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Beachfront Realty December 2009
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Beachfront Realty December 2009


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • The exposure stage requires all of the above, which we will discuss in detail
  • The exposure stage requires all of the above, which we will discuss in detail
  • The exposure stage requires all of the above, which we will discuss in detail
  • Hard-hitting newspaper and magazine ads in areas all around the property
  • We will market your property on our award winning website
  • We will market your property on our award winning website
  • J.P. King has the most effective PR program in the auction industry. Our program turns your sale into a genuine news event, frequently resulting in positive local, regional and even national coverage. Indeed, our sales are often featured in such media as the Wall Street Journal,, and Bloomberg. Public Relations often enables us to gain coverage in locations of a newspaper not available to advertising at any price, such as section fronts, “above the fold” placements and even Page 1.
  • J.P. King has the most effective PR program in the auction industry. Our program turns your sale into a genuine news event, frequently resulting in positive local, regional and even national coverage. Indeed, our sales are often featured in such media as the Wall Street Journal,, and Bloomberg. Public Relations often enables us to gain coverage in locations of a newspaper not available to advertising at any price, such as section fronts, “above the fold” placements and even Page 1.
  • The education process is important. A well-informed bidder is a stronger bidder. We will talk about how we educate our buyers.
  • J.P. King prepares a PIP that includes all the information a buyer needs, including a title commitment, the purchase contract, property information and more.
  • We will show the property during the two weeks prior to the auction.
  • The closure process is described and includes the elements above.
  • The successful buyer will pay a 10% earnest money deposit after the auction and sign the Purchase Agreement.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Auction Marketing Presentation for Beachfront Realty December,2009 by Richard Moravek and Ray Treco J P. King Auction Marketing Firm
    • 2. Growing Popularity
    • 3. What’s in it for my Client? -- Selling Quickly -- No Contingencies --Market Value $
    • 4. Advantages of an Auction
        • Focuses the entire buying market on your property!
        • Ultimate “call to action”
        • Sell potentially seven to nine years of inventory (based on current sales rate) through one event
        • Realizes full up-side value established by highly competitive bidding techniques
    • 5. What’s in it for me? --Easy way to help the Seller get sold and earn commissions --paid FIRST at Closing --Able to still represent buyers
    • 6. TIME 55-75 days( depending on ___) With client agreements by February 1, 2010, we will have a early March auction, with closing in 30 days or less.
    • 7. What drives a successful auction?
      • The type of auction must be consistent with the buyers’ perception of their being able to purchase the property at their own price
      • Increasing the number of motivated bidders
      • Bidders aggressively pursuing the opportunity to purchase your property at their own price
    • 8. The Key to a Engaging the Buyers
      • Selling on an Absolute basis (to the highest bidders without a minimum bid or reserve)
      • Results in an overall increase in overall response (both inquiries & property tours) from Prospective Buyers
      • The total attendance of bidders is increased
      • Resulting in Higher prices for the property
    • 9. Hybrid Auction condusive to the implementation of: The High Bidder’s Choice Method: The most effective bidding method to maximize price All bidders are forced to compete to win Forces all bidders to compete against each other in each and every round of bidding It significantly stimulates competition and establishes higher prices
    • 10. Real Estate Track Record
    • 11. Habersham Mills Habersham County, Georgia $6.7 Million “ It was a remarkable turnout, and we’re very happy with the results.” – Nancy Young, Russell Corporation 25.48 acre manufacturing facility including office buildings and warehouse. Additional 1200 acres of adjoining land. Registered Bidders 231 Inquiry Calls 920
    • 12. Watersedge at Harbortown 94 Property Tours representing buyers from 8 states 208 call-ins from 21 states 68 Registered Bidders from 7 states
    • 13. Grande River Vineyards Grand Junction, Colorado $ 2.8 Million Registered Bidders 21 Web Inquiries 3700
    • 14. Hwy 101 Opportunity Alamosa, California $1.5 Million 8 unit hotel/motel on 5± acres Property Tours 53 Inquiry Calls 152
    • 15. Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway $1.6 Million Inquiry Calls 77 Website Visits 1773
    • 16. Mountain Brook Orchards St Thomas, Pennsylvania $2.4 Million Registered Bidders 31 Inquiry Calls 201
    • 17. Palm Aire Spa Resort Pompano Beach, Florida $10.9 Million World renowned Resort with an executive 27 hole Golf Course
    • 18. Kiawah Island Ocean Course Kiawah Island, South Carolina $27 Million Home of the 1991 Ryder Cup Appraised for $21 million … Sold and closed by J.P. King for 129% of appraisal value!
