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EAST Magazine June 2011

  1. 1. June 2011 Meet the new squad 2011 MiaMi Dolphin CheerleaDers CanDi, ariana anD TaTiana Drag your winDow to expanD CliCk here to turn pages
  2. 2. Enjoy the freedomto buy your car,your way.At AutoNation Direct, you can buy a new or pre-owned vehicleyour way. It gives you freedom of choice, freedom to knowthe facts and freedom to save. Only AutoNation Direct pairsyou with a Personal Auto Consultant who will help you findyour perfect vehicle, give you straight answers to all of yourquestions and take the mystery out of car shopping. You canshop for any make and model from 32 different auto brandsand get a great deal with no inconvenience. Contact your Personal Auto Consultant CliCk hErE or 1-877-905-8770 Call seven days a week – Monday through Friday 9 to 7 p.m., Saturdays 9 to 6 p.m. and Sundays 10 to 4 p.m. (Pacific Time)
  3. 3. Need a Dentist? contents 5 June 2011 publisher’s letter Go EAST Failure to act. 9 who knew Scooter rentals to cherries jubilee. 18 13 DuDe FooD Meet The new Mexican street food. Miami Dolphin Cheerleading squad 14 wine notes Where’s my Albarino? 23 15 Fish tales Dennis Max: Monster mahi. Visions of a new Third space 35 love etC Single or settle. 26 postcards from 37 soCial stuDies Is a premium LinkedIn argentina account worth it? 38 unsoliCiteD aDviCe The art of the to do list. 6231 North Federal Hwy. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 954-229-2424www.PolaskyCosmeticDentist.com
  4. 4. Richard Rosser PubLIShER Susan Rosser dIRECToR oF SCREAMINg ANd yELLINg Cindy Kapuschinsky E d I To R I A L A S S I S TA N T David Hoskinson | Andrew Itkoff | Stacey O’Nell | Winnie Taylor CoNTRIbuTINg PhoTogRAPhERS Ray Russotto CARTooNIST Claudia Caine | Paul Greenblatt | David Hoskinson | Ann Robbins Richard Rosser | Lupé Somserset | Andrew Wetzler CoNTRIbuTINg WRITERS oN ThE CovER Photo by Andrew Itkoff (For the record, Andy hated this assignment) Miami Dolphin 2011 cheerleaders: Candi, Ariana and Tatiana EAST magazine is owned and published electronically by East Publishing LLC. Copyright 2010 East Publishing LLC. All rights reserved.No part of this electronic magazine may be reproduced without the written consent of East Publishing LLC. Requests for permission should be directed to: publisher@east-mag.com
  5. 5. Publisher’s letter Failure to act is Choosing to Fail Joplin was hit by a huge tornado. Say what you wish about global going to happen many years from now. The Mississippi River is flooding in warming, but something seems to Some totally deny mankind is affecting “Everyone on this planet is many states. The debate over global be happening around us and the the environment at all. I say whatever warming keeps grinding along. consequences are terrifying. Living in the reality, a few preventative measures part of a colossal horse race I watched a National geography Florida, we are reminded each summer like buying a car that gets 30 mpg rather between the horse of mankind’s documentary essentially based on dr. that hot days start cloudless but than 20 mpg seems like a reasonable Jared diamond’s ground breaking work millions of tons of water evaporates in thing for many of us to do. Most of the destructive forces and the horse on the rise and fall of societies such the hot sun and heavy thundershowers “green” measures I’ve learned about of our environmental sanity.” as the Maya, Romans and many others. drench us each afternoon. over the years are fairly reasonable yet his work has some detractors but his I’m not a climate scientist, but more it seems that so few are doing much. dr. Jared diamond, Author of How concept that past civilizations can heat equals more rain, heavier rain, dr. diamond has spent a lifetime Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed be studied for common traits about and more intense hurricanes for us. studying once great civilizations. Most their rise and subsequent demises, And obviously, more intense tornadoes were aware of the problems they faced has caught the attention of many. for other parts of the country and yet failed to act in time. We have the The violent tornadoes this year are more flooding which is now happening benefit of understanding thousands of causing some to believe global warning in large parts of Louisiana. years of human history, as they did not. may be the source of the recent disasters. Some people seem to think the worst is Perhaps we will make better choices. Click here to send an email to richard JuNE 2011 5 EAST-MAg.CoM
  6. 6. RoofSouthern Coast Re-roof with REpAiR SpECiALiStS 20 years in South Florida NewSouthern SCoast ENTERPRISE , INC. Roofs Roof Inspections Water Proofing Roof Maintenance Seamless Gutters Insured & State Lic. #CCC050451 #CVC56766 #CGC028611 Let your new roof pay for itself. Ask us how... 954/426-3312 • 800/585-5132 • SouthernCoastEnterprises.com The Cashless Marketplace
  7. 7. east...We’ve got issues For advertising inForMation call 954/234-8518 or eMail publisher@east-mag.com
  8. 8. To buy an ad in east, call Richard at 954/234-8518. We have 10,000email subscribers and they really love us. So take advantage—we have übercompetitive rates and fantastic customer service. get your message to thepeople of South Florida. you’ll wish you had thought of advertising with usa year ago. a little about us: obviously, we are creative and fun to workwith. We love to go out for lunch, but rarely have martinis at our middaymeal. We save those for cocktail hour. We keep Coronas in the office fridgefor emergencies and sometimes we throw things (never at each other.)occasionally, we enjoy a different brand of beer. In fact, we usually buywhat’s on sale at Publix and pass that savings onto our loyal advertisers. Wewear shorts and flip-flops to work and yet we are consummate professionals.We love magazines, we love Florida, we love food and sports and artand culture and fancy hotels and restaurants and jewelry and music andshopping and travel and lions and tigers and bears, oh my. go east.
