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Homepure: 7 Stage Water Filtration System - QNET IR ID: VN002202
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Homepure: 7 Stage Water Filtration System - QNET IR ID: VN002202


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  • 1. Gives You Safe and Clean Water The HomePure system provides clean drinking water
  • 2. Good Minerals Pass Through, Contaminants Are Kept Out HomePure water purifier produces water that is naturally balanced because it allows natural trace minerals to pass through filtra on, whilst ensuring contaminants are filtered out
  • 3. Gives You Good-Tas ng, Odourless Water HomePure water is smoother, fresher and be er-tas ng
  • 4. HomePure Water is Pi-Water Discovered in 1964 by Dr. Akihiro Yamashita It is water that can be found in all living bodies including humans, animals and plants. Successfully created bio-water with special proper es that helped plants thrive well beyond normal expecta ons. Water very similar to your living body water. It reduces oxida on damage
  • 5. User-friendly Design Sleek, modern and func onally designed One-way stainless steel flexible pipe
  • 6. Easy Installa on and Filter Cartridge Replacement Countertop filter No professional plumbing or tools needed Easily a ached directly to the main faucet
  • 7. Flickering Blue LED Normal flow. 1 11 months or 0-4,008 litres Flickering Red LED Filter replacement is needed within 1 month. 11-12 months or 4,008-4,320 litres Smart Indicator
  • 8. Flickering Red LED and beeping The filter has to be changed immediately. 11 months and 3 weeks-12 months or 4,296-4,320 litres Flickering Yellow LED and Beeping The batteries have to be changed immediately. Smart Indicator
  • 9. All LEDs Flickering Overflow. Close valves and check the filter. No Flickering LEDs and No Beeping Lifetime of the filter is finished. 12 months or 4,320 litres Smart Indicator
  • 10. No Electricity Needed HomePure is a mechanical ultrafiltra on unit that does not need electricity
  • 11. German Engineering Japanese Technology Korean-made World-Class Quality
  • 12. I. Sediment Pre-filter II. Ac vated Carbon Block Filter III. Ac vated Carbon Ceramic Balls IV. Pi-Water Ceramic from Japan V. Tourmaline Ceramic Balls VI. Ultrafiltra on Hollow Fibre Membrane VII. An bacterial Silver-lite Stone 7-Stage Filtra on System
  • 13. Seven filter stages are combined into one single filter cartridge The well-selected filter media and its specifica ons allow for a clean and safe filter performance that ensures water is purified and filtered 7-Stage Filtra on System
  • 14. - Effec vely filters suspended solids such as rust residues, mud, and sand larger than 5 micron (5/1000 mm). Func on: Removes rust and sediments larger than 5 micron I. Sediment Pre-filter
  • 15. - Provides greater chemical absorp on and mechanical filtra on - Comprises a larger filter surface area filter providing be er absorp on of contaminants. Func on: Removes chlorine, bad taste and odour, THMs (Trihalomethane), VOCs (Vola le Organic Compounds), herbicides, pes cides, heavy metals (Mercury, Lead, Iron, Aluminium, Chromium, Copper) II. Ac vated Carbon Block Filter
  • 16. - Made as special coa ng balls responsible for improving the taste of your water, promo ng excellent absorp on and deodorisa on. Func on: Remove chlorine, bad taste and odour, THMs, VOCs, and prevent the growth of filtered bacteria inside the filter III. Ac vated Carbon Ceramic Balls
  • 17. - Neutralises the adverse effects of ac ve oxygen, preven ng the ac on of hazardous ions, and controlling the oxida on reduc on reac on. Func on: Suppresses oxida on and disintegra on IV. Pi-Water Ceramic from Japan
  • 18. - Reduce water clustering and has an bacterial and deodorising quali es to be er purify water - Help give water a good taste and are a good source of mineral microelements that are beneficial for wellness Func on: Reduce water clustering; an bacterial; deodorise; ionise and alkalise water V. Tourmaline Ceramic Balls
  • 19. - Ensures elimina on of bacteria due to its hollow fiber membrane having a pore size ranging from 0.01 to 0.1 micron. - Microscopic impuri es are filtered out whilst the UF membrane allows the passing through of beneficial water minerals. Func on: Removes bacteria and microscopic impuri es VI. Ultrafiltra on Hollow Fibre Membrane
  • 20. - Effec ve in preven ng bacteria and algae growth due to its Silver ions (Ag+) that move throughout the filter. - The remaining water in the filter does not become contaminated and prevents bacteria from re-entering the filter. Func on: An bacterial; cleans water; prevents algae growth VII. An bacterial Silver-lite Stone
  • 21. Choosing the Right Water Filtra on System
  • 22. Comparing Water Filtra on Systems