I'm looking to start a business SPA Resort


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We are looking for investors or partners from the Middle East, Pakistan, Iran, India, Bangladesh excellent opportunity for investors with high risk, we can say that this is the largest SPA resort never developement in the world based on the massages, the place is wonderful, for our new project under development, Loan World Wide 100% LTV to value essentially 100% financing for Real Estate, Equipment,Development and Construction project operation included the equipments of about US$ 620.000.000 financing.

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I'm looking to start a business SPA Resort

  1. 1. Summary project descriptionThe project is born from a Tuscany entrepreneur which has prepared a complex of elements without equaland precedents on the terrestrial planet, an exclusive concept.Because of many characteristical aspects:The locationIt is situated in the heart of Tuscany, on a hill of 140 hectares of green grass, there is no presence of any other building.The accessThe access to the structure as it can be deduced by the images it is spectacular, a vision of the immovable property setin this hill as in a postcard, 140.000 mqs. displaced to park almost secular, level and hilly, wooded but without exceedingas there are wide open spaces, really unusual.Four accesses, from the town road that brings to the characteristic suburb of Lustignano, the principal access decoratesit whith a beautiful avenue of secular Cypresses, and another access on the other side that brings up to the oldporcilaies.The territoryThe tour Lustignano, few footsteps from the fumaroles of the blowpipes of Larderello, the tallest concentration ofgeothermical industries. The whole zone, of about 200 square kilometers, is interested by the circulation of geothermicalfluid whose heat is due to an magmatic sour intrusion that has been found in the perforations, in various places, to over 7kms. of depth. Such magma, tied up to the late phases of the orogenesi alpine, has given place in surface, to primaryand secondary volcanic activity. The heat emitted by this magme to high temperature (over 600° C. ), make it possiblethat the water circulating in depth is turned into vapor to tall pressure (up to 35 atm. ) and temperature (up to 260° C. ).Talet this phenomenon happen, it’s are necessary that particular geological conditions that is exclusively found in thispart in Tuscany, that is a rocky complex that can sufficiently serve as " reservoir " and an impermeable coverage.Impressive, deprived of certainty we can affirm to have available solfure waters to 37°, the same ones that The Enel usesto movie the its plants.The structureA Castle integrally in stone, going up again to the beginning of 900, therefore we find You a fed use of cement, as wecan se on by some windowsills of the windows, but we can observe at the same time the marvelous ceilings, it’s circularextension in is, really imponent.The structure needs important works of improvement, even if the carrying structures and attics we can affirm that for 60%is are in good maintenance. 1
  2. 2. The projectThese four factors have competed to give birth to that that from now will be: "The Castle Wellness & Resort"The Castle Wellness & Resort will be an unique complex in its kind, we can advance without doubts themost remarkable of Europe.The reader can surf whith pleasure in the web, and give a glance to what today is the beauty farm,a lot of structures adorn whith term like: Wellness, Resort, SPA and other words.These complexes are not revealed anything else but sumptuous Hotel, with the integration of additional services.The beauty farm with its baggage of services is a conception of energy that cannot find its order in a so designatesupplement, we cannot use the word Wellness when they are at disposition five or six boxes, a sauna, two Turkish baths,a place turned to gym with 20 utensils, one or two thermal or heated swimming pools covering a surface of about 1000mqs, a secular park but absence of runs, in remuneration however they offer wide rooms for meetings, 200 rooms,sweater fields etc.etc.These receptive structures are of people that before called hotel 4/5 whith stars, that today to increase their businesshave associated the definitions.The restructuringPrincipal bodyThe structure is composed of three stocks, for a 30% we have a further buried plan, two turrets, a following extension onthe right (ex stables) side, with impending an ample place (ex house of the factor).First floor, from the imposing frontal prospectus we recover to the center the principal entry, the place to which we willrealize the great hall, heart of coordination of the structure, to the sides we will find again the two staircases of access tothe floors, with elevators, than 4 wide baths of service, seductive times in bricks, for the flooring we will exclusivelyemploy marble of Carrara, travertino for the covering of the walls that we will also use for the staircases of access to thefloors and on the steps and in the boundaries, the everything is embellished by beautiful mosaics.wide ample place of around 100 mqs. devoted to the relax, where the client will have available 60 gurneys whether tostretch him after the treatments, an area of around 100 mqs attributed to the solarium where they will find setup 40equipments hight and low pressure.The residues 200 mqs. Are occupied by cabins turned to the treatments of manicure, pedicure and face the all served by5 baths of service.To our right of the whole wing where we have at disposition around 500 mqs. we