Email Is Not A Dirty Word


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How to integrate both inbound & outbound social media marketing to increase sales

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Email Is Not A Dirty Word

  1. 1. Email Is Not A Dirty Word How To Calibrate Both Inbound & Outbound Social Media Marketing To Increase Sales
  2. 2. Te xt Email Has Been Around Since 1993 Basically it predates the Internet & in fact was crucial to the development of the
  3. 3. “I don’t believe in Email. I’m an old fashioned girl. I prefer calling & hanging up” – Sarah Jessica Parker
  4. 4. Email On Its Own
  5. 5. Email Is Low Cost Easy to track & manage lists Campaigns easy to manage ROI Measureable Can generate Repeat Business Can also be “Junk Mail”
  6. 6. Email Is Outbound Marketing Provided to current subscribers Content doesn’t appear on the web Limits on how far content can be spread
  7. 7. Social Media Digital “Word Of Mouth” - Inbound Marketing Increases chances to distribute message Wide range of places to reach people
  8. 8. Social Media On It’s Own Immediate Interaction (“Likes”, etc.) Provides opportunities to network & engage Low Cost Can increase Brand Awareness & SEO
  9. 9. Te xt What Is A Brand ? A BRAND is what people BELIEVE about you - Perception Is Reality !!!!
  10. 10. The Social Media Brand Engagement Curve The More Areas of Social Media Greater Chances Of Engaging Your Brand
  11. 11. Social Media & Brand Known Brands are 3 TIMES MORE LIKELY to gain sales over brands that aren’t Social Media Examiner reported > 70% clients closed more sales & > 50% more leads due to Social Media
  12. 12. Trusted Brands Gain Greater Sales When People ENGAGE with CONTENT they feel they have a RELATIONSHIP Greater Sales from people who TRUST a company they have a RELATIONSHIP with
  13. 13. So Put Email & Social Media Together & Shazzan !!!! Makes it easier for someone to follow & engage with you Increases Brand Awareness
  14. 14. Email/Social Media Strategy Provide content - blogs, video, newsletters, tweets Updates to Linkedin, Facebook Video/Audio content Email follow up with - Call To Action
  15. 15. Strategy Implementation Use Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, You Tube, etc. to create awareness Social Media, E-Books, Videos, etc. provide ongoing content & opprtunities to engage Email with Call To Action Content distributed draws attention to your website The website should be the Centre Of Your Content & Engagement strategy & capitalise on Sales Opportunity
  16. 16. SUCCESS !!! Define Your Strategy Develop & Integrate Social Media Consistent Message to Define Brand Deliver Value & Engage Create Trusted Relationships Call To Action/Sales Follow Up
  17. 17. Richie Parsons Rock N’ Roll Adviser Richie Parsons left a well paid job to start a financial planning firm from scratch. He is active in Social Media & currently holds an equity & board position in a software & financial services company. For more information contact Richie