  9. 9. Whoknew?scoot overIf you’re looking to get off thebeaten path—literally—rent aScootCoupe for the day. Theselittle buggers are super fun todrive—its like a super go-cart forthe road. Invented right here intown, the ScootCoupes were madefor beach cruising. They offercomfortable side by side seatingfor two adult passengers so youcan enjoy all the sites together.Fun rentalsForT lauDerDale DeerFielD BeaCh239 almond ave 1985 ne 2nd stFort lauderdale Deerfield Beach954/768-9020 954/427-4647 Call for prices and availabilityadvance reservation must be made three days prior to rentalMay be cancelled 48 hrs prior to rental for full refund JuNE 2011 9 EAST-MAg.CoM
  10. 10. Whoknew? wild things south Florida wildlife Center 3200 sW 4th avenue Fort lauderdale 954/524-4302 www.humanesociety.org/sfwc A helpless bird lay on the operating table means nothing to me but the nice are brought in. Some are wounded. Some with a small tube in it’s beak. I have veterinarian points out the small broken are babies with missing mothers hit by sent this bird before out in the mangrove bone the chest area that is causing the cars or eaten by predators. Some were marshes as it wades around hunting for concern. “We can fix this one,” she says pets that probably never should have little fish. but now this one has three with a smile. “Some aren’t so lucky.” been pets and now have outgrown their skilled human attendants X-raying it to Each month at this sanctuary cages or the interest of their owners. determine the problem with it’s flying very, very close to the Fort Lauderdale/ For over 40 years, the South Florida ability. I see the X-ray which of course hollywood airport, over 1,000 animals Wildlife Center has seen or heard it all as continued on next page JuNE 2011 10 EAST-MAg.CoM
  11. 11. Whoknew? continued from previous page the saying goes. For those that have spent time in the natural parts of South Florida, these stories are in part due to the massive impact of 6 million humans on a very wild natural environment. With a staff of over 60, hundreds of volunteers, and over 800 animals on the premises each day; this is a very busy place. And everyone takes their work very seriously. The center is part hospital, rehabilitation center, orphanage, and adoption center so a lot is going on. The pelicans are recuperating. The osprey tests his wings in a huge aviary built for large birds of prey. Motherless baby parrots are hand-fed each hour by volunteers. And this is all in the first 10 minutes of the tour. ducks, chickens, sheep, pot-belly pigs, squirrels, snakes, deer; the list of animals seems almost endless. What were the most unusual animals? “A buffalo calf, monitor lizard, and bald eagles” came to mind for Sherry Schlueter, the center’s executive director. As a teenager, Sherry served as one the agency’s first volunteers back in the late ‘60’s. The striking part of the center is the volume. Many long-time residents are likely unaware that so many wild animals are treated and released from this quiet oasis in the heart of such a busy urban area. JuNE 2011 11 EAST-MAg.CoM
  12. 12. Whoknew?Cherries baby Back in the day, restaurants used to make several dishes tableside; think Ceasar salad or bananas Foster. It seems like this is a lost art. Not so, at Le Café de Paris on Las Olas Boulevard where they are still serving up some table-side classics. On a recent late night stroll down the boulevard, we stopped in for dessert and enjoyed some classic cherries jubilee. We planned on being good and only ordering coffee but when we saw the cherries jubilee ($15) prepared table- side, we just had to splurge. Our waiter put on quite a show—flames and all. —Lupe Somerset le Café De paris 715 las olas Blvd Fort lauderdale 954/467-2900 www.cafedeparislasolas.com
  13. 13. DudeFoodhard-Core Mexican Who doesn’t love a great Mexican joint? The problem is most are tomato.) The tortillas are white corn tortillas made locally and they el Jefe luchador 27 south Federal hwy Deerfield Beach 954/246-5333 not great. you’ve got you tacos— make a huge difference. We also both hard and soft, burritos, tried all four of the chef specialty enchiladas and the like. And most tacos. All were spectacular, but of them taste the same; they are we have to give a special shout- just same stuff served in various out to the El Ray ($4.00.) It’s shapes and sizes. Not true at El crispy shrimp, picante mayo, Jefe Luchador. Firstly, you won’t guacamole, cabbage slaw and find any of the ubiquitous ground of course served street style. beef that dominates most Mexican The salad was another surprise. menus. The restaurant offers seven It was all fresh and crisp with a choices of fillings instead of the delicious chili lime vinegarette— beef. They range from