Are you a Recruiter or Talent Acquisition Specialist? Sue Ivay, Director of Recruiting, Calian


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Are you a Recruiter or Talent Acquisition Specialist? Sue Ivay, Director of Recruiting, Calian

  1. 1. Talent Acquisition at Calian
  2. 2. Why It Isn’t So Easy We can get anyone we want in this market Candidates will wait as long as necessary to hear about an offer/will take any offer Unemployed candidates are bargains We are flooded with high-quality applicants We don’t need search firms anymore Candidates are desperate to find jobs
  3. 3. Why It Isn’t So Easy EVP Sourcing Strategies Candidate Assessment & Selection Onboard New Employees Recruiting Function Strategy
  4. 4. Process Hiring Managers Tools Candidates People $
  5. 5. This is....
  6. 6. Problem Statement Disjointed group of recruiters reacting to various hire requests. Viewed as administrative in nature; checking boxes, posting and praying. How do we establish a recruiting function that is recognized as a critical partner to our Hiring Managers?
  7. 7. Stakeholders Candidates Hiring Managers The Recruiting Team
  8. 8. Guiding Principles Calian's Vision To be the most desirable Canadian company to work for, buy from and invest in. Calian's Mission To be our customers' program delivery partner, by providing value added systems and services in order to assist them in achieving their business objectives. Calian's Values Integrity, Commitment, Teamwork, Initiative and Quality
  9. 9. Calian Service Lines Health • Clinics – Walk-in and Family Physician Services • Healthcare Services Training • Simulation Centre • E-learning Information Technology Professional Services • Lab Management • Project Management to Testing Support Operations and Maintenance • Fleet Maintenance • Facilities Management
  10. 10. Recruiting Framework People Process and Tools Customers • Structure • On-boarding and on- goingTraining • Job Descriptions • Performance Management • Documented processes • IT Support (ATS, website) • Outside Service Providers • Metrics • Candidates • Hiring Managers
  11. 11. Customers Candidates • Segregated by various characteristics • EVP per grouping • General and targeted marketing approaches Hiring Managers • Workforce Planning • Education HOLD THIS THOUGHT
  12. 12. Processes and Tools Documentation • Process flow diagrams • Step by step details of process • Various tools Metrics Outside Services • Database access • Background checks and security IT Support • Website support • ATS
  13. 13. People Structure • Financial and candidate market realities • Seat at the management table Job Descriptions & Performance Management • Process expertise, talent pipeline management & strategic advisory capabilities Training • On-boarding • On-going!
  14. 14. Structure Recruiting Manager • Business Partner to Service Line Leader • Manages Recruiting Team • Ensures Adherence to Process • Owns EVP for Candidate Pool Recruiting • Works with Individual Hiring Managers to execute on each Hiring Action • Manages Candidate Relationships • Executes Recruiting Processes Talent Acquisition • Works with Recruiting Managers and Service Line Leaders to Understand Upcoming Requriements • Proactively works to understand Labour Markets
  15. 15. Recruiter Candidate Experts Closers Specialist Assessor Hunter Labour Market Knowledge Negotiator Metrics Driven Results Driven
  16. 16. The Recruiter Profile
  17. 17. Talent Acquisition Advisor Candidate Experts Business Influencer Closers Specialist Assessor Hunter Labour Market Knowledge Process Driver Problem Solver Customer Focused Business Knowledge Negotiator Metrics Driven Results Driven
  18. 18. SOURCING Major Phases of the Recruiting Process QUALIFYING CLOSING
  19. 19. Clarity Is Key There is complete clarity around who is responsible for each piece of the recruiting process Recruiting owns the candidate until the Letter of Offer is signed.
  20. 20. On-Boarding It’s important Hiring Managers – educate them! • Walk them through the recruiting process - show them how to leverage Recruiting.
  21. 21. What Have We Learned Understanding is not built on one conversation. Message must be consistent. Metrics speak to a broad audience.