability &(availability & convenience)convenience) RelationshipsRelationships (like &(like & trust)trust)
  24. 24. TRUST/BRAND/RELATIONSHIPTRUST/BRAND/RELATIONSHIP  Sales more likely fromSales more likely from people whopeople who TRUSTTRUST a company they havea company they have aa RELATIONSHIPRELATIONSHIP withwith  When PeopleWhen People ENGAGEENGAGE withwith content they feel theycontent they feel they have ahave a RELATIONSHIPRELATIONSHIP
  25. 25. Only 3 Ways To Make More $$$ InOnly 3 Ways To Make More $$$ In BusinessBusiness  Sell MoreSell More  Charge MoreCharge More  Reduce Costs/Increase EfficiencyReduce Costs/Increase Efficiency
  26. 26. Have You Got A VideoHave You Got A Video  Video ReinforcesVideo Reinforces the message youthe message you conveyconvey  SEE the messageSEE the message  HEAR theHEAR the messagemessage
  27. 27. What Type Of VideoWhat Type Of Video  COMPLEX STORIESCOMPLEX STORIES – use images– use images  RELATIONSHIPS –RELATIONSHIPS – use real peopleuse real people  INFORMATION –INFORMATION – animation simplifiesanimation simplifies
  28. 28. You Tube – Your Own TV StationYou Tube – Your Own TV Station  Easy to set upEasy to set up  Cost EfficientCost Efficient  Content Can be Distributed via SocialContent Can be Distributed via Social MediaMedia  Linked to your websiteLinked to your website
  29. 29. SuccessSuccess  Define StrategyDefine Strategy  Develop & integrateDevelop & integrate Social MediaSocial Media  Demonstrate yourDemonstrate your core message/beliefcore message/belief  Engage & deliverEngage & deliver valuevalue  Creates TrustedCreates Trusted OngoingOngoing RelationshipsRelationships
  30. 30. Da EndDa End For more information contact Richie Parsons at 2020For more information contact Richie Parsons at 2020 Financial PlanningFinancial Planning Email -Email - Website - - Twitter - @2020fpTwitter - @2020fp Linkedin -Linkedin - You Tube – Tube – Facebook -Facebook -