carnitas and it was enormous. (citrus and garlic braised pork order at the counter and they shoulder) to chorizo (house made call your number when your Mexican pork sausage) to hongos y food is ready. Everything on the name (smokey grilled mushrooms menu is served a la carte, so if and fried yams.) you order your you want a snack, one taco will filling in a taco or a quesadilla do. but, who eats one taco. a tortas el chavo (Mexico city So next time your at the style sandwich) or on a salad. beach in deerfield and feel the We tried nearly all the fillings in need for sustenance, sneak tacos and ($2.50) served street over the bridge and grab some style. (Street style is topped with truly inspiring and affordable chopped onion, cilantro, and Mexican street-style food. JuNE 2011 13 EAST-MAg.CoM
  14. 14. Winenotes Dude, my albarino? by CLAudIA CAINE where’s Time for a new grape, folks. It’s not all about the big six: Merlot, can say to the waiter: “what? No Albarino? Jeez, just the old six— always less expensive than their snootier cousins from France or Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, how about a little variety, dude?” Napa and the easy but complex Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc and I tried two Spanish Albarinos (can these two things coexist?) Pinot grigio even though those six this month. We’ve finally got warm drinkability was surprising and fun. make up about 80 percent of the weather now in NyC so I’m joining The other wine—the Fefinane— wine we drink. Let’s branch out— you South Floridians in finding wasn’t as clearly satisfying (it Albarino (be careful to pronounce it bright, citrus-y, refreshing warm had a vegetable, floral, chive-y right to get full credit. It’s Al-ba- weather whites. The first was a sort of finish). It too would REE-nyo). It’s a white wine grape 2009 burgans Albarino from Rias be great with seafood, light mostly made in the Rias baixas baixas ($14). The second was a pork or cool summer salads. region of Spain. other areas of 2009 Albarino d Fefinane (same Let’s face it—you’re not the world make Albarino wines Rb region). both were fresh and impressing anyone by ordering but if we’re just starting out, let’s refreshing but the burgans (which Chardonnay— your own cat stick with this Rias baixas region. is easy to find) is really delicious. isn’t impressed by that anymore. If you like Sauvignon blanc, It’s citrus-y and has medium acid Practice pronouncing Al-ba-REE- you should really enjoy Albarino. but a lovely balanced blend of nyo and you’ll get winey points They are both crisp, bright, tart, lemon and granny smith apple. at the same time as you’ll get a minerally and slightly floral. It’s For someone usually so partial great, new, fresh, lemony glass of perfect with grilled octopus and to the freshness of Sauvignon sunshine. but -as always- be yourSend an email to Claudia at all seafood, for that matter. Plus blancs, I feel like I’ve made a new own judge. And, by all means, emailClaudia@east-mag.com there’s the added bonus that you friend. Spanish wines are almost me if you disagree. Let’s chat. JuNE 2011 14 EAST-MAg.CoM
  15. 15. FishtalesMonster Mahiby PAuL gREENbLATTIt was a calm cool day inJanuary, my father and I weretrolling about three milessouth of government Cut whenI saw this huge wake cut acrossthe back of the boat. At thetime I was trolling six linesfishing in 178 feet of water.This monster grabbed the rightoutrigger. Then, I grabbed therod and the fish ran, jumpedand threw the hook. Then hegrabbed the left out rigger,my father grabbed the rod andthe fish jumped and threw thehook, both lines were luresrigged with ballyhoo. At thatpoint, we were at idle speedwhen he came up 15 feetbehind the boat and grabbeda lure with no bait on myfavorite rod, and “it was on.”After a 30 minute fight on 20lbtest line, we finally landed thebeast now named the Kraken,the largest Mahi I have evercaught….. 62 inches, 56lbs…. JuNE 2011 15 EAST-MAg.CoM
  16. 16. JuNE 2011 16 EAST-MAg.CoM
  17. 17. Get Loud with Loudmouth shorts–available at .comPatterns are also available in Men’s Pants, Women’s Shorts, Skorts, Pants, Mini Shorts and sport coats JuNE 2011 17 EAST-MAg.CoM
  18. 18. Meet the neW squadNow let’s hope there are games to cheer about JuNE 2011 18 EAST-MAg.CoM
