European Communication School: social media session 4


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  • Loyalty is something that has to be incentivised (rewarded) versus something that is expected
  • Small increments – require large scale (take all of your consumers on that journey) Approach therefore adapted to the usage of ‘mass’ media
  • Creating necessary scale effects when only dealing with small groups – what it is all about. Could talk for ages about that, but don’t have time. Suffice to say that companies basically doing one of two things – either trying, and failing, to Do viral or talking to small groups of people but about the wrong thing – but think that because they are doing it in Facebook that is OK
  • Only prepared to listen to me as an influencer of their customers, not AS an individual customer
  • European Communication School: social media session 4

    1. 1. Session 4A more detailed look at engagement
    2. 2. The aim of this session • To understand how to create engagement in the social media space • To introduce you to the course assessment task • To show you how to listen
    3. 3. To summarise• Very few organisations understand how to use social media• This is because: – They don’t want to understand it – There is a huge commercial vested interest designed to position social media as “just another channel you can use to reach consumers”• Know one is really paying attention to how consumers are actually using social media
    4. 4. Gartner Hype Cycle
    5. 5. Gartner Hype Cycle False Arrival of Productive EngagementEngagement Intelligence
    6. 6. Social media: it’s not atools based problem
    7. 7. YouTubeSlideshare LinkedIn Facebook Flickr Twitter
    8. 8. Social media: it’s aknowledge basedproblem
    9. 9. There are two types of EngagementThe engagement brands want The engagement consumersto have with their consumers want to have with brands (but were unable to have BSM)
    10. 10. Brand ‘engagement’Superficial Manipulative ‘Loyalty’ Huge gap with ‘Respect’ consumers ‘Passion’ definition of these ‘Love’ terms But… it works!
    11. 11. At best it can give you warm andfuzzy moment before you get onwith your lifeAnd when you come to make apurchase decision, the faintafterglow of that moment mayjust be enough
    13. 13. Two different spacesTraditional media space Social media space Channel and Behaviour message identification identification and response challenge challenge
    14. 14. What is the role of traditional media?
    15. 15. Problem: social media does not have scale (engine) built into itSocial media is really an infrastructure or set of tools
    16. 16. Social media doesn’t do big numbers It does small groups
    17. 17. Possible solutionsDevise ways to add Create new scale to social approaches that media don’t rely on scale
    18. 18. Introducing the Super FanKachWachi saves Logitech$150,000 in call deflection costsper year
    19. 19. The rules for Super FansThey are not ‘Brand Ambassadors’Because to 99.9% of yourconsumers will think they areweirdThey are not ‘Brand Evangelists’Because the communities theywant to be a part of comprisepeople who are also like themTheir value is not in spreadinginformation, it is in helping youmanage your business• Customer service• Google endorsement
    20. 20. Lets find some Super Fans • What are they like? • Are there many of them? • What do they seem to want to talk about? • What are the issues around the brand? • What might you be able to do with them?
    21. 21. “@eurostar Train stuck at bxl midifor last hour. What’s happening?”“@RichardStacy #eurostarnewsproblem with power transmissionaround Lille. latest info“@eurostar Will now miss mytrain home. Can you help me?
    22. 22. Creating The Expectationof Listening
    23. 23. Implications for strategy Things Processes The old space: The new space:output = piece of output = form of behaviour communication
    24. 24. The four engagement spacesSaying something supportive CONVERSATION Saying something critical Asking a question for which CONTENT your brand is the answer Willing to help you do it COMMUNITY better 29
    25. 25. Prioritisation• You don’t have to speak to everyone• You can afford to be very specific about – Audience – Subject• You should be very specific about an objective – Defined in terms of what you want to achieve
    26. 26. DecentralisationCommunications becomes atraining,facilitation or editorial function (not a production function)
    27. 27. Example: @twelpforce
    28. 28. Pulling it all together Objectives InfrastructurePeople Plan Plan Operation Plan Content Response
    29. 29. It all starts with listening
    30. 30. An introduction to your assessment task• You have been appointed to review the social media strategies of (one of) four organisations• Two steps – Set up a real time monitoring dashboard and report back on what is going on (by next week) – Present your findings and recommendations (3 December)
    31. 31. Setting up a monitoring dashboard
    32. 32. Recommended tabs• Mentions – Monitoring mentions of the brand in: • Twitter • Facebook • Blogs • Discussion forums • News• Subject – Mentions of key subject terms• Sources – Key fixed information sources • Publications • Bloggers• Mentions of competitors – Twitter, blogs, news
    33. 33. What to do first
    34. 34. Twitter
    35. 35. Blogs / Discussions / News
    36. 36. Facebook
    37. 37. Setting up a Netvibes account• Create Gmail account• Sign-up to Netvibes