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Professional Biography of Richard B Cole

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Richard B Cole Biography

  1. 1. Richard B .Cole Professional BiographyMr. Cole is a Houston based executive “Rainmaker” with a successful history of executive level sales, salesmanagement and operations management bringing passion and focus to revenue generation, growth and profitability.His skills are further enhanced by creativity and innovation, process management and optimization, strategic teamdevelopment and management, operations, strategic planning and decision making. His leadership is enriched by highlevels of knowledge and experience in go-to-market and growth strategies, product development, life cycles, servicesand delivery and a strong marketing and branding orientation.He is driven by passion, the challenge and the desire to add value through the identification and the capturing of newbusiness opportunities through an in-depth understanding of target clients and markets; brand strength and by themotivation of sales operations culminating in exceptional team performance. He maintains an emphasis on informationtechnology integration, infrastructure, platform and process optimization and enterprise security for Fortune 1000, mid-sized and SMB clients. As a creative top producer, he consistently exceed objectives, budgeted revenues and quotaswhile controlling costs resulting in recognition and annual membership in the President’s Club while calling on CXO’s,Information Technology and Risk Management professionals.Mr. Cole is experienced in all phases of business operations including sales and marketing, asset management, humanresources, financial oversight, research and development, legal oversight, contract negotiations, capital formation andacquisitions. He has been instrumental in the turnaround of numerous organizations and has served on the Board ofDirectors for companies including Pacific Medical, Regenetech, and ISV. Mr. Cole is a member of the Federal Bureauof Investigation’s Infragard program, Greater Houston Chapter, the HIPAA Conformance and Compliance Organization(HCCO) and is a published author. Mr. Cole attended the University of Houston.****************A unique differentiator exists within Mr. Cole’s background held by possibly less than 20% of our workforce andshrinking – management experience obtained during the 1970’s economic downturn; second only to the GreatDepression. Mr. Cole’s management career began with the financial management of fixed operations during very similareconomic conditions that took place during the Carter Administration.Mr. Cole’s career began with his being chosen to oversee the implementation of a new operational model for fixedoperations mandated by Toyota Motor Sales. Upon completion of Toyota University’s; Toyota Education for theAdvancement of Management in Service (TEAMS), Mr. Cole led the implementation of the new model significantlyincreasing profitability while establishing more competitive pricing structures. Used as the foundation of today’s fixedoperations; the dealer is now producing in excess of $100 million in revenue from the same location.As a result of implementing new operational concepts and models, Mr. Cole’s out-of-the-box thinking began to solidifyand he began undertaking projects including assisting corporations with the re-engineering of their business modelintegrating advanced technologies achieving numerous milestones, new levels in revenue, services, cost containment,operational efficiency and customer relations.Mr. Cole’s skills and experience have grown to encompass sales and marketing, startup ventures, sales forceorganization and development, capital formation, corporate re-organization, strategic market analysis, strategicpartnerships and joint ventures, high profile client relations, product analysis, re-development and re-launch, distributionchannel development, financial analysis, operational budgets, forecasting, cash management, business strategies, publicrelations, contract negotiations, human resources, financial oversight, legal oversight, corporate and advisory boardorganization, governmental compliance, technology integration, asset allocation and re-allocation, balance sheet analysisand reorganization, return on assets optimization, capital expenditures, forensic accounting oversight and federalreporting.Mr. Cole currently works with clients aligning people, processes and technologies that have become burdensome non-revenue generating tasks which have become increasingly critical in today’s business environment. The innovativesolutions increase operational efficiencies including market penetration, revenue generation, communications,collaboration, staff development and customer satisfaction among others; delivered in a high security environment.