  19. 19. 500 applications are submitted300 are invited to audition90 make it to the finals22 veteran cheerleaders made the 2011 squad20 rookies were selectedThey practice three days each week for three hours each dayThey perform at 10 home gamesThey make over 400 appearances throughout South Florida being a cheerleader must be a cool positive and of course physically fit experience but becoming a cheerleader among many other attributes. is an emotionally wrenching experience. I learned a lot interviewing these After competing against 300 girls to women and their director, Emily Newton, make the finals—Candy, Ariana and a dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for four Tatiana (see cover)—competed in the years before coming to the dolphins. final round against the remaining 90. The sense of teamwork is probably only 22 veterans were asked to return for the biggest eye opener. The squad of 42 the 2011 squad. There is a moment when women spends a lot of time together; the name of the last member of the new practices are three times per week for squad is announced and the reality of not three hours each, plus appearances, being picked sinks in. For the rookies, plus games. Emily runs a tight ship she it is a case of not getting what they has no time for bad attitudes or prima never had. For the veterans, it means donnas. The potential for disputes, petty losing something they loved dearly. jealousies and all other forms of drama I have a daughter now; one that I is high but surprisingly kept in check hope will someday be of the caliber of by Emily. Passion for the fans and the these women. Responsible, articulate, game seem to essential to the selection JuNE 2011 19 EAST-MAg.CoM
  20. 20. process too. A sense of history forthe squad must also be a factor asthe cheerleaders studio is surroundedwith images of the cheerleaders fromdecades past. The history of thesquad literally surrounds them threedays a week during practice sessions. We hear regularly about maleathletics and politicians doing stupidthings but one is hard pressedto recall any scandal involvinga dolphin cheerleader. bad girlsdon’t make the squad and thequestionable ones are surely cutquickly at the first sign of trouble.That sounds tough but a squad ofthis caliber is why 500 applicantsseek to be members each year. I read a blog post from a dolphinCheerleader from the late ’80s. Shesaid many of the things we all knowabout the hard work but she wouldtrade nothing for that first game,standing in the end zone about torun on the field for the first time asan NFL cheerleader. That memorywill be all hers forever. but even JuNE 2011 20 EAST-MAg.CoM
  21. 21. today when people learn thatshe was a dolphin cheerleader,they never look at her the same.When she’s a grandmother, peoplewill look at her that way too. Congratulations tothe 2011 squad.As of press time, the NFL 2011is still an undecided issue withthe lock-out still in effect.The dolphin Cheerleaders arehosting four junior cheerleadingcamps during the summer indavie, Estero and Jupiter. Learnmore at www.miamidolphins.com - youth programs. JuNE 2011 21 EAST-MAg.CoM
  22. 22. WaterDamage?Know the benefits of callinghorizon Public adjustersPublic adjusters helped their clients secureclaims that were 747 percent higherthan claims filed directly by homeownersaccording to Citizens Property InsuranceCorporation of Florida. At Horizon, wework to make sure you get the maximumcompensation allowed by your insurancepolicy. We know the fine print, we know thelaw and we know how to get fast results. Have you experienced a water leak in yourhome? The damage may be much greaterthan you can see and the problem may begetting worse. Call us today for a free consultation.(954) 491-4646 www.horizonpublicadjusters.com JuNE 2011 22 EAST-MAg.CoM (954) 491-4646
  23. 23. “My greatest successes in my career have been to do something at that moment that pleases me at every level: the quality of the food, the style of the food, the atmosphere, the décor . . . the whole relationship works well because it is where I am at that moment.”dennis Maxvisions oF a neW third sPace by RIChARd RoSSER PhoToS by WINNIE TAyLoR JuNE 2011 23 EAST-MAg.CoM
  24. 24. It was the start of a serious social conscience not just about food, but about everything. —Dennis Maxto understand dennis Max and his new restaurant “Max’s opportunities and there wasn’t any harvest” one has to understand life rules.” in California in the 1950’s and ’60s. his flagship Max’s grille in Mizner I lived out there for seven years Park is still going strong after 20 which qualifies me for nothing . . years—a testament to a great . . but when dennis told me where concept and consistent execution. and when he grew up—the reasons The other somewhat stereotypical for much of his vaunted success California attribute he exhibits is became much more obvious. also essential to many artists from dennis studied at the fabled all disciplines: their craft is part university of California, berkley of how they feel during a specific in the late ’60s—the flashpoint period of time (i.e. Picasso’s blue for American social consciousness. period) “berkeley was famous for a lot dennis’ new concept seems to things; some of which I don’t want be in tune with his mood—more to remember.” carefree about social norms with a he is credited for bringing strong sense of responsibility about California cuisine to South Florida nutritious food and environmental in the ’80s which led to a string sustainability. of restaurants over the decades. “This whole movement is “It wasn’t like the East coast . . . happening right now” referring to California was a new land with new the demand for more nutritious food
