High-End Italian Furniture


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Italian furniture, Kitchens, High Glossy Lacquer Doors, Frameless Sliding Systems, Office Partitions, Decorated Glass, Storage Systems, Closets, PVC Aluminium windows

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High-End Italian Furniture

  1. 1. Think Greener
  2. 2. Our Partners
  3. 3. Inzon Qatar is a multi-disciplinary trading & contracting company aiming to brand the construction market with diversity of specialization in high quality European finishing, manufacturing of interior fittings and renovation of interior works. We have completed extensive work in variety of sectors, but we offer particular experience in residential and commercial projects. In order to ensure variety and secure creativity, we have established global network of suppliers, which deliver complex and exceptional furnishing products. Within-house technical skills, production facilities and rigorous quality control, we guarantee efficient and successful fulfillment of all types of projects, from planning to execution. About INZON QATAR
  4. 4. • Interior finishing • Manufacturing of interior fit outs • Interior construction works & decoration • Renovation of interiors • Interior design consultations What we do? • Private Villas • Compound Villas • Schools • Hospitals • Towers • Offices • Restaurants • Malls Services
  5. 5. The emotional power of wood in this layout is enhanced by the Tranché finishing which brings out the texture of the grain. The sink, tops and backboards in Corian® give the appearance of one single functional and practical block. The hood is finished with Matt Lacquered Tortora panels. Doors 30 mm thick made with wood frames and alveolar internal structure, finished in matt lacquer, glossy lacquer, special lacquers, wood veneers, or stainless steel. Italian Kitchen
  6. 6. Corian® glacier white worktop 20 mm thick, corian® glacier white doors with stainless finish frame, stainless steel electrical opening drawers, stainless finish profiles and plinth. Stainless steel worktop 15 mm thick, sample colour RAL 7044 matt lacquer doors, stainless finish profiles and plinth. Custom size T 02 table, in solid thermo ash saw-finish.
  7. 7. In this composition the base and tall unit doors are in Rovere Grigio while the wall units are in Frassino Bianco. The Tondino bridge handles give the entire composition a highly technical look. The 2 cm and 6 cm tops are in Gloss Bianco Carrara, as is the backboard. At the side: accessories for drawers in White finish.
  8. 8. The tall unit doors are in Senape finish. The open inserts in the tall units, the 6 cm snack ledge and the panelling with shelves are finished in Rovere Grigio, highlighting the composition flexibility of the entire Glam range. The quartzite finishing of the tops enhances the Rovere Dark with its grain texture that has been brought out by a particular and exclusive thermal treatment.
  9. 9. Gloss Lacquered Cappuccino doors, 2 and 6 cm thick tops in Gloss Bianco Carrara. The backsplash between the base and wall units is in Gloss Bianco Carrara. The 12 cm skirting is in Gloss Lacquered Cappuccino. The hob is flush mounted on the working top
  10. 10. Doors 12 mm thick made with alveolar aluminium structures, and finished in matt lacquer, glossy lacquer, special lacquers, wood veneers, or solid corian®. Doors 30 mm thick made with wood framesand alveolar internal structure, finished in matt lacquer, glossy lacquer, special acquers, wood veneers, or solid wood Doors 22 mm thick made with 4 mm thick matt or glossy finish glass, or corian®, fixed to an aluminium frame, lacquered on request. Doors Finishes Doors Finishes
  11. 11. White unicolor worktop 60 mm thick. white unicolor doors 30 mm thick, white unicolor back panel, graphite finish structures, champagne finish drawers with push pull opening, white matt lacquer plinth. K space worktop 30 mm thick, walnut doors 30 mm thick, stainless steel drawers, walnut finish profiles and plinth. Sliding doors tall units with matt white lacquer doors, graphite finish structures.
  12. 12. Mobile partitions realized on measure, with high technology and design, in different materials and types, ready to accomplish all the needs of ideal working space. A perfect union of aesthetics and functionality, rationality and creativity & security and warmth of the ambient. And moreover the high level of sound insulation and fire protection necessary in secure offices. Open working environment shows the desire of defining space without limits. With its one crystal sheet, it creates elegant ambient, allowing the light to enter and creating harmony among people working together. In working places nothing is impersonal. This model is elegant and comfortable in the shape and in its substance. Partitions Planika Collection
  13. 13. Standard Finishing, Melamine plasterboard panels Melamine chipboard panels
  14. 14. Frames & Hinges Our frames program offers the possibility of choosing two types of products, different in shape and materials. The glazed and door frames are both coplanar to the covering and available in steel or aluminum. The steel frames have a high mechanic resistance, offering elevated fire performances and can be varnished in different colors. Different types of hinges (according to leaf) are available for the door frames. The aluminum frames are light, mainly because of its clear lines and thin jambs. Varnished or anodized version is available.