recover an area destined to the Kneipp,a room devoted to foot hydromassage, follows a zone that entertains 12 ultratecnologicis install of pediluvio of the theyWall up, they accompany a room Slimming endowed with 12 famous Alpha 2010, a place of Colorterapy furnished of 12technical equipments of the Sybartic.In the residues 100 mqs. a recreational space devoted to the babies, with games, didactic tables great plasma screen Tvto closed circuit, where they will have the faculty to see without standstill their cartoons, together with qualified stuff, theywill allow the parents to spend happy moments.In this space a small place is cut out with 12 posting of personal computer endowed with the most modern video games.These places will be dressed again completely both in the floor and in the walls in travertino, with rich mosaics.On the extension on the right, ex stable, there will be the gym, a wide place of around 500 mqs.flower to the buttonhole of the structure, Tecnogym that means the most sophisticated equipments, yoga, gag, zenstretching, pilates, Aquagym, watai strech, personal trainers willing to help all day long.For this place flooring in parquet and coverings in studded travertin with panoramic mirrors.Second floor and towers, 55 spacious rooms with bath, that look in straight line on to the whole valley, plasters crayonwill be employed for the walls, for the ceilings we have wonderful vaults in bricks, for the floors and the baths prestigiousmarbles of Carrara will exclusively be employed with hydromasages tubs and showers by Teuco.Entrance hall to the rooms will appear dressed again completely both in the floor and in the walls with travertino, withexuberant mosaics, for the ceilings we still have stupendous vaults in bricks and spacious baths of service.Third floor, other 40 spacious rooms with bath, with the characteristics of the mentioned ones.A refreshing room of around 250 mqs. created on the surface crossing of the back part of the structure, which will directlylook on to the choreographic swimming pool that we will illustrate You later.The remaning area about 150 mqs. has a refreshing room of reduced dimensions to offer the babies, a space where theycan have lunch with the support of baby sitters and Tv with closed circuit with cartoons, spacious toilette, local turned tothe custody of the laundry and cutlery, freight elevator which will deliver the courses from the kitchen that we will drawYou later. 2
  3. 3. The travertin embellished by mosaics will be employed to complete the covering, of walls and floors, for ceilings we willreconstruct the vaults in bricks that the time has partially made to collapse, other spacious toiletts.External area parallel to the back sideIn the back side parallelly to the castle, there are agricultural attached launchings, which with a modest amplification,they will offer existence the center for massage, a construction of around 3.500 mqs. displaced on two floors, whereinside they will be 40 cabins devoted to massages, 25 reinvigorating showers,6 toilettes, acceptance and product store.This construction will deduce a rectangular form, in style with the castle, externally dressed again with stone, insidefloorings and coverings will be in travertin embellished by mosaics.Above the extension where below the gym it is found, the cafe an wide place will rise of around 200 mqs,it will wisely be restored for creating a refined environment, which is appreciated with a decor in level with thechoreographic swimming pool before mentioned.Furnishing and coverings in travertin, which will continue on the whole decor, embellished by musive decorations.External area at around 100 meters on the right back side parallelly to the castleYou reach this part of attached agricultural (ex porcilaie), through a stupendous pathof around 100 meters with secular cypresses, local that with a modest amplification, will offer existence to the thermalcenter, a construction of around 3.000 mqs displaced on two floors, where to the inside they will be 40 cabins devoted tomud-teraphy, three saunas for a total of 750 mqs. separate men, women and together, atrium thermal Hydrowood,Turkish bath, aromatic bath, lacunium, tepidarium, pietrafuoco, sand med, artificial caves of snow and hay, 25reinvigorating showers, 6 baths of service, reception and storage of products.This construction will have a rectangular form, in style with the castle, externally dressed again all in stone, in insidefloorings and coverings walls in travertin embellished by mosaics.External area adjacent to stable on the whole left side of the castleBuilding to the ground floor of 400 mq. separated from a court that races for the whole space of the structureThe area will be devoted to kitchens, with services, laundry and equipments store, all these will be connected to thestructure through spacious zone covered with passages.The places at the moment are completely collapsed, it will be placed a freight elevator by which the courses and thelaundry will reach the floors.New areaA building will be built of around 1500 mqs. placed in the right frontal part of the castle,Diverted on the right extremity, where there will be 20 maxi rooms for employees, administrative offices, and parkequipment store.The construction will be of rectangular form, in style with the castle, externally dressed again all in stone, inside flooringsin travertin and wallshainted with colors crayon.Near this area there will be the parking zone, around 150 places for auto, the access will directly be had by the principalentry in proximity to the avenue of cypresses, which will have only an ornamental function