  25. 25. FaVoriTe FooD? pasta. i have always loved pasta. seCreT To suCCess? grown more locally to avoid high feels lucky to have found a space 100 percent focus. fuel consumption to transport it that sets “like a townhouse inDedicate 100 percent and to market. Soho” with different areas for never give up. You have but what was a bit more different dining experiences. Weto be true to your vision. surprising is dennis’ appreciation talked in the outdoor patio area for the modern dining experience. but there is inside dining, a bar oThers haVe saiD Your The days of “every city had one and streetside tables as well. nuMBer one skill is special occasion restaurant” and Max’s harvest will start withaTTraCTing anD keeping the like has changed to many dinner but, Sunday brunch seems TalenT. is ThaT True? more “third space” options to be next on the schedule. Lunch i’d like to think that. (#1—home, #2—work) ushered is in the “yet to be decided” one of the things that in most notably by Starbucks category. make me the happiest where locals gather for meetings, brandon belluscio, co-owner of is helping young people conversations, texting, reading delray’s CuT 432 and protegé of move on to greater and oh yeah, coffee. dennis said it best about the new things. dennis knew he wanted to do a restaurant; “If anyone can make it “farm-to-table” concept but he work, dennis is the one.” MosT DisTurBing TrenD in The resTauranT inDusTrY? That’s a real good iF you go . . . . question . . . i launched Max’s harVesT opens June 9Th my career at a chain The 120 seat restaurant is approximately 3,500 square feet. The menu restaurant and i don’t will change seasonally but includes such favorites as wahoo crudo yellow want to bash chains chili emulsion, prime grass fed beef, hand cut papardelle with spring lamb but i think they can be ragout, day boat swordfish, fresh Cocoa Beach cobia, and Broward County harmful to some degree. burrata. (by crowding-out more Max’s harvest is working with farms throughout south and Central inventive restaurant Florida, including palm Beach County’s swank specialty produce, concepts) on the other Farmer Jay’s organics and heritage hen Farms. hand, their food has tobe pretty good to compete open daily for dinner starting at 5 p.m. until 11 p.m.and some restaurants, take Delray Beach’s pineapple grove District, McDonald’s, they’ve been 169 ne 2nd avenue, Delray Beach smart and are responding 561/381-9970 to consumers with www.Maxsharvest.com salads, more vegetables and the like.
  26. 26. argentinaPostcards from PhoToS ANd SToRy by dAvId hoSKINSoN JuNE 2011 26 EAST-MAg.CoM
  27. 27. As the First Lady look familiar?of Argentina from evita gave her famous1946-52, Maria Eva farewell speech fromDurante De Peron, this balcony of theaffectionately president’s office.known as Evita,championed laborrights, publichealth, educationissues and women’ssuffrage. After herdeath from cancerat age 33, and thepremiere of AndrewLlyod Weber’smusical in 1980,Evita became partof internationalpopular culture. Top piaza evita,BoTToM Tomb plate
  28. 28. righT Caminito Couple, leFT san Telmo square Originating in the 1890s in the barrios of Buenos Aires, tango evolved from European immigrant street dance to the fashionable salons of Paris, Berlin and New York. The provocative rhythm inspires gymnastic lifts, kicks and drops around passionate physical embraces. JuNE 2011 28 EAST-MAg.CoM
  29. 29. Buried in a Cathedral, Jose de San Martin (1778-1850) wasan Argentine general who led the successful revolutionsthat secured independence for Argentina, Peru andChile. Many of Argentina’s leading citizens are buriedabove ground in one of the world’s most spectacularcollections of statuary tombs... La Recoleta Cemetaria
  30. 30. Diego Maradona street artSoccer/football is a passion in Argentina from street gamesto a vibrant pro league where they separate home andaway teams and their fans with barbed wire and soldiers.Diego Maradona is revered as one of thegreatest football players of all time.From a child sensation in the shantytowns of BuenosAires, he played the beautiful fame with hometown BocaJuniors and then on to Barcelona and Napoli. Maradonawas the world’s highest paid player for many years, andled Argentina to victory in the 1986 World Cup.
