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Are you trustworthy?
How do your customer know?
Do you follow a code of ethics?

All of these questions go thru the mind of your potential customer, whether it is when signing up for your newsletter or for when you trying to sell something.

I reviewed a verification system called and I reveal my findings and thoughts here.

Find out why trust is important, and find out if can actually help you get more leads and sell more

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Imtrustworthy review

  1. 1. Your bottom line is damaged because you can´t prove the answer to these questions “Are You Trustworthy? Do People Know And Trust You? Can You Prove It?”Fact: If people trust you they will: Feel more confident in signing up your mailing list Be more willing to purchase from you Recommend your products to a friend “Are You TrustWorthy?”Look there´s a lot of people out there looking for what you have to offer.They want your help, they want to sign up for your list or buy your productbut there´s one thing that stops them. They want to know you´re notgoing to scam them like so many others have.You have to say to them ImTrusthWorthy.Trust plays a big factor in the decisions making of your market. If they cantrust you or find out more about you they will feel more comfortableparting with their email and then their money!Trust is built by: Proving you are who you say you are Having other users recommend you Providing your contact details Abiding by certain ethical standards “But How Can I Say ImTrustWorthy?”It´s easier than you think! You need to have a third party verify that youare who you say you are. That you and your site and your products are
  2. 2. covered by support and after sales. You agree to follow a code of ethics,you allow other people to rate and leave comments about you. “ImTrustWorthy Verification System” is a site that you can sign up to for free and registeryour details on their database. Once you register your details and yourprimary domain you will be able to generate a badge that can be placedon your website.This badge assures visitors that: You abide by a code of ethics You publically display your address and contact details Allow people to comment and rate their experiences with youThe shield you create will be linked to your profile and from your profileyour website visitors can see the code of ethics you abide by. “What This Means For You?”By registering with ImTrustWorthy you publically display your contactinformation, you agree that you are holding yourself to a higher standard,and you agree to receive ratings from other users (much like eBay´sfeedback scoring)Your shield is a proof of your commitment – let someone down and theycan rate you! Do a great job and people will let others know “What This Means For Your Visitors”Confidence, peace of mind, ability to contact you. Need I say more? WellI will! When people feel more confident about you and your products
  3. 3. they will be more willing to sign up for your mailing list, purchase yourproducts and recommend you to their friends.This confidence is a priceless thing that can´t be bought, but only instilledin their mind. Peer backed reviews, access to you all influence thedecision of your market. “But Do I Have To Pay For This?”Actually good question!The answer is no! You can set up a basic account which allows you toverify one URL for free, zip, nada, nothing and zero.This allows you to try out the system, see that it works, get some ratingsand then decide if you want to put the verification shield on your otherwebsites.This is what I have done and I am finding that I am slowly but surelygetting more sign ups each and every day.You website visitors can also join up to rate you, which I would encourage!So get yourself over to and get verified, getconfidence and be proud of standing out from the crowd!To your greater, verified success