Exercise 2, subject analysis
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Exercise 2, subject analysis






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Exercise 2, subject analysis Document Transcript

  • 1. Subject AnalysisExercise 2Due November 26, 2012Using the Library of Congress Subject Headings (via the Web at http://classificationweb.net/),assign subject headings for the following summaries of book subjects.GUIDANCEMake use of geographic subdivisions whenever possible. Geographic subdivisions must bethe authorized names of countries or, for places in the United States and Canada, the names ofstates and provinces. For example:[Subject] $z Poland.[Subject] $z Great Britain.[Subject] $z California.[Subject] $z Ontario.[Subject] $z United States. (for works that cover the entire country)Subdivide countries, U.S. states, and Canadian provinces by city names to express the localaspect of a work:[Subject] $z Poland $z Warsaw.[Subject] $z Oregon $z Corvallis.Use subdivisions from pattern headings whenever possible. For the subject summariesbelow, you will be given the pattern heading to look up in LCSH. For example, if you areassigning headings for a work about a plant, use the pattern of subdivisions that appears inLCSH under Corn. (In practice, instead of LCSH, you would check in the Subject HeadingsManual, where all such patterns are recorded in one place.)Free-floating subdivisions can be used with any appropriate subject headings. Formsubdivisions always appear last (e.g., Encyclopedias). Below is a very short list of “freefloaters” for you to choose from:Awards (May subd geog)Design and constructionEncyclopediasLaw and legislationMaintenance and repairPolitics and governmentResearch (May subd geog)Study and teaching (May subd geog)
  • 2. Assign subject headings for the following topics: 1. Deer hunting in Austria 2. Umbrella industry in Seattle, Washington 3. History and criticism of film editing in Bombay 4. A plan for defense measures in industries in Nebraska 5. Transportation of explosives through Kansas City, Missouri 6. Low-fat dumpling recipes from Krakow 7. Disclosure of corruption in the oil and gas industry in Texas Pattern heading: Construction industry 8. Psychosomatic aspects of colon diseases Pattern heading: Heart 9. Capitalization practices in the High Sorbian language Pattern heading: English language 10. Criticism of the works of Adam Mickiewicz Pattern heading: Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 11. Legal status of hazardous waste disposal in salt domes 12. Design and construction of cupolas and other decorative roof details 13. Repair of all-terrain vehicles, particularly dune buggies and snowmobiles 14. A description of the events leading up to and during the 1830 Revolution in Poland 15. The archeology of the Pomeranian Lakelands in Poland