  31. 31. Argentina’s cattle industryis famous for its highquality beef and leatherworking industry. Steakhouses partner with localvineyards to offer heartyfare with world classmalbecs and cabernets.Both gauchos andpolo players symbolizethe nation.
  32. 32. With 13 millionpeople, Buenos Aireshas big city bustle.The Recoleta sectionmirrors Parisianarchitecture. TeatroColon is one of thetop opera houses inthe world. Numerousmuseums, statues andparks enhance the portcity on Rio de la Plata.
  33. 33. Only an hour by ferry northesast from Buenos Airesacross Rio de la Plata, Colonia del Sacramento wassettled in 1680 and governed by Prtugal and Spain priorto Uraguay’s Independence. Colonia’s Barrio Historicodistrict is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with tree-linedcobblestone plaza, museums, colonial-era churchesand homes and a 17th century convent/lighthouse.
  34. 34. Loveetc. i’d rather be single! (than settle) by ANN RobbINS happen to know someone who goes from relationship to relationship faster than a bullet train? As soon as Mr. Right exits, Mr. Almost Right enters. The ink isn’t even dry on divorce number three and they’re in a relationship with someone else. We all know that person. In fact, many of us have been that person—or worse, we still are that person. Why is it that some people just can’t seem to get it right? Why is it that for some, serial dating is a way of life? And the roulette relationships go on, and on, and on … ? In my work as a relationship coach, I see many patterns, common dating mistakes, and, unfortunately, many singles who simply reek of desperation. The good news is, there is a way to take charge of your life, become empowered to JuNE 2011 35 EAST-MAg.CoM
  35. 35. Loveetc.make healthy relationship choices, and, the life you want as a single person.yes, even, be happy as a single, living Ask yourself what you used to enjoyyour life as a “successful single”. doing that you no longer do? or, is If you take a look at all of your life’s there something you’ve always wantedrelationships, the common denominator to do but just never did? Maybeis you. Think all men are jerks? All you’ve always wanted to play golf butwomen are gold diggers? Well guess just never bothered to take a lesson.what? you are attracting jerks and gold Perhaps you’ve always thought birddiggers. Tired of high maintenance watching was cool, but just neverchicks? Sick of controlling men? bothered to find out if there is a localyou brought them into your life. club you could join that does just that. how does this happen? Why is it most begin working toward those things.people tend to attract the same type The key is to create a life that isof person, tend to engage in repeat enriching and fun for you. A life thatperformances, and can’t seem to figure gives you joy and fulfillment withoutout what’s going on? A sad fact … being dependent on another person. Asthe divorce rate is skyrocketing. And, a successful single, you’ll find you’rewe spend more time planning our not defining yourself by whether orvacations than we do our love life. not you have a date for Saturday Where to start? First, know thyself. night. In fact, you’re so busy, youKnow who you are and what you may have to pencil in the prospectivewant. Along with this comes a clear date – several weeks in advance.understanding of what you don’t want. once you’re living the life you want, andTake a look at your values. Those core are happy in that life, you will find anvalues are your guiding compass and amazing difference in the type of peopleprovide a roadmap for your life. If you who are attracted to you. Remember,compromise your values in a relationship, like attracts like. Therefore, dysfunctionthat relationship will not stand the or unhappiness attracts dysfunctiontest of time. Plain and simple. and unhappiness. And joy attracts joy. Now, make a list of your relationship And who knows? you just might meetrequirements. I’m talking about those him, or her, on the bird watching trail.non-negotiable deal breakers. Examineall of your past relationships. Makea list of each one, write down what Ann Robbins is a Certified Professionalworked, what you liked, and what you Matchmaker, Master Certified Relationshipdidn’t like. The good, the bad, and Coach, and CEo of LifeWorks Matchmaking.the ugly. What patterns do you see? you can reach her atWhat common threads are evident? www.lifeworksmatchmaking.com Finally, and most importantly, create or 954/561-4498