  15. 15. Abako Collection Abako system is made by modular panels positioned on a steel adjustable structure, assembled with blocking systems, making process of assembling simple, while cutting installation time much shorter compared to traditional mobile partitions. Conveniently, its double-faced panels allow extensive amount of combinations. Very refined design, great attention to details, Abako mobile partitions represent excellent alternative to plasterboard divisions and furniture mobile partitions. The classic melamine chipboard panels and the innovative melamine plasterboard panels make the entire partition range beyond comparison in terms of aesthetics and technical performance. The melamine plasterboard panels, in particular, give this partition excellent acoustic and fire protection characteristics. The wide range of wooden finishings and the attention given to details make this product modern and never banal, with a style harmoniously shaping the scenery of the modern office. Steel Glazzed Frames Aluminum Glazzed Frames
  16. 16. Decorated Glass
  17. 17. Glossy Lacquered Door Only doors with a lacquer coating in glossy polyester are able to offer the finest surface, which will maintain intact its characteristics for many years. We select only superior quality raw materials in terms of performance, building technology and appearance. Our products are presented as elegant design “objects” perfectly functional and appropriate for every context, classical, modern and even minimalistic settings. Hinged Door Double Door Sliding external door with cover pelmet Sliding external door with rail Bi-Folding Door Sliding Pocket door Ebony wood Glossy polyester lacquered finish Ivory colour, glossy polyester lacquered finish Veneer wood with glossy polyester lacquered finish with ivory colour Ebony wood veneer Glossy polyester lacquered finish with stainless steel pull handle Walnut wood Glossy polyester lacquered in wood veneer Lacquered in wood veneer Zebrano veneer woodGlossy polyester acquered finish Texturized matt bronze finished door jamb and cable covers Doors with glossy polyester lacquer
  18. 18. Interior Doors 1. Wooden Collection 2. Idealegno Collection From the aluminium inserti to several finishes: whitened, brush & open porous. The most traditional models of veneered doors in essence with the frames in three profiles: flat, round and baroque. In order to create nice patterns, classical white colour or Ral colours, with pantographed and engraved models are available. Resistant and non-scratch new materials (laminate), of good-looking aesthetic effect. Solid striped structure matched embossed with flat profile frame, open porous, oak and wenge profile. Rosewood brushed, black frame and styles Oak black pickeld brushed, gold effect Asymmetric laminate embossed rosewood Ash, white brushed open pore, rame pickled cottonwood walnut patinated light walnut
  19. 19. 3. Glass Politecnico Mixture between aluminium and glass. The brilliant lacquering gives life to high quality models and design. Antique qalnut Pore bleached oak
  20. 20. Golden Door- Entrance Doors The entrance of a building is a fundamental element of its architecture, not only because it allows access in it, but also because it satisfies a variety of requirements, depending on the user. This is why Golden Door offers a high level of customization and design, being highly innovative in the field of entrance doors. Each kind of material adds a different style to the door and can adapt to different weather conditions. Golden Door offers a great variety of material, like wood, glass, stainless, corian and aluminum. In the modern facilitations of the company, production department and “Golden Door” staff work with passion and creativity all these years to manufacture artistic designs that cover and embellish the doors. The company’s design team constantly innovates, introducing new products that follow the trends of each market, always signed with the high quality. Pivot door with solid wood. Oval winging on a pivot axis with steady parts, covers & handle in corian.
  21. 21. External view of double door made out of solid teak wood & wooden handles Traditional aluminium entrance door Painted glass entrance door Double leafed carved with solid wood
  22. 22. Minimal Windows Minimal window is virtually frameless sliding system with universally insulated aluminium frame profiles into which very large panes of glass are set. The peripheral frame profiles can be fully installed into the wall and ceiling and also into the floor for barrier-free access. The sliding leaves can be manufactured up to a height of 4 m and with a leaf area of up to 12 m². The extreme ease of movement of the optimised stainless steel roller / rail system enables comfortable manual movement of large glass areas. On request, concealed electric drives and electromechanical locks can be used to increase operating comfort according to the individual system configuration. The high-quality 2-point locking system is developed to offer burglar resistance. Ventilation can
  23. 23. take place by manual trickle ventilation or by electric opening of the sliding leaf. A unique feature is that several leaves with a total weight of up to 2,000 kg can be moved by just one electric drive. 2-pane insulation glass with a maximum glass thickness of up to 34 mm is normally used in our minimal windows. Uw values of < 1.2 W/m²K can be achieved with today’s standard insulation glass (Ug= 1.0 W/m²K), thus contributing to the saving of energy. The material of the system weighs only 58 kg without glass and meets the highest static stability requirements.
