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Richard butlerthesuccesscoach.com i-am-confident-in-my-abilities
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Richard butlerthesuccesscoach.com i-am-confident-in-my-abilities



Are you confident in your abilities? This reflection from Richard helps you reflect on how to me more confident in your abilities. ...

Are you confident in your abilities? This reflection from Richard helps you reflect on how to me more confident in your abilities.

Richard uploads these reflections to help you get more out of life and to understand that life is for living and you are wonderful.

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Richard butlerthesuccesscoach.com i-am-confident-in-my-abilities Richard butlerthesuccesscoach.com i-am-confident-in-my-abilities Document Transcript

  • I am confident in my abilities.I am the proud owner of a specialized skill set that can comfortablycarry me through life.In this shaky economy, I maintain job security. I am a goodemployee, but more importantly, my abilities are an asset to myemployer. I have a roof over my head and quality food on mytable.My perseverance and ability to confidently implement myskills maintain my high quality of life.I can do anything I set my mind to. I am a warrior when it comes toachieving goals! I keep my eyes on the prize and summon my skillsand knowledge to get the job done.I am highly confident in my abilities. Nevertheless, I am onlyhuman. If my personal insecurities try to get the best of me, Iquickly remind myself of my accomplishments. I am strong,independent, and unstoppable.I AM CONFIDENT IN MYABILITIES1
  • I am a leader in my career field, social circle, and family life. I pavethe way to new ideas. I successfully take on challenging tasks thatmake others cringe. And I triumph over any roadblocks that arise onmy path.My abilities carry me through anything. I am undeniably a warrior ofsuccess!Today, I believe in my abilities. Over the years, I have attainedmany worthy accomplishments. I reflect on my triumphs, learn frommy mistakes, and look forward to a bright future.Self-Reflection Questions:1. Did my valuable abilities develop through schooling orpersonal growth?2. How can I emulate the achievements of successfulcolleagues?3. Which major achievements am I most proud of?Richard Butler is a life and success coach based in Barcelona. Hewants to help you make the positive change in your life that youdeserve. Find out more at his blogwww.RichardButlerTheSuccessCoach.com2