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40 000 People in South Africa
17 African Countries
22 International Countries
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  • I picked this up yesterday at a talk given by Lisa Johnson who has a book out called mind your X’s and Y’s which speaks to the 10 cravings or trends of the connected generation…. She talks about how consumers are savvy, sophisticated and very particular……..they’re inundated with choices and as a result are drawn to brands that satisfy not just what they need – but what they crave. These breakaway brands are experiencing exponential success, fuelled by a passionate and connected community. Good morning, my name is Michelle Wood, Brand manager for women’s Fitness in CEMEA. Today is a very special day for me as I joined CEMEA 2 years ago today to work on the women’s business. Sitting in the audience, and hearing about these consumer cravings I couldn’t help but relate this back to the successes of the women’s fitness business in CEMEA and it made me realize just how relevant we are. There are a couple that absolutely jumped out at me….
  • The first craving they called “Shine the spotlight…” It refers to the connect generation clamoring for personal recognition. They’re itching to stand out, stand up and be celebrated with their names in lights. In march a couple of us were stuck in a room together in EHQ and asked how we are we going to connect with our consumer with very little budget ……so as great things happen when you put a few brains together we created the concept ….Dance2LA. A lot of people doubted the concept, they had just done chain for joga bonita and never thought that girls would want to upload there moves onto the website……but the response was amazing….. … .soon after the launch the video’s started to be uploaded, more and more, the countries started to uncover the girls … .. EMEA thought maybe we get 100 videos at the most, we received over 890 videos from across the region…. … the deadline drew closer we had to extend it three times…. … ..CEMEA had over 500 girls from across CEMEA uploaded with South Africa having over 100 entries alone……. then out of the 27 participating countries, 12 CEMEA countries were represented at the European finals that you saw in the opening on Monday…… the excitement heated up 3 of the 5 finalists heading to LA for 5 star treatment and the opportunity to dance and train with Jamie King came from Russia, South African and Turkey ….. So as a brand, I think D2LA really resonated with the consumer trend shine the spotlight.
  • Just text on napkin
  • The curse of the forward thinkers text
  • Downtown traffic jam / queue at Moz border post
  • This slide should be used for the host to give you a quick introduction, or as a walk-in slide if there is no introduction. I wouldn't want to give too much away at this stage, as the story becomes self-evident in a few slides from here. We don't want to ruin the drama!
  • Remember when...We'd like you to take a little trip down memory lane with the audience, about when they opened a business for the first time/started working. When they were a young, dynamic company filled with zeal and passion. A group who would do anything, work crazy hours, because they had a clear sense of what they wanted to do and be . Try and use some of your own examples here, and I would literally start with the line on the slide "Remember when..." and then take them through some of the things that they will remember (common things) and will emotively connect with.
  • And then the logical happened - the business had to grow up. Or so they were told. They did what every other company does (and what your original company did) by becoming 'mature' and serious (like an 'adult business'). Here you are making the point that this is standard, and even accepted for businesses that have grown. Leave a dramatic pause, and then click over to the next slide, and read it with them...
  • There was a lack of fixed line offerings which Ericsson stepped up to to take the lead in the market. There is also a copycat effect in Africa and the rollout of a new product has a ripple effect in other regions
  • (Holding / Walk-in slide)
  • If private bank had just 100 clients
  • 50 would earn between R1m, and R5m pa, falling within the realm of high income banking
  • 16 000 in High Income Banking- 
  •     820 Corporate Wealth
  • 3) So, what does Upstream do?
  • c) The communication platform between the parties (agent, owner, tenant) with respect to recovering the rental… communication: Do not offer full management solution Billing to all Leasing parameters Provides a pool of information to all
  • Invest for the future
  • Intro slide. Curt introduces himself and the NWABU region I am here to show to you how we performed in terms of the 5 P’s
  • he end results of all of this is that for the first time in many years we are winning in Egypt as we have gained and improved market share in the last 2 years
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