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There are some very simple things you can do to help your dieting efforts. In fact making some small changes in what you eat and how you eat can make a huge difference.

This 3 page report with resources will help you get on track to drop those extra pounds. Are you willing to make small changes to see a big difference?

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41 lessons-diet-tips-and-tricks

  1. 1. Diet Tips and Tricks12 Diet HacksHere are some little tricks or mind hacks that can help improve your health and decreaseyour waistline – and they are all really easy to implement. Each one is a small change thatyou implement, and although you may think it might not make a dramatic change, when allof these changes are applied they really do add up!Eating Hacks 1. Ditch the diet. We hear all the time of people being “on a diet” or back on their diet etc. when we say diet it somehow appears temporary. Something we do to drop a few pounds. If this is the case it means that after your diet you will revert back to how you used to east. • So ditch the diet or find one which is more of a lifestyle change that will help you eat more healthy without being extreme. Remember if you start your body of “normal” food your body will crave it even more. 2. Make changes slowly. A lot of the time we are too drastic. We want to change everything right now. This can come as a shock to your body so you need to make changes to your diet slowly. Introduce fruit every week, reduce bad food each day. This is a more gentle approach for your body. 3. Go veggie once or twice a week. Eating more vegetables is good for you and will help you lose weight so consider going veggie at least once week. You can also set yourself a challenge to make interesting food from different vegetables each week! 4. Do a junk food clear out. If there´s temptation in the house you will probably at some point eat it. So it´s best to get rid of any junk food you may have in the house. If it´s not there you can´t eat it! 1
  2. 2. 5. Have healthy snacks at the ready. It´s about making small changes as mentioned above. There are a lot of lower calorie options out there. But be careful some of these so called good for you snacks have more sugar in them! Make wise choices, have more fruit and veg in the house to snack on. 6. Drink water. I am sure you´ve heard the expression “have you drank your 8 a day?” This eight of course refers to water. Our body if made up of a large amount of water. We need water – so drink more of it. Plus drinking a glass of water before eating will make you feel fuller. 7. Bring your lunch. Bringing your lunch to work will do two things. It means you can plan what you are going to eat. So you make the decision rather than having to guess what is healthy in the restaurant. The other plus side is that it saves you a ton of money! 8. Eat more nuts. Nuts contain a lot of healthy fats and protein. Nuts taste good and are nutritious, however keep on eye on the salt content and also on the amount you are easting as they do contain calories and can add up. The recommended amount per day is around 15 to 20 nuts which amounts to 1 ounce. 9. Eat more berries. It´s a fact that Berries are really-healthy and can complement other foods. Consider putting berries in your porridge, on toast or in a low fat Greek yogurt. 10. Fiber up. It´s essential to get enough fiber, often called roughage. Fiber keeps your body running smoothly ;). If you eat beans on a regular basis you may be getting enough fiber. If not consider either eating more fiber rich foods or buying a fiber supplement. 11. Move more. We live in a society where we sit around 80% of the time. We don´t move as much as we did. How often do you take the lift instead of the stairs, or wait 20 minutes for a metro when you could have walked? Do a little exercise every day and build it up 12. Don´t fry, bake instead. Too many people still fry things. We know this is bad. One the oil that is used is bad, and secondly when it is heated to high temperatures it makes it even worse. If you put things in the oven they will taste as good, if not better, and be kinder to your body.Use these few little health and diet hacks to improving your waistline, appearance andhealth.Resources 2
  3. 3. Paleo Receipe BookA great recipe book to help you eat well and drop the poundsBreak your addiction from SugarWe are all addicted to sugar but you can break this addiction easilyDetox and feel betterThe ideal guide to help you detox 3