  24. 24. Modern architecture with a transparent design is becoming more and more popular with demanding customers. Hence, new houses, villas and private compounds are built with open living concepts and maximum incidence of light. This exclusive architectural style can be realised extremely well with design sliding systems. Our minimal windows represent highly- insulated systems for the use of triple glazing below the low-energy standard. With the 4 additional (4+) outstanding characteristics,, new standards are set in design sliding systems: 1+ minimum Uw value 2+ maximum glass thickness 3+ maximum sliding leaf area 4+ maximum sliding leaf weight The system offers all conceivable sliding variants extending up to 3-track systems and corner-post-free internal and external corners. The slender facing width of the leaf profile is only 26 mm* but still ensures high static stability (*34 mm for extreme static requirements). The maximum leaf weight is 1,000 kg and thus lies well above the performance limits of other vendors. The peripheral Premium Sliding Systems frame profiles can be fully installed into the wall and floor. The floor area is free of bothersome thresholds and thus barrier-free. 3 panes of insulating glass with a maximum glass thickness of up to 56 mm are normally used in KELLER minimal windows®4+. Uw values of < 0.80 W/(m²K) can be achieved with today’s triple glazing (Ug= 0.5 W/(m²K)), thus contributing to save energy. The transmission of the leaf weight to the floor guide represents the decisive design detail of high-performance sliding systems. The use of double stainless steel rails and a two-track stainless steel roller set is the highest quality solution conceivable, due to which high operational reliability and durability are guaranteed. The stainless steel ball bearings and rollers ensure the easy movement of even very large sliding leaves
  25. 25. From protection against wind and weather to a meeting room for small groups, this development is a versatile, flexible companion through life: A reading corner, a place to meet friends, a retreat from hectic day-to-day life, an idyllic, romantic place for encounters, a calming influence. No other room in the heart of your home can be as surprisingly versatile. Glasshouse & Orangerie Glasshouse & Orangeries can naturally also be used as a mobile presentation room for trade shows events and sporting events both indoors and outdoors and hence offer every house or company desired event platform for product presentations or as a reception room. The technical structural features meet these requirements.
  26. 26. Wooden Windows & Frames Certified in accordance with Italian & European standards.” • Wooden Aluminium • Wooden Bronze • Windows • Doors • Shutters • Frames • Sliding Doors Aesthetical, Functional & Performing All of our frames are realized with lamellar woods accurately selected and subject to modern drying process Types of wood • Fir • Silvan Pine • Oak • Larch • Mahogany Okoume “It’s all about passion”
  27. 27. “Constant research of high technical solutions with more unique and exclusive features.” “Phenomenal results concerning air, wind and water resistance.” Classical oak Fusion Bronze Wood (Fir grey) Fusion fir aluminium Fusion Fir
  28. 28. PVC Aluminium Windows Our series of windows is combination of cutting-edge solutions in the field of advanced window technology. The use of dual- chamber glazing assemblies is the reason why this series of windows meet the highest customer requirements such as minimal energy consumption in the building. The Veka PVC series window combines classic design with a high degree of thermal insulation, which makes it a real breakthrough in the market for energy efficiency German PVC systems for quality windows and doors ALPHALINE 90 • Veka PVC system exclusive “ A “ class • 6 chamber profile with 90 mm basic installation depth • Galvanized Steel Reinforcing 1,5-2 mm • Three level seal, high-quality rubber gaskets in grey, black or caramel • Insulating glass with 2 or 3 sheets in package and depth up to 50 mm • Additional insulation with Neopor
  29. 29. SOFTLINE 82 • Veka PVC system exclusive “ A “ class • 7 chamber profile with 82 mm basic installation depth • Rectangular reinforcement 1,5-2 mm galvanized steel • Dual compression seal , high-quality rubber gaskets in grey, black or caramel • Insulating glass with 2 or 3 sheets in package and depth up to 52 mm SWINGLINE Design • Veka PVC System exclusive “ A “ class • 5-chamber profile with 70 mm basic installation depth • Rectangular reinforcement 1,5-2 mm galvanized steel • Modern slightly rounded edges • Dual compression seal, high-quality rubber gaskets in grey, black or caramel • Insulating glass with 2 or 3 sheets in package and depth up to 42 mm SWINGLINE • Veka PVC system exclusive “ A “ class • 5-chamber profile with 70 mm basic installation depth • PVC Veka type exclusive “ A “ class • Modern slightly rounded edges • Dual compression seal, high-quality rubber gaskets in grey, black or caramel • VVVInsulating glass with 2 or 3 sheets in package and depth up to 42 mm SOFTLINE 70 • Veka PVC system exclusive “ A “ class • 5-chamber profile with 70 mm basic installation depth • Rectangular reinforcement 1,5-2 mm galvanized steel • Dual compression seal, high-quality rubber gaskets in grey, black or caramel • Insulating glass with 2 or 3 sheets in package and depth up to 36 mm
  30. 30. Bedroom FLIPPER design Pietro Arosio The bed frame is in aluminium. Peculiarity is given by the headboards,which can slide along the frame and can be fixed at one’s will, they can be covered with fabric or leather.Available both as single and double bed. FLIPPO design Pietro Arosio The bed has an aluminium frame. It can be matched with an headboard but also with the fabric panel Bolero. It is available in many dimensions both for the single and double version.
