A fable about a floating bubble


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A fable is a great way to understand an important message without being lectured, and this fable about a floating bubble is a perfect example.

I won´t reveal too much but would like you to read it and reflect on it

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A fable about a floating bubble

  1. 1. The Floating Bubble Fable A story about learning from the mistakes of others. Fiona was a bubble waiting to be unleashed. As she waited, she made great plans for her journey soon to come. Could she make her dreams come true? Discover more self help tools at http://richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.com
  2. 2. The Floating Bubble Day after day, Fiona sat in the soapy water bottle watching as her owner, Tabitha, blew other bubbles away. She always dreamed about being the next bubble to be blown. Yet, she spent her days watching what the other bubbles did as Tabitha unleashed them. There were some bubbles that made bad choices, and popped as soon as they were blown and released. "Oh no! Look at Elena floating towards the mulberry tree," she exclaimed. "She knows that mulberries have a prickly exterior. She's going to be in trouble soon!" And as Fiona said it, it was done. As soon as Elena got next to the mulberry tree, she popped loudly and transformed into water droplets. The droplets landed in the lake below. Elena was upset that she lost her floating ability and, instead, had to flow along in the lake. Fiona kept reminding herself of her goal to float in the air currents for as long as possible. The next day was her turn to be blown. As Tabitha shook the bottle and took out the bubble wand, Fiona geared up for a great adventure. Short Story 2Discover more self help tools at http://richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.com
  3. 3. Tabitha blew hard and formed Fiona into one of the most beautiful bubbles ever created. "Wow! How beautiful," said Tabitha. "I hope that bubble lasts a long time." Fiona kept a mental note of Elena's decision to float by the mulberry tree. She saw what happened to Elena, and decided against taking that same route. Instead, she floated over the areas where there weren't many trees. That way, she was able to stay intact for a very long time. She was happy for the opportunity to see many places along her journey. Moral: Learn from the examples set by others to make wise decisions that contribute to your happiness. 3Discover more self help tools at http://richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.com
  4. 4. The Floating Bubble Fiona spent many of her growing days observing the decisions of others around her. Some decisions produced favorable results, while others had the opposite outcome. It was important to Fiona to pay attention so she could carve out a map for her own life. As someone who has seen others go before you, you no doubt have their experiences to guide you. Those experiences can help to shape the person you become. The direction of your life is formed by a combination of your beliefs and the lessons learned. It's usually not a very good idea to rely only on what you believe. Paying attention to the experiences of others can help you make informed decisions. If your goal is to make the most of the life you've been given, get as many life lessons as you can. The observations you make can also help you to determine what is most important to you. Turn the mistakes of others into success stories of your own. Personal Reflection 4Discover more self help tools at http://richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.com
  5. 5. Make each day of life count. Learn from the experiences of others so you can use every opportunity to make wise decisions that support your dreams and goals. Self-Reflection Questions: 1. Do I allow my own stubbornness to cloud my judgment? 2. Am I focused on long-term happiness when I make decisions? 3. How can I use the experiences of others to get the most out of life? 5Discover more self help tools at http://richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.com