  36. 36. Socialstudies slinked in is iT WorThWhile To paY For a preMiuM aCCounT on linkeDin? by ANdREW WETzLER LinkedIn has been front and center in the news lately it, then it probably isn’t worth the $250 plus per year. LinkedIn search. you can also see the people who are because of their wildly popular IPo. unlike Facebook, Twitter below are two key examples of LinkedIn checking out your profile page, (excluding those who and many of the other social media channels which are features that are available to paid members. chose to stay anonymous). When conducting your own über popular today, a portion of LinkedIn’s revenues come InMail is a way to send a message to anyone within searches, you are able to see a greater number of profiles from premium subscription products (source: Silicon Valley LinkedIn. The InMail function can be hugely beneficial of other LinkedIn members who meet your search criteria Insider, May 18, 2011). Similar to all other dimensions if your objectives include reaching out to people and there is considerably more filtering available as well. of the internet and social media, LinkedIn is very much beyond those who are a part of your network (that If you are brand new to LinkedIn, it’s probably a work in progress. As a result, their offerings (for both you have already connected with.) otherwise you are smart to start with a free account to get acclimated. paid and free members) is continuously evolving. restricted in your ability to make contact with people If at any point you want to be more proactive than An interesting question is whether it makes sense to pay that you don’t have a relationship with. different the free version allows, test out a Premium account for one of the premium subscription plans or stay with a free premium programs allow for varying quantities of to see if you benefit from the added features. account. My opinion is that there is a value to upgrading, if InMails each month, so read up on the choices. you intend to actively participate and leverage the business other notable dimensions of Premium accounts include Andrew Wetzler is president of Morevisibility, an development tools that LinkedIn offers. If instead, you the ability to get more insights on the frequency and interactive marketing firm based in boca Raton. Please want to have a presence, but aren’t likely to do much with search terms causing your profile to show up within a visit their website at www.morevisibility.com. JuNE 2011 37 EAST-MAg.CoM
  37. 37. Unsolicitedadvice to do or not to do I have to admit, my husbands "to do" list gets by LuPé SoMERSET • DiviDe anD conquer—copy 10 items on my nerves. I try so hard not to say anything from your master list onto a "daily" list. The key because I know it shouldnt. I should feel lucky here is to be pragmatic. Keep in mind how long to have a man around the house who even makes each task will take and how big the pay-off is. lists. but his list could fill about 2,000 man hours— obviously, if you need to paint the house, is it so he will never finish it all and consequently really a good day to tackle four loads of laundry? always feel bogged down and overwhelmed. • the help—Some items on your list his list is unmanageable and contains items he may not even be worth your time and effort. wont do until our kids go off to college. (Theyre Think about outsourcing when appropriate. currently nine and ten) Well, in order to save • eDit—If you didnt complete all the items on my marriage, I wont give him any advice about your daily list, then you probably had too many his list. Instead, Ill tell you what to do. on there to begin with. or youre a slow poke. People are either list makers or theyre not. • DeaDline—Some of us procrastinate. If So if you dont make lists, skip to the next you fit in this category, put an artificial page. If you do, here are some pointers: deadline next to each task on your list. • Make a Master list—always have a note pad nearby in central location at home. The kitchen Now, that you have a manageable list, counter is a perfect spot. This way, as things go get something done. Remember, come to mind, you can quickly jot them down. a to do list is a moving target. • rank—assign a number to each item on As you cross things off your list, the list: 1-must do; 2-better do; 3-could do, but items are always being added. Im a realist, so I probably wont do this one. So dont get discouraged.
  38. 38. Stuff to Doconcerts Friday, June 3 7-10:00pmkaTY perrY 954/921-3500 DeF lepparD & hearTbank Atlantic Center-Sunrise www.hollywood.org/artspark Cruzan Amphitheatre, Wednesday, June 15, 7:30pm, Tickets start at $38.00 Featuring a live outdoorSaturday, June 11 concert by EXPoSE’ def Leppard are hitting the road for the def Leppard the multi-platinum band has7:30pm 2011 summer tour and they are taking sold 65 million albums worldwide. heartTickets start at $63.00www.venueguide.com u2 - 360 Tour with them as special guest heart. def who are joining the tour are known for Sun Life Stadium Leppard known for their spectacular such songs as “Magic Man,”“Alone,” 2269 dan Marino blvd., concerts and legendary riffs and sound. “barracuda” and “Crazy on you”The Monkies opa LockaPompano beach AmphitheaterSunday, June 5 Wednesday, June 298:00pm 7:00pmTickets start at $100.00 Tickets start at $42.25 and go up.954/946-2402 www.ticketmaster.comwww.venueguide.com “suMMer in The CiTY”ZZ Top MusiC serieshARd RoCK LIvE-hollywood, FL Florida Atlantic universityWednesday, June 8 Summer Concert band8:00pm Mizner Park AmphitheaterTickets start at $68.00 Friday, June 10954/797-5531 7:00pmwww.eventguide.network Free 561/393-7827arTspark aMphiTheaTer Summer concert band comprisedgranD opening of music students from variousArts Park at young Circle Florida colleges and universities
