What Makes Your Business Different


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What Makes Your Business Different

  1. 1. What Makes Your Business Different. Why should Prospects consider Your company?
  2. 2. There are 5 Contributors to Business Success. 1.Quality or Unique product or concept. 2. Timing. 3. Capital. 4. People resource. 5. Effective Leadership.
  3. 3. What side of the curve are you on? V a l u e V o l u m e Whether your business is Volume Driven or Value Driven, you need to create Differentiation.
  4. 4. Is your Business Unique? •Do Prospects consider your business before your competition? •Can they differentiate your business from the competition? •Do you offer distinct solutions? •Do you create an enjoyable experience for your customer? •Do you create Clients?
  5. 5. What is a Value Proposition? • What is your competitive advantage? • What is your guarantee that removes the risk of doing business with your company? • What is important to your customers? • What is it that truly makes your company Unique?
  6. 6. Why a good Value Proposition? • So that prospects consider you first. • You solve their situations and problems. • They know what to expect from you. • You create excitement for your prospects to do business with you. • You are different from your competitors. • You create an Experience that is UNIQUE. • You create clients, return business.
  7. 7. Why do you NEED a Guarantee? • To eliminate fears prospects have in doing business with your industry. • To eliminate what prospects dread in purchasing your products and services. • Eliminate the frustration prospects have about your industry. • Eliminate the challenges your industry creates in doing business. • Develop, create and earn trust.
  8. 8. What is Your Guarantee? • Do You provide confidence for your prospects to invest in you? • Do you provide information that will emphasize your Unique Value Proposition? • Do you assure your prospects that not only can you deliver on their expectations but create an experience that will delight them?
  9. 9. Does Your Marketing? • Reflect your Unique Value Proposition to your customers’ needs. • Provide a Guarantee that will resolve your customers’ fears, frustrations and challenges in your industry. • Your marketing media reflect the differentiation your company provides in the industry with your Unique Value Proposition and Guarantee?
  10. 10. My Purpose, to Help You… Increase the value of your business by investing in the business education and coaching resources that are right for YOU… To increase your Business opportunities.
  11. 11. Why Richard Jensen ? • Business Management Experience: • Small biz (Owned and Operated 3 companies) • Multiple profit centers (sales, service, training) • Multiple business units, multiple areas (revenues of $250M) • Sales & Marketing Experience: • Business Development (B2B and B2C) • Cross promotional/functional initiatives • Training, Coaching background: • Business Owner/Professional Coaching (35 years) • Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Service, Operations • I have been in your shoes.
  12. 12. To learn more, contact • Richard Jensen • Coaching and More, Inc. • 612.605.0661 • 888.483.4369 • richardcjensen@msn.com • www.TheESource.com/rjensen