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This is a guide for one of the simple way to earn money online, which is through completing the micro jobs (simple tasks) via Microworkers.

Everyone can use it to earn some residual money online. The network is FREE to join!

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eGuide For Microworkers

  1. 1. [Micro-job series]eGUIDE for microworkers (Basic) Presented By: IM Foundation eGUIDE for online success! (All rights reserved)
  2. 2. CONTENT Microworkers At A Glance: Suitable For? IM Beginners Need $ to start? No! Absolutely FREE Earning Potential? Residual Income (can’t quit your job yet!) How much time Up to YOU! Earning correspond with the required? time taken to complete the jobs Objective of this eGuide What is Microworkers? How does it work? What do you need to get started? What is the fee/charge involved? How do you get paid? The Do and Don’t What’s next…? 2
  3. 3.  Purpose of this eGUIDEThis eGuide is written with YOU in mind! As you are reading thiseGuide, I assumed that you are looking for some success in the onlinespace. Thus, here I am writing some relevant guide to share and hopethat it does help in your online venture. I liked the idea of “learn andearn together”, you are free to share this eGuide forward to anybodydeemed fit.I keen to make it as plain English as possible so that more likedminded friends can enjoy it. As this is the very first guide, I will startwith something simple and guarantee to earn you some residualmoney! It’s called Microworkers.I must admit that I am pretty new to writing such guide and thuswould appreciate any comment, please feel free to send me yourhonest comments at you enjoy reading it!Cheers!RichardIM Foundation (Aug 2011) 3
  4. 4.  What is microworkers?Microworkers is an online platform that enable any registered userto act as “employer” (the one who place micro-jobs for others towork on) or as “worker” (the one who work on the micro-jobs).Micro-jobs are the simple tasks that can be completed withinminutes, example are:  Sign-up of the newsletter  Facebook fan page “like”  Youtube subscription or comment  Retweet in twitter  Forum posting  Article writing etc…Most of the jobs came with detailed instruction, thus, it can be easilycomplete by anyone who can follow simple instruction. 4
  5. 5.  How does it work?Following is a simple illustration of how Microworkers works:  Employer placed the job  Worker complete the job and submit proof    Employer pays  Microworkers pay the fee upfront worker upon requestNote: upfront 1. In order for the worker to earn the money, the employer need to rate the job as “satisfied”. If the employer didn’t rate the job, system auto-rate the job as “satisfied” on the 7th day. 2. To continue working on the future jobs, worker MUST maintain a success rate of 75% and above (success rate = number of satisfied jobs / total number of jobs completed) 3. Some jobs are available for selected countries only! Thus, do read the instruction carefully 5
  6. 6.  What do you need to get started?As long as you have a PC, laptop or smartphone with internetconnection, you can start the work right-away.Registration is FREE! To register, click HERE. If you like to connectwith the members of Microworkers, follow them at:  Facebook :  Twitter :!/microworkersOnce you’ve registered, verified your email account and log-in, youshould see the following screen:Fig 1: Main Screen of Microworkers: Details of the Job (Payment = the expected amount to be earned if you’ve submitted your proof successfully) 6
  7. 7. Fig 2: Details screen 1/2 of the job: Take note of the countries that this job is created for!Fig 3: Details screen 2/2 of the job: This is the place for you to submit your proof Click on “I confirm that I have completed the task” to proceed! 7
  8. 8.  What is the fee/charge involved?Using of the service is FREE but there is a 6.5% fee for withdrawal. How do you get paid?Once your account balance is more than USD9 + 6.5% Fee (i.e. USD9.60), you can initiate the withdrawal from the “Withdraw” tab.Note: For the very first withdrawal, Microworkers will snail-mail you(to your registered address) a PIN. You need to input the PIN in thesame withdraw tab before the actual payment is being transmitted.For the time being, Microworkers can make the payment to AlertPayor MoneyBookers only. If you do not have the account, click on thelinks underneath the image to register your account FREE: AlertPay MoneybookersThe typical response time of the payment is quite fast (throughexperience it’s within 1 or 2 days upon your withdrawal request).If you are interested to know the fee comparison between AlertPayand Moneybookers, please check out the following blogpost: 8
  9. 9.  The Do and Don’tThe DO:  You should accept the job that you can complete within the stipulated time (minutes) only  Read the instruction carefully and always submit the proof as required by the employerThe DON’T:  Do not provide fictitious or inaccurate proof or you will risk being rated as “Not Satisfied” (which you will not get paid)  For win-win situation, DO NOT create fictitious accounts just to complete the job! 9
  10. 10.  What’s next…?If you notice, this guide is just the basic level, it aims to enable you toget started quickly and earn the first few bucks immediately. My nextplan is to write an advanced guide to share with you folks on sometips/tricks to enhance your earning power through the Microworkersplatform i.e. how to earn more with shorter time!Before we part, like to recommend some absolutely FREE onlineresources which you might be interested to explore further: FREE 1-month trial on Ongo, FREE cloud computing news that follow you! services with 10 GB online storage!Oh, one last thing! Like to share my original quote here to Inspire ItForward:  No one is born with great mind-set, but with hard work and tenacity, a great mind-set will be born!  *** THE END *** 10