    • 19. South Loop West Houston, Texas $1.6 Million “ The professionalism with which the auction was handled and the caliber of people who were involved truly reflected the expertise of your firm.” - Dennis Lutz, Vice President, Source One Mortgage Co.
    • 20. $855,948.50 Talladega Development Land Talladega, Alabama Registered Bidders 18
    • 21. Jones Estates Selma, Alabama $1.8 Million Registered Bidders 56 Web Inquiries 3059
    • 22. $2.75 Million Plum Creek Development Rapid City, South Dakota
    • 23. Pomona Freeway Opportunity Los Angeles, California $2.7 Million “ We were very happy with the outcome. I was especially pleased with the operations of J.P. King - not only in managing the auction but in promoting the property.” – Syndey Barton South El Monte Associates LP Registered Bidders 14 Inquiry Calls 176
    • 24. Wachovia Bank Corporate Asset Division Bank branches from SouthTrust merger Over $40,000,000
    • 25. Gulf County Land Opportunity Gulf County, Florida $5.5 million Registered Bidders 26 States Responding 12
    • 26. El Paso Warehouse Anthony, Texas $2.5 Million States Responding 16 Registered Bidders 9
    • 27. Vermont National Bank Vermont and New Hampshire $5.9 Million 80 Commercial, Investor & Residential Properties 590 Registered Bidders from 11 states, Canada and Switzerland
    • 28. Sportsman Golf Resort Perdido, Florida $2.4 Million Property Information 126 Web Site Visits 2,516
    • 29. Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida Russell Corporation “ It was a remarkable turnout, and we’re very happy with the results ” – Nancy Young, Russell Corporation “ The property was sensitive to the adjacent land owners that did not want to see the property developed or environmentally impacted.” “ The end result was a successful auction, and all sales closed within 30 days with no strings attached.” – Paul Porter, Russell Corporation $6,800,000 $3,000,000
    • 30. Westport Properties Montgomery, Alabama
              • Online PIP Views 155
              • Registered Bidders 23
      $2.8 million
    • 31. Farmers & Merchants Gulf Shores, Alabama Over 50 Commercial & Residential properties and 1000 acres Bank Liquidation Sale
    • 32. Dadeville, Alabama StillWaters Development $15.6 Million Sold for $3 million over asking price Visits to Web Page 11,108 Registered Bidders 280
    • 33. Florida Fleet Finance $5.7 Million Over 100 Commercial and Residential properties throughout Florida
    • 34. First Union Bank Georgia Over 40 Commercial & Residential Properties $4.2 Million
    • 35. Singer Island Condominium Palm Beach, FL $5 Million Registered Bidders 9 Web Inquiries 6294
    • 36. South Star Fuel Center Birmingham, Alabama $1.8 Million Registered Bidders 13 Web Site Visits 893
    • 37. Calumet Farm Lexington, Kentucky $19.9 Million
    • 38. Ocala, Florida Silverleaf Farm $5 Million “ Your expertise in advertising & production of a magnificent brochure certainly helped to generate interest surrounding our auction,” - David W. Hutson, seller Registered Bidders 22 Inquiries 316
    • 39. AlDabbagh Ranch Murrieta, CA $7.7 Million “ J. P. King’s long track record was a major factor in my decision, which turned out to be the right one. I am very pleased to recommend J. P. King to other sellers.” ~ Sam AlDabbagh, Seller Registered Bidders 9 Property Tours 38
    • 40.
      • Prior to Preparing a Marketing Campaign
        • Research the Market and Available Media
        • Study Demographics of Previous Buyers
        • Study the Buyer Profile of Previous Buyers
        • Target a Strong Campaign to Known Commodities
        • Take the information and prepare a well-thought campaign to accomplish your goals
      Success from Market Knowledge
    • 41. How the Auction Works
        • Multifaceted Marketing Campaign
        • Targeting End Users
        • Highly Competitive Bidding Event
        • Most Result-Oriented Sales Program
      “ The auction process accomplished our goals for us. We were able to maximize on the time value of money now…We wouldn’t hesitate to use a J P King auction again.” - Daniel O’Donnell
    • 42. The philosophy behind a successful marketing program
    • 43. Exposure
    • 44.
      • Concentrated Magazine & Newspaper Advertising
      • Direct Mail Campaign
      • Internet Promotion
      • Outbound Telemarketing Plan
      • Web Media Placement & Public Relations
      • Signage, Billboard & Banners
    • 45.
