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A rich visual guide to how consumers are using 2nd screen devices to enhance the TV Viewing experience. This map was first presented in the "Whose the Second Screen Now Session at IBC Amsterdam 2012. A PDF Version of the Map can be downloaded at

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FirstPartner Personal Screen Market Map

  1. 1. 2012 The Personal Screen Richard Warren +44 (0)870 874 8700 FirstPartner ryIntroduction Social Interaction The Personal Screen Smartphones, tablets, laptops, The Large Screen gaming and personal media Still the focus forThis map illustrates how smartphones, tablets and Social Media devices and the apps they high quality,other personal screens are becoming an integral part support are core to the new TV group viewingof the consumer “TV” experience along with the e experience.ecosystem that is developing to support seamlessintegration of multiple devices and content streams. On the MoveHow Consumers Use Facebook and Twitter play a pivotal role in all Programme check Social TV Apps Content RecommendationScreens aspects of the social TV experience. Most TV centric nop -ins & links to user apps integrate to access user social graphs and social graphs to EPG & Discovery share comment and Facilitate content scan for relevant recommendations and compan- recommendations29% discovery through Of on-line Americans own a ion content sophisticated web Outdoor screens & signage tablet and 45% expect to buy search tC Multifunction Independent Apps one in the next two years (1) Broadcaster independent apps aiming to provide Companion62% Of consumers use social a single do-it all TV r companion Content er media while watching TV Eyewear Sh cov and 42% of these use social Advertising media to discuss TV at least are weekly (2) Dis Independent Compan-68% Of UK tablet owners watch TV Content Synchronis- ion Apps ation ation Mirroring & Enhamce- Pico - and use their tablet Provide unofficial companion content, check-ins and social ment Recognises broadcast stream simultaneously - (3) and serves synchronised media comment and sharing Content on personal screen is projectors content or advertising ...Share their viewing ...Find and recommend mirrored on large screen or screens are synchronised to57% experience through social compelling content Of consumers watch video show different perspectives media on a mobile phone, 21% At Home Pa watch more than once a day (4) Companion Content77% Of the time that viewers watch Augmented Reality t lu TV it is with another Overlay companion content ...Interact with programming and device (5) when the phone or tablet is held over the big screen access in depth ...Replace the TV TV Of simultaneous screen usage is Enrich companion content from producers remote and throw content onto the Control22% s ands social media big screen complementary. sources Consumers are increas- Remote Replacement The remaining screen usage ingly using personal Connectivity Allow the represents Multi-tasking Broadcaster Companion Apps screens and apps to .... smartphone or r Eva (5) Companion Apps created for specific broadcasters or tablet to control the Proprietary Participation TV shows delivering in depth content & participation TV in place of the8.6% standard remote Of the audience for the Million AirPlay i ...View streamed program- ...Control home networks Pound Drop played via the ming at home and on the and manage their media companion app at peak. 1.3 move million played during the Airflinger first two series of the show FSources Open Standard Co(1) Consumer Electronics Association Q2 2012(2) Ericsson TV & Video Consumer Trend Report 2012(3) Ofcom Communications Market Report July 2012 App- based streaming n(4) Nielsen Multi-screen Media Report May 2012 w ne(5) Google/Ipsos The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Apps supporting home media V ieCross-platform Consumer Behaviour 2012 curation and streaming ctAcknowledgement Streaming AppsThanks to Ken Blakeslee of WebMobility Ventures for his reasearch andmarket intelligence inputs to this Market Map Content Production Social & P2P Platform Stores Commercial OTTPrepared by Streaming Services Over the Top Content Distributiotion FirstPartner AN COMPANY Closed Ecosystem Streaming Devices & Hubs Open Ecosystem Set Top Boxes call us on find us at +44 (0) 870 874 8700 Cloud Storage Broadcaster Services Managed VoD email us at follow us @firstpartnerThe map includes information compiled from interviews and information available Managed Servicesin the public domain. As information sources are outside our control, FirstPartnermakes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. Responsibility for anyinterpretation or actions based on this map lies solely with the reader.Copyright FirstPartner Ltd 2012Explore an Interactive Version Companion Screenof this map at: Service Delivery Platform Video Content Delivery Home Streaming Ecosystem