B2B Content Marketing 101


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This slide deck will provide an overview of content marketing, concepts of content creation, content strategy and will explain how to pull them all together

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B2B Content Marketing 101

  1. 1. B2B Content Marketing 101 How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy
  2. 2. The Problem    Many people have heard of ‘Content Marketing’ Few people truly understand what content marketing is Even less understand how to implement a content marketing program
  3. 3. The Solution  This session will provide a brief overview of:        What is content marketing What is content creation How to develop content What is a content marketing strategy What that strategy should include How to develop a content marketing strategy Summary
  4. 4. What Is Content Marketing    In its simplest form, content marketing is nothing more than developing content used in some form of marketing activity BUT … the content needs to be worthwhile to the intended recipient In other words, the content must provide value and be worth reading/hearing/viewing; it should not be just a sales pitch
  5. 5. What Is Content Creation    The process of developing content to be used in a marketing activity Content creation requires a thorough understanding of your potential customer or target audience Without this knowledge, your content will not function effectively
  6. 6. How to Develop Content    Understand your target audience  you need customer intelligence (helps you understand their business concerns, goals and objectives) Gather/analyze qualitative and quantitative data to understand the drivers behind potential purchase decisions Understand their motivation; know what type of information they require to make a decision and where they look for that information
  7. 7. How to Develop Content (cont.)   How your product or service addresses their concerns or needs, coupled with the customer intelligence, provides you with insight into the type of content that needs to be created to clearly articulate your value proposition Understand other factors, such as which industry conferences/trade shows/events they attend, who the industry thought leaders/influencers are, what the market dynamics, conditions and competitive situations are that impact their business
  8. 8. What Is a Content Marketing Strategy   The detailed plan that outlines the manner in which you use the content Helps ensure the content use is coordinated, effective and efficiently leveraged/utilized to the fullest extent
  9. 9. What Should a Content Marketing Strategy Include   Include goals to be accomplished, who the target audience is, the logistical elements (the ‘where/when/how’ across the marketing activities and tactics), touch points, calls-toaction and the response/follow-up elements Ensure targets are established, relevant metrics are defined, track the activity to determine success/failure, appropriate followup processes are in place, etc.
  10. 10. How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy     Start with a SWOT analysis Expand the basic information you previously collected using the 5 W’s to provide a basic framework for questions Determine/finalize your strategy, select the appropriate channel(s) and type of marketing activities to ensure maximum exposure and effective use of your content Implement your plan
  11. 11. Summary   Content marketing is the process of doing the necessary customer research, gathering customer intelligence, developing relevant content based on that research/intelligence, developing a marketing strategy and then deploying/implementing the plan Follow these steps to make your content marketing more effective, deliver more value, help reach more of your intended target audience and be more successful
  12. 12. Tools  4-D Method  Due diligence to gather customer intelligence  Develop the content  Develop the strategy  Deploy the marketing
  13. 13. Questions?
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