      • A specific, varied, Commercial Media Campaign – targeted to end users
      • Newspapers such as the:
      • Wall Street Journal
      • Florida Papers
      • Business Journals
    • 46. Exposure Trade & Business Publications
    • 47. Auction Brochures
      • 10,000-15,000 High Quality,
      • 4 -6 panel, color brochures
      • will be designed highlighting the opportunity and the ownership benefits
    • 48.
      • An extensive direct mail campaign of brochures shall be sent to targeted buyer profiles:
      • TBD
      • Area Brokers and Realtors
      • YOUR former Prospects
      • Select buyers from
      • J P King’s database
      Direct Mail Campaign Exposure
    • 49. Exposure Internet Promotion
      • 30,000- 40,000 unique visitors per month
      • Links, ads, and banners on targeted sites
      • Paid Search- Aggressive Google ad word campaign
      • Organic Search- Highly optimized to consistently rank in the top 4 results for the most popular property word searches
      • Email contact campaign including: enewsletter to 100,000 opt-in users from, eflyer blast to all area real estate professionals, enewsletter to subscribers
    • 50. Exposure Internet Promotion – tile ad Loopnet –featured ad Etc, Etc, Etc……………………….       Internet Campaign Including Following Sites
    • 51. On Line Bidding Bidders may participate in the auction remotely from anywhere in the world Engages area visitors unable to attend Bidders compete live – real time Attracts distant bidders not-inclined to attend
    • 52. Outbound Telemarketing Campaign
        • An aggressive outbound campaign to targeted buyers, including your prospect list, area real estate brokers and select portions of J P King’s prospect list
    • 53. Exposure Web Media Placement & Public Relations
      • News releases generate coverage in local, regional and national traditional and electronic media to promote the auction, as well as positioning the auction
      • Auctions are frequently covered by such media as PR News Wire, NPR, CNBC, WSJ, New York Times, Forbes, Crain’s, Chicago Tribune and Bloombergs
    • 54. Exposure Professional Photography & Virtual Tour
      • To Showcase the property in the very best light, professional photographs will be taken & utilized in all media
      • Additionally, Virtual Tours will be available on-line to present the property to individuals who may be interested in purchasing long distance and will be an effective reminder to those who have previewed the property prior to the auction but are unable to attend on auction day and will participate remotely
      • On-line bidding will be available – an important aspect in a campaign dealing with 2 nd home / resort buyers – Bidders will be able to participate in real time bidding from anywhere in the world
    • 55. Signs and Billboards
        • Attractive Signs will be strategically placed on the Property.
        • A Billboard may be secured.
    • 56. Educate
    • 57.
      • Project Management
      • Auction Information
      • Extensive Buyer Due Diligence
      • Bidder/Broker Seminars
      • Property Tours
    • 58. Auction Information
      • Receives all incoming calls and enters into database
      • Follows up on all inquiries regarding the properties
      • Initiates an aggressive outbound campaign to previous
      • bidders/buyers as well as brokers
    • 59. Education Property Information Package
      • The PIP is one of the most important elements of all our educational efforts
      • Provides and documents property-specific due diligence information
      • Online with customer tracking and hard copy
      • Serves to make buyers comfortable with the property and helps ensure a smooth closing
    • 60. Bidder & Broker On- Line Seminars
      • Bidding & Registration Procedures
      • Educate on ownership structure
      • Sample mock auction
      • Closing proceedings
    • 61. Education Pre-Sale Inspection
      • Experienced site directors will work onsite during the scheduled preview prior to the event to educate buyers on the ownership and location benefits.
    • 62. Closure
    • 63.
      • Broker Incentive Program
      • Buyer’s Premium
      • Funds auction company and Buyer Broker commissions
      • On Line Bidding
      • A program designed for bidders who are unable to attend to participate … increasing active bidder pool
    • 64. Buyer Brokers Program
      • Heightens broker awareness of the opportunity presented by the auction
      • Encourages broker participation in the events to raise auction prices
    • 65. J. P. King Auction Company has been named the exclusive auctioneer for Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate®, whose member brokers represent more than 100,000 premier agents throughout the United States and abroad. “ As the exclusive auctioneer for Who’s Who, J. P. King has repeatedly demonstrated the value of the auction method and their commitment to the highest level of service.” ~Brian Losh CEO at Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate®
    • 66.
      • The winning bidder must deposit a 10% down payment on the day of the auction
      • Buyers sign a contingency-free agreement
      • Buyers close within 30 days
      Terms of the Sale
    • 67. AUCTION DAY