as for natural reasons, weprofer to leave not the cars not adjacent to the receptive structures, few footsteps they separate parking from the castle.Swimming poolsThe inside court begins the scenografic thermal swimming pool surrounded by a magnificent circular porch with pillars intravertin and vault ceilings, that continue internally in the back area that races parallel to the structure, expandinghimself/herself/itself to the outside for the whole back area of the castle, forming a natural fall with the other situatedswimming pool on the tallest part to the right of the structure, around 3.000 mqs. of water solfurea to 37°!!!Before the thermal center is placed the second thernal swimming pool for watsu, with corridors, runners and streams, itgives origin to natural falls, about 4000 mqs. of solfuree waters at 37° only in Europe!!!!!!!!Frontally you move on the left of the castle, where you find two marvelous swimming pools from 2000 and 3000 mqs. ofsalty water artificially, one totally sunny, the other expands in spaces sorrounded by small secular pinewoods, bothendowed with an ultramodern plant of talassoterapia and plant of purification and centralized crystallization, variegatedforms, aquatic games and streams, all is surrounded by wide spaces sunsuit in travertin with mosaics, swimming poolsincluded . 3
  4. 4. Dedicated to the babies, there is a swimming pool of sweet water 500 mqs. situated inside an well-equipped park games1000 mqs. it is situated aloft on the part left of the castle, spacious zone where babies cam recover their relax, assistedalways by specialized personel, they will spend a fascinating holidays with their parents.The parkWe have at disposal an impressive quantity of green space, it will be a great deal an onerous operation, but of primaryimportance.The first intervention that it’s necessary to effect will be to realize four crossed jogging, I promise you they will beintroduced extraordinary, unique in thein kind I the name of true Wellness!!!We will entirely delimit the whole property, with poles of cascia and metallic nesh net, while for the bordering area nearthe road we will have a preference for an enclosure in masonry, lined again with natural stone, and over it a beautifulmixed handrail in beaten iron to lances embellished by pieces in glazed steel, two gates in art etruscan will complete atriumphant entrance.We will entirely set long the surrounded one with thread net a hedge of laurel using advanced plants to get in an uniqueseason a “good view”.The whole ground will be completely excavated and tilled, enriched with other plants of tall stem, it they wont misspalms and many other things the imagination of the planner can inspire, paths in stone will surround the whole castle,fountains and water games, a stupendous english grass among sunny sides and shades one it will find its natural habitat,of primary importance will be the completely computerized plant of irrigation.A sophisticated plant of video overseeing, will watch over on the whole perimeter, the principal entry and the car park.The illuminationVigorous part of the structure, a computerized illumination system, swimming pools will be furnished with a seductiveinside lighting, lanterns in cast-iron for outside, enriched by bright bundles that will give a touch of refinement to thecastle at night and in the claudy-dark. Inside we wont find the heavy and obsolete swaroskis but a halogen plant withlower impact, enriched by bundles that will know how to give the correct sight to the ceilings, in rooms we will find a softillumination with regulation of intensity.The structure will be supported by an electric box and a generator of support, which will be situated at the bottom of road.The serramentisA great handicraft firm will be entrusted to produce serramentis.Chestnut tree ingot and bronze, glasses room, technologically handed advances doors with magnetic cards, controlaccesses of personnel, serramenti inox glazed for the pleasant structures inside the swimming pools.The waterWe will entrust us to the best geologist in collectings water of the of center Italy, at the university of Pisa, will wiselyknow how to point out us the most optimal zone whether to effect the drilling, that however in a first inspection it wasindividualized in the zone of the ex porcilaies.We will entrust to the firm in of drilling wells, the “Samminiatese Pozzi”, which besides the drilling of the thermal source, itwill also effect the drilling of the well for natural water.RefreshmentsOur structure prefers to attribute biggest space to the comfort, this is our aim, without naturally neglecting a good kitchenbut without exagerating.A rich buffè outside, according to the seasons, will be effected at lunch, while for supper, will propose two exclusivecourses of ancient Tuscan tradition or fresh fish, and the most prestigious wires of the Tuscan hills.A suitable person every days, we won’t serve any frozen food, made for exception fried potatoes and ice creams, with aspecific mean of transport it will drive to the market in Viareggio to buy “ the true fresh fish”, the best vegetables and fruitof the season, while in the afternoon it will go to the mattattois of the zone to by a special meat “the Chianina”.The endowmentsAn unique structure in its kind, will technologically find advanced services, climatic digital air, Telephone Dates tel indirect line, connection coverage total Wi-Fi and HDSL, plasma screen TV from 32" with SAT, SKY, PAY TV, DVD andHi-fi, Frigobar, Kit courtesy coffee / Tea Lavazza Blu, digital Safe, Hair dryer, elegantly furnished with furniture in ingot ofwalnut-tree, draperies in natural flax.Technology will be the owner; we will find the most advanced equipments that technology can offer, an ultratecnologicaltelephone able to manage around 250 insides, where the employeers at the floors through the television will sendcommunication to the operator like if the room is ready, or when the client will effect a consummation in the intelligentfrigobar of the Bartech, the consummation will be recorded with the date and the time of cpnsummation has beeneffected, supported with a computer net endowed with server IBM and laser printers, will be in condition to manage inperfect way the complex.A sophisticated plant of network will surround all the inside and external environments 4