  31. 31. GHOST design Antonella Frezza Upholstered bed covered with soft leather or with removable fabrics. The bed Ghost is also available with container VITTORIA design Giuseppe Manzoni
  32. 32. Wardrobe
  33. 33. MISS GRAFF design Pietro Arosio Wardrobe with sliding doors with new concept panels which provide the application of the fabric with a new system, giving as result the perfect fusion of the two materials. Thanks to this brand new and particular application the natural and elegant thread fabric results to be anti-spot, anti-scratch and very resistant. The wardrobe is available with panels with melange grey fabric and smoked glass. GHOST: Letto / Bed Wardrobe with sliding doors characterized by big oval-like shapes which can be mat lacquered but also in mirror.
  34. 34. PASSE-PARTOUT design Pietro Arosio Wardrobe with sliding doors characterized by a large frame with 45° cutting with mirror, glossy glass or panel mat lacquered in the selected colours or wengé. SUMO design Terri Pecora Wardrobe with sliding doors characterized by a very particular bi-coloured hard leather belt. The belt can be put only on one door or on all doors. It is available mat or glossy lacquered in the selected colours.
  35. 35. ATLANTE CABINA ARMADIO design Pietro Arosio Atlante offers a wide range of dimensions but it offers above all the possibility to be used for all kind of projects and to be made in custom size for every kind of space. It is available mat white lacquered or dark walnut. It is possible to cover the backpanels and the internal fitting with hard leather.
  36. 36. ANTA/DOOR SHEER design Pietro Arosio Atlante wardrobe with Sheer doors with a big bridge element, set in a living area with the function of dividing the rooms and at the same time providing continuity to the whole setting. CONTENITORE/CONTAINER TOOLBOX design Pietro Arosio ”Vintage” oak for the modular container with drawers and/or doors, which is an iconic piece and a top seller for characterized by numbered aluminium handles. Limited edition. Elegant modular container which can be placed in the living area as well as in the night area thanks to a wide range of different fittings and accessories. The Atlante container is set with external finish grey oak, fitted with glass shelves and inside mat lacquered in the colour Grigio Pietra. The new Wind sliding doors in tempered transparent glass with aluminium profiles in dark brown colour are available in two heights (cm 230,5 and cm 263) and in two widths (cm 75 and cm 100). Elegant Storage Systems
  37. 37. CONTENITORE/ CONTAINER TOOLBOX design Pietro Arosio Cupboard with square shape, which uniqueness comes from the material, aged fir-wood, with strong and particular image. Available in three models: with 2 doors push and pull, with 10 drawers or with 2 lap doors and 6 drawers. The fronts are always in aged fir-wood, while the structure is available embossed lacquered in different colours. It is also available with Chinese ideograms as decorative elements on the fronts. SISTEMA GIORNO/ DAY SYSTEM CODE design DUCCIO GRASSI Bookcase/container which alternates open units and closed elements allowing to show and contain at the same time. The open element width 140 cm allows a better use of Code in the living area for HI/FI and TV. In the picture the Code composition is mat lacquered in the colour Beige Tramonto, while the doors are glossy lacquered in the same colour. Code is available mat or glossy lacquered in any colour but also in grey oak, smoked oak, wengè and black walnut, allowing different and original combinations.
  38. 38. WALLBOX design Pietro Arosio Wallbox is a hanging system of open elements which are characterized by a thin and light structure. It is available in wengé. E-BOX design Pietro Arosio E-box is an hinged doors container with push opening. The particular design of the doors may be enhanced by the bi-coloured finish.
  39. 39. RUBIK design Carlo Cumini It is a bookcase made up of cubes with inclined faces put one over the other till maximum 7 lements. The cubes can be turned and they can therefore be placed at one’s like to create an always new composition whenever you like. Rubik is available mat lacquered in the selected colours. GLASSBOX design Pietro Arosio IShelves in tempered glass with backpanel mat or glossy lacquered in the selected colours, wengè, black walnut, Silver (aluminium laminate with circles decoration) or mirror.
  40. 40. Clients
  41. 41. Certificates
  42. 42. Previous Works
  43. 43. P.O Box 55697, Doha - Qatar Tel : +974 44416828, Fax : +974 44123685 www.inzonqatar.com