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L1031 ppt books 2 -_future_of_publishing_seminar_presentation_-_2_a
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L1031 ppt books 2 -_future_of_publishing_seminar_presentation_-_2_a






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L1031 ppt books 2 -_future_of_publishing_seminar_presentation_-_2_a Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Books 2.0 The future of Book Publishing in a connected world Clive Rich March 19th, 2010
  • 2. Contents • R fl ti th macro-changes Reflecting the h • Operational consequences • What’s happening in relation to contracts right now • N New structures f a new paradigm? t t for di ? – Towards a new type of Distribution contract? – Towards a new type of Author’s contract? – Towards a new model of organisation?
  • 3. A NEW LANDSCAPE Reflecting the macro-changes
  • 4. ... TO BE NEGOTIATED CAREFULLY Reflecting the macro-changes
  • 5. ... AND IN A DIFFERENT WAY TO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY Reflecting the macro-changes
  • 6. The context: Multiple distribution partners • “Multiple Channels” • “Multiple Devices” Multiple Devices • “Ubiquity” • “Mutual Interest”
  • 7. Consequences • T diti Traditional partners are now l t joined by: – Mobile – Ebooks – ISP s ISP’s – Devices – Hardware/Software co pa es a dwa e So twa e companies – Brands – Portals/social networks – Aggregators – Consumers
  • 9. The context: Greater User empowerment • “Opennesss” “O ” • “Open licences” p • “Sharing” • “Non Linear” Non Linear • “Context, community, experience” i ” • “Immersiveness” • “Consumer Trust”
  • 10. Consequences • Less control • Freedom for the user to ... • Multiple linking/book marking • Unbundling • More conversations
  • 12. The context: Multiple streams of value • “Advertising reborn as content” • “Freemium” • “F l like f ” “Feels lik free” • “Bundles” u dles • “Value around product”
  • 13. Consequences • Downloads • Value added • Subscription products • Ad supported • V l added Value dd d • Books bundled services with software ith ft • Aggregator deals and/or hardware • Rev share deals • Micro transactions • Super distribution Super-distribution • Micropayments • D2C business models
  • 16. Consequences for distribution contracts • M lti l di t ib ti partners: Multiple distribution t – Requirement for multiple different contract types for different channels – Some large and growing fast, some small and developing. The latter are just as important – Creates resource issue – Will collective licensing emerge? g g
  • 17. Consequences for distribution contracts • G t user empowerment: Greater t – Tension between traditional approval rights/rights restrictions for content g g owners versus need to accommodate enhanced user involvement – Less focus on DRM? – Focus on remedies rather than prevention of activities? – M More transparency f P bli h ? for Publishers? – Access to Data ownership and use
  • 18. Consequences for distribution contracts • Multiple streams of value: – Contracts catering for many more, but frequently smaller multiple transactions – Contracts permitting experimentation w t bus ess odels whilst protecting with business models w lst p otect g Publisher rev streams where practicable – use of minima? advances? Agency commissions? “Greater of” formulae? Equity? – Contracts requiring commercial transparency and fluent accounting from distribution partners – garbage in creates g garbage out g
  • 19. Consequences for author contracts • Multiple distribution partners: – Transparency for authors more p y likely than controls – Issues around term/extent of rights/exclusivity of rights/percentage splits developing as authors weigh up weigh-up direct-to-market deals
  • 20. Consequences for author contracts • Greater user empowerment: • Tension between integrity of product and ability to unbundle books • Who controls access to and ownership of audience? di ? • Access to Author becoming a key issue as need to generate additional content streams and experiences grows
  • 21. Consequences for author contracts • Multiple streams of value: – Authors potentially being accounted to for many more transactions than previously, across many different business models and often involving smaller amounts – Increased focus on net-receipts calculations – should percentage splits increase if publishers have less costs? – More rapid accounting becoming an issue – Use of desktop audits to become more frequent
  • 22. Towards a new model • Distribution contracts – Combination of multiple channels, greater user involvement, and need to build multiple streams of value implies greater emphasis on • providing access to books as a service • partnership with distributors. – Such partnerships are a better bulwark against piracy than legislative controls – Need to build service propositions for users implies move away from “licence” or “sales” agreements and towards greater emphasis on g g p mutual “service” style agreements, supporting distribution partners in new ways
  • 23. Towards a new partnership model Publisher Partner Jointly • Product development • Promotion • Providing community • Regular delivery of • Marketing development tools different ki d of diff kinds f • Distribution • Driving traffic unique content • Supporting data capture • Building user • Product unbundling and processing p g conversations • Access to authors • Embracing E b i • Supporting channel business model • Building context around development experiments authors • Collection • Format creation • Embracing of sharing • Reporting • Delivering and portability of • Accounting sponsorship and co te t content advertising • Proportionate Risk P i Ri k • Data utilisation • Proportionate rewards
  • 24. Towards a new model • A th agreement Author g t – Greater author freedom to go to market directly plus requirements to deliver books as a service implies greater emphasis on “service-style” “service style” agreements with authors – Services provided in return for payments by way of tiered commissions BUT without i i ith t extensive advances, lower marketing and lower print costs? g p
  • 25. Towards a new Model of service contract Services provided; • Sales • Market insight • Product development p • CRM • Channel development • Royalty accounting • Website development, • Credit/collections including D2C • Physical manufacturing • Brand sponsorship services • Merchandise • Digital manufacturing • Creative services services/artwork • Digital Di i l encoding and di d • Press, publicity and distribution media buying • Business Affairs services • Digital/online marketing g g
  • 26. Towards a new model organisationally – “The time is now” – “Pressure is on ...” – “More haste, less speed?” , p
  • 27. Embracing the great adventure “One needs to place the footstep of courage into the stirrup of patience” (Shackleton) • Publishers already have the skills – digital is just another channel for creative expression • Digital work is ”Exclusively for Everyone Exclusively Everyone” • Project-based work involves everybody and creates momentum with minimal i i h i i l internal l organisational disruption
  • 28. The footstep of courage in the p g stirrup of patience. Thank you.