  5. 5. The MarktetingThis is the key factor of the success of a structure, for this we are intentioned to invest in this sector.A society connected to the group created for the occasion with three specialized people in the software realization, sitesweb and their positioning. It will be managed inside the structure with the charge to position the firm on the mostimportant and conclusive portals of the sector, together whith a system of signs to easily reach the structure where thepanorama is really exciting.The client that will come in the web-site of the Castle Wellness & Resort will have the faculty to effect in three-dimensional risolution the visit of the whole complex. People will effect the booking entering inside an ultra technologicalsoftware, which will be like a guide, from the availability of the date of stay, choosing the type of the room, you can visitall the inside of the structure detail, the panorama you can see from the windows, the choice of the packets and finallythe select form of payment.The managementThe Castle Wellness & Resort share company will really be managed by a professional team.A doctor holder of an academy of aesthetics, a marvelous organism, the most actual equipments, but the personnel willhave the direct contact with the client and in this activity we cannot submit in looking for personnel, in the structure wewill exclusively have personnel coming from the academic institute, beauticians that have acquired that knowledge forspecific treatments.A person specialized exclusively in the sector beauty farms and beauty centers who remaind really astonished whenvisiting the place.A young girl, that after having attended a triennial course in the academy, after a short period of stage won, the positionof general manager wellness center in a famous beauty farm.An entrepreneur with 3o years of experience in the managerial field, the pillar number one of the structure.The numbersA financial operation included the equipments of about 42 million of Dollars, a structure of 90 rooms for 150/180 dailypresences, packets from $ 720 USD overnight stay included, a billing from $ 50/54.000,00 thousand USD a day, thereare figures that can be found in complexes of inferior dimensions, structures that for figures a few inferior there offerscarce services and most as extra.The client that will arrive at the Castle Wellness & Resort, sent by tour operator or more easily through a booking online,will have purchased its packet of at least two days that will offer differnt of treatments, two days by the structure, theother services will be free and free, swimming pools with solfure and salty waters, saunas, Turkish baths and caves, gymand a beautiful run jogging in direct contact with nature.Besides we immediately foresee the purchase of over 100 hectares of ground with ruins for around 2.000 mqs in thevalley under the road in front of the castle, on which we will go to realize a sumptuous swimming pool of 10.000 mqs.with cafe, 4 field for tennis and the rest jogging park, connected to the principal complex through a tunnel underground,as you can we are not interested in fields for golf and other crumbling sports, but only and exclusively comfortable area !!Concerning the success of the structure we will go to realize a structure from the medieval attitudes where we will realizefurther 90 rooms, to reach a collective of 300 daily presences, an expense of further eighteen million Dollars.ConcludingWe have tried for with humble words to illustrate you our project, unique in its kind you can not find something similar inEurope.A true wellness center of these dimensions, with over 20.000 mqs. of magnificent swimming pools and authoritativeequipments in quantity and technology, professional personnel, a really unusual place, a sure positive result.The actual complexes on the market and the competition?It doesn’t exist!! Give a look to the noblest thermal baths of Saturnia! just 900 mqs of swimming pool, a draft withprehistoric rectangular forms, Grotta Giusti more times restored, today everything must adorn some convections withcorporate body to reach a deserving billing, the list can continue, complexes that during few years have more times seenthe change of their managements, as deprived of profits, seen again in the structures but from people that have run overor invested their money in the wrong way, unfortunately this typology of organisms exclusively needs a factor of primaryimportance! Experience.Sojourning at to the Castle Wellness & Resort will be as to feel as the protagonist of a film where any detail is left to thecase, a special attention for furnishing and winding, the accompanies guest as in a trip, to reach the full equilibriumbetween the body and the mind, the capillary organization and the accurate preparation of the team of every department,will allow the client to use of all the advanced services without “psyco-physical stress”. 5