  39. 39. Stuff to DoPerforming arts 561/243-2662 www.delraybeachbustours.org local nightly arT Walk las olas East Las olas blvd., from“hair” Conducted by the Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion history, 2 social events Andrews Ave. to SE 16 Ave Thursday, June 16broward Center For the Performing hour tour of 10 historic sites. MoonlighT anD MarTini’s 6-9:00pmArts, Fort Lauderdale The Ritz Carlton, Fort Lauderdale Randi Karmen 954/258-8382June 7-19 splash luau Friday, June 10 randi@lasolasboulevard.comCall for times AT Splash Adventura at Quiet Waters Park 7-10:00pm Experience special events and promotionsTickets start at $24.00 401 S. Powerline Road, deerfield beach $30.00 for PetSetters at the shops and galleries along East Las954/462-0222 June 10 and June 24 $40.00 for guests olas. Sidewalk musicians and art displayswww.browardcenter.org 6-10:00pm $50.00 to Join Pet Set and Attend will add to the festive atmosphere."She asks me why Im such a hairy guy." $5.50 (advanced ticket sales are required) 954/266-6827Need we say more? oK, maybe we do. www.humandbroward.com/petsetdont miss this Tony Award winning 954/357-5100 Splash Adventure will be transformed into Enjoy a night of martini’s in the moonlight. Father day eventsmusical revival, but if you do, the show a tropical paradise for this family-fun guests will be to sample the hand crafted DaD anD DaughTer nighTwill ready for a broadway return on July aquatic event. There will be a movie, luau grey goose L’orange martinis created by Presented by: delray beach5 at the St. James Theatre in New york. games with prizes, and splash time. the Martini Month participating venues. Parks and Recreation delray beach golf Club, 2200local Fun events TropiCal FruiT FesTiVal- TasTe oF The TropiCs arTspark aMphiTheaTer granD opening Arts Park at young Circle highland Ave., delray beach Friday, June 17roller DerBY garden Mounts botanical garden Friday, June 3 7-10:30pmWar Memorial Auditorium, 800 NE 8th Street 531 N Military Trail 7-10:00pm $22.00 per person (space is limited)Saturday, June 25 West Palm, beach 954/921-3500 561/243-72776:00pm 10:00am-3:00pm www.hollywood.org/artspark beardsley@mydelraybeach.com$15-30.00 FREE for members; $5.00 for Non-Members Featuring a live outdoor concert by EXPoSE’ www.mydelraybeach.com954/828-5380 “First established in 1973, the Tropical Fruit dads and daughters are invited to attendwww.ticketmaster.comThe gold Coast derby grrls vs. dub City Festival will return to Mounts following a four year absence thanks to a generous art events this celebration of Father’s day! All ages are welcome! This elegant evening featuresThis event has a bonus mini bout (two $15,000 donation from the Marge & Fritz arT & JaZZ on The aVenue a full-course dinner with music for your15-minute halts) between the Pirates and bell Tropical Fruit Project. The event includes delray’s Atlantic Avenue dancing and listening enjoyment. ANdthe Ninjas. This starts at 6 pm, and the gene Joyner’s Tropical Fruit display, a Thursday, June 23 as a memento of his special night, everymain event starts at 7 pm. Ticket purchase cooking demonstration from Mango gang 6-10:00pm dad will receive a keepsake photoincludes the mini bout and the main bout. member Allen Susser, fruit samples, lectures 561/279-1380 x3 and demonstrations, plant sale & more. The City of delray beach literally transformsnarraTeD Bus Tour iF www.Mounts.org Atlantic Avenue into a delray event thathisToriC DelraY BeaCh resembles a mini Mardi gras. The Avenuedeparts from MLFh inside boynton is filled with the sounds of music, jazz,beach Mall, 801 Congress Ave. art walks, art galleries, tasty foods,Saturday, June 25 fun festivities, live entertainment, art$15.00 per adult, free for children under 18. exhibits, and late night shopping. JuNE 2011 40 EAST-MAg.CoM
  40. 40. Eastpeeps Bruno Mars JuNE 2011 41 EAST-MAg.CoM
  41. 41. Eastpeeps Boca Ratons Erica Lee Chevillar is best known for leaving her teaching job at West Boca High because she had done some bikini modeling. That conterversy landed her on the pages of the March 2007 edition of Playboy. Her 30th Birthday party got her n the pages of EAST Photos by Stacey ONell JuNE 2011 42 EAST-MAg.CoM
  42. 42. Eastpeeps Young Professional of Delray celebrity bartending event at Delux JuNE 2011 43 EAST-MAg.CoM
  43. 43. Thousandwords JuNE 2011 44 EAST-MAg.CoM