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Risk Factory: PCI Shrink to Fit

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5 ways to reduce the scope of your PCI compliance program.

5 ways to reduce the scope of your PCI compliance program.

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  • Oldest crime on record – not prostitution First recorded case of identity theft Bible: Genesis XXX


  • 1. PCI: Shrink to Fit
  • 2. A simple, easy to use, online, B2B procurement portal for purchasing products and services to identify, minimise and manage the security threat to business data. www.riskfactory.com
  • 3. Cheap FastGood
  • 4. The Standard
  • 5. Applies• Any systems that process, store or transmit cardholder data (credit or debit)• Any systems that connect to them
  • 6. #1 Discover &Document • Conduct inventory: hard & softcopy card data • Can’t shrink what you have not measured • What do you have & Where do you have it? • Run discovery software across internal network IPs • Create network diagram depicting card data flow • Heat map: processes, stores & transmits • Establish hardware asset register • Results = Card Data Environment (CDE)
  • 7. Discover & Document
  • 8. Leakage Laptop / Desktop Server CD / DVD Piggybacking USB iPodDumpster (Skip) Diving Social Engineering Memory Stick Contractors Road Apple PCMCIA Eavesdropping Memory Card Readers Bluetooth Endpoint Communication Infrared Databases Firewire File Systems Serial / Parallel Ports File Servers NAS Data-At-Rest Virtual Machine SANs / iSCSI Storage Screen Scrapers Voice Mail Data Loss Trojans Other Threat Vectors Video Surveillance Key Loggers Phishing / Spear Phishing E-Mail HTTP/S Printers SSH Backup Tapes / CD / DVD FTP Laptop / Desktop / Server Data-In-Motion IM Fax VoIP Physical Photocopier P2P Mobile Phone / PDA Blogs Digital Camera (incl. Mobile Phone Cameras) Incorrect Disposal Printed Reports
  • 9. #2 Destroy & De-Scope • Both hard & soft copies • If you don’t need it – delete it. • Take your time. Use your CDE map. • Stakeholders sign off • Remember: VoIP & mail servers, MS Outlook archives, fax, scanner & copier memory cards • Include 3rd parties & back up systems • Be ruthless
  • 10. #3 Outsource &Oversight • What can you outsource? • Risk transference vs. risk mitigation • Compliance requirement in SLA • Should not be cost plus • See proof (ask for copy of their RoC) • Conduct annual onsite audit • Still need program • The liability is still yours
  • 11. #4 Separate & Segment• Led by “need to know”• Always ask: Why?• Should not be vendor led• Firewall, VLAN, software…• Subnets• Wireless networks• 3rd party suppliers!“Any systems connected” to the CDE
  • 12. Point to Point Encryption
  • 13. Point to Point Encryption • Card brand specific technology requirements • PoS configuration requirements • Bank-owned vs. Merchant-owned devices • Compliance requirement in contract & SLA • Who’s responsible for a breach? • Still have compliance validation requirement
  • 14. #5 Tokenise • Can significantly downsize scope • Card data replaced by “token” (surrogate value) • Card data stored in centralised vault • Servers processing, storing or transmitting card holder data in scope • Servers processing, storing or transmitting surrogate values not in scope
  • 15. Model
  • 16. Tokenisation • Where tokens and card data meet = in scope • Tokenisation hosting solution critical • Be careful of “hybrid” solutions • See PCI Standards Council site for guidance • Test the solution! • This is no silver bullet • Validation still required
  • 17. 5 Ways to Reduce PCI Discover & Document Destroy & De-scope Outsource & Oversight Separate & Segment Tokenisation
  • 18. Best Way Understand that the PCI DSS is a “risk management framework” Not a checklist
  • 19. 26 Dover Street London United Kingdom W1S 4LY +44 (0)20 3586 1025+44 (0)20 7763 7101(fax)