Understanding the Next Job Up… and Getting Promoted


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At Product Camp Silicon Valley 2013, I led a discussion (using this deck) about product management levels (individual contributor, director, VP) and how those roles differ. It kicked off an energetic discussion -- including pithy insights from current VPs and Directors of Product Mgmt/Marketing.

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  • StrategyMaking product line succeed within portfolio and channelsCompeting product suites, adjacent productsPeople and OrganizationEncouraging cross-functional cooperation, helping peers identify talentMarket SensingHow do we educate Sales and learn what’s working?1-3 year technical and PL market trendsProcessesAdvocacy for process improvements (waterfall  agile)Delegate, avoid settling individual issuesAgilityRe-allocating PMs, focusing attention, shifting roadmaps
  • Understanding the Next Job Up… and Getting Promoted

    1. 1. CLICK TO EDIT MASTE R TITLE Understanding the Next Job Up… and Getting Promoted Rich Mironov
    2. 2. • Veteran product manager/exec/strategist • Business models, pricing, agile • Organizing product organizations • 6 startups, including as CEO/founder • “The Art of Product Management” • Organized first Product Camp ABOUT RICH
    3. 3. CLICK TO EDIT MASTE R TITLE market information, priorities, requirements, roadmaps, epics, user stories, backlogs, personas, MRDs… product bits strategy, forecasts, commitments, roadmaps, competitive intelligence budgets, staff, targets Field input, Market feedback Segmentation, messages, benefits/features, pricing, qualification, demos… Markets & CustomersDevelopment Marketing & Sales Executives Product Management WHAT DOES A PRODUCT MANAGER DO? W W W . M I R O N O V . C O M
    5. 5. • PM role is different from Director PM and VP PM • The promotion funnel is narrow • Not an entitlement • Not (just) by being the best at your current job • Do you want that next job? • Can you demonstrate skills/scope beyond your current role? ROLES AND PROMOTIONS
    6. 6. MYTHICAL PM ORGANIZATION Dir PM Dir PM Pricing Analyst Sr PM PM/PO Sr PM Competitive Analyst Sr PM PM PM/PMM Product Owner Channel/Part ner PM VP Products
    7. 7. • Knows more about product, market, roadmap, competition, use cases, personas, trade-offs than anyone else • Talks benefits with customers; talks tech with engineers; talks strategy with execs • Relentless communicator of the truth • Timeline: Next 2-4 quarters • Gets great (individual) products out the door PM AS INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR
    8. 8. • Focus on processes, resources and teams • Cross-functional cooperation and priorities • PLM-level trends and market input • Standardization and simplification • Mentor your replacement • Scope • Next 6 quarters • Broad product strategy and budget • Keeps the trains running DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT MANAGEMENT
    9. 9. CLICK TO EDIT MASTE R TITLE Name a few ways that a line Product Manager can show off her Director skills
    10. 10. CLICK TO EDIT MASTE R TITLE Director-level roles in other functions or organiztions?
    11. 11. • Focus on aligning strategy, organization and products • Is the company succeeding? Is PM succeeding? • Company-wide issues and disconnects • Market success (= revenue!) • Scope • 3 year trends • Thoughtful member of exec team • How do we build organizational support to do the right things? VP PRODUCTS
    12. 12. How could a PM Director signal interest in a VP PM role? Risks?
    13. 13. • Organizational levels have different roles • Decide what you want • Demonstrate skills one level up TAKE-AWAYS 13W W W . M I R O N O V . C O M
    14. 14. CLICK TO EDIT MASTE R TITLE CONTACT Rich Mironov, CEO Mironov Consulting 233 Franklin St, Suite #308 San Francisco, CA 94102 RichMironov @RichMironov Rich@Mironov.com