European Communication School: Social Media Session 5
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European Communication School: Social Media Session 5






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  • How? Every brand must have one of these
  • News at ten analogy – can’t plan your conversations in advanceFree from tyranny of the press release
  • News at ten analogy – can’t plan your conversations in advanceFree from tyranny of the press release

European Communication School: Social Media Session 5 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Session 5Producing a social media plan
  • 2. The aim of this session • A look at your dashboards • To look at constructing a social media plan • More on the assessment task
  • 3. Dashboards / Listening
  • 4. Pulling it all together Objectives InfrastructurePeople Plan Plan Operation Plan Content Response
  • 5. Defining objectivesComms objectives Social media objectives Linked to specific business issuesAddress overall brand Solved via the designimage and reputation and implementation of business processesSolved via production Have clearlyof communications identifiable metricsoutputs (channel and (usually linked tomessage strategies) measurable shifts in behaviours)
  • 6. Example: Vodafone• Vodafone identified a long-term need to hire 40 specialist technicians (in an area not conventionally associated with mobile telecoms). A £1.5 million budget was allocated (advertising and agency fees)• Objective: To hire at least 50% via direct recruitment (via social channels), thus saving agency costs
  • 7. Example: Vodafone• Process – train existing employees on social networking and publication techniques – to raise the profile of Vodafone’s expertise and participation in this space. Note: they did not publish the availability of jobs• Result: 80% of the hires made via direct recruitment, saving approx. £1.3 million
  • 8. Example: @twelpforce
  • 9. Norfolk County Council
  • 10. Norfolk County Council• Business issue – Libraries are under threat from funding cuts – We need local communities to become more ‘engaged’ with their local libraries / librarians
  • 11. Norfolk County Council• Objective – To liberate the expertise of librarians so that you don’t have to come to the library to benefit from this
  • 12. Supporting traditional communicationsTraditional (mass) Making that process communications more efficient process
  • 13. Social media is your campaign dashboard It can help you steer acampaign, rather than power a campaign
  • 14. Example: Pampers• What do you think a social media objective for Pampers could be?
  • 15. A look at infrastructure Conversation space Social News Monitoring Content & Hub Response Process Hosted or supported communities
  • 16. A look at infrastructure Conversation space Monitoring
  • 17. It all begins with listening
  • 18. A brief look at infrastructure Conversation space Monitoring Content & Response Process
  • 19. What is our content strategy?Content is not necessarily somethingyou can plan in advanceContent is better understood as aprocess
  • 20. What is our information strategy? Responding Publishing ‘traditional’ content Targeting Google space
  • 21. What are thequestions youraudiences are goingto be asking?What spaces shouldwe responding to (e.g.HDTV problem)?
  • 22. Tagging and categorisation• How will your content be categorised• What will be the conversations / tags
  • 23. A brief look at infrastructure Conversation space Social News Monitoring Content & Hub Response Process
  • 24. Creating a social news hubWhat we are doing What we do
  • 25. Creating a social news hub • Will use Wordpress • Is a ‘socially optimised’ publishing platform • Incredibly easy to update • Very easy to link and share content in other outposts • Very cheap and easy to make
  • 26. Architecture space Content space Coordination space
  • 27. A brief look at infrastructure Conversation space Social News Monitoring Content & Hub Response Process Hosted or supported communities
  • 28. How to use FacebookWhat the organisationwants to say What the consumer / citizens wants to say
  • 29. How to use Twitter X #whatever #FFBook12
  • 30. People are the key asset Corporate DJ (key role)Listening SpecialistConversing High volumeCreating content
  • 31. People planWho are the people What will their rolesthat will need to be and functions be?involved? • Monitoring• Relevant experts • Conversation• The corporate DJ response• Supervisors / • Content creation moderators What activation and support processes are required? • Training / motivation • Technical support • Creative guidance 32
  • 32. Operation planTiming ActionsPhase 1 (within 2 weeks) Objective: To have started monitoring and mapping the space and to have engaged and trained a core group. Activities • Appoint and brief Corporate DJ and core team • Train Corporate DJ on using a monitoring dashboard • Hold introductory training sessionPhase 2 (within 2 months) Objective: To have set-up a content publishing system and be testing its usage. Activities: • Create a technical content hub and set of outposts • Hold content / hub training session with core team
  • 33. Operation planTiming ActionsPhase 3 (within 4 months) Objective: To have the core group actively participating in conversation and the creation of content Activities: • On-going support from Corporate DJ • Formal review to assess impact and determine any changes requiredKPIs • Increased visibility within specified specialist Google search terms • Increase in ‘inbound engagement’ (requests for information / opinion or commentary on content from purchase influencers)
  • 34. Norfolk County Council: People Who Roles and Activation and functions supportSelected librarians Monitor a ‘question space’ ‘Sounding out’ Answer questions Recruitment Training Feedback / sharingSenior management Informed Briefing / normal Approval management channels Comms team Promote the initiative Briefing Corporate DJ / Training Project supervisor
  • 35. Norfolk County Council: Infrastructure Conversation space Social Monitoring Content & Hub Response Process Hosted or supported communities
  • 36. Norfolk County Council: Infrastructure• Phase 1: Facebook (monitoring and response)• Phase 2: Twitter (Twitter monitoring and response tool – Hoot Suite)• Phase 3: More extensive monitoring and individual news hubs
  • 37. Hootsuite
  • 38. Norfolk County Council: Operations• Refine the infrastructure plan with reference to content and response (tags, identities etc)• Initial conversations with librarians• Formalise plan and create control policy• Brief management and comms• Launch recruitment process• Create infrastructure and comms plan• Conduct training• Public launch• Monitor activity / implementation of control policy• Review
  • 39. Assessment task• Produce a ppt presentation• Structure – Review of the current situation • Whos is talking, what conversations, content of relevant Google spaces • Assessment of current strategy (what’s working, what is not) – Recommendations • Objectives (idea expressed as an objective) • People plan • Infrastructure plan • Operational plan (schedule)