Facebook Analytics - Tudo aquilo que você imaginava e agora ainda melhor
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Facebook Analytics - Tudo aquilo que você imaginava e agora ainda melhor






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  • The site has amassed 400 million users, with the average user spending more than 55 minutes a day on the site, according to Facebook’s own statistics.
  • Traditional tagging methods do not work on Facebook so you need a different approach than you have used on your website Limited visibility The information you can obtain from Facebook Insights is limited and focused around events Cannot track Ad conversions Ad tracking in Facebook is limited to impressions and clicks. There are no ways to track ad conversions within Facebook. Old data Data you receive from Facebook is up to 3 days old. Multi-channel view Impossible to understand Facebook metrics in the context of your other digital channels
  • Facebook walks a fine line between trying to help companies reach its consumers, and protecting the privacy of its members. Stray too far toward the companies, and the members go away. Because of that reason, some elements of Facebook provide different measurement capabilities. Let’s talk first about what Facebook offers, and then we’ll get into what can be measured. This is a screenshot of our Facebook Fan page. Ads: Brands can buy ads and target them based on the interest, demographics and posts of the user. Facebook’s data for targeting is a fascinating playground for brands. Ads are posted in various areas around the site. Fan Page: The Fan Page is the biggest element that the brand controls. It’s made up of a few parts. Wall: The wall lets brand interact with its fans, and the fans to interact among themselves about the brand. Brands can post images, links, and stir conversations. Tabs: Tabs are places for the brand to put focused experiences: polls, images, videos, games, giveaways. There are static tabs (FBML or Facebook Markup Language) and App Tabs (where an application resides).
  • Facebook has become the most visited site on web, surpassing MSN, Yahoo! and Google, according to Compete.com. Coke and Unilever announced that they are shifting their spending from microsites to Facebook. And Pepsi ditched its entire $20 million Super Bowl ad spend for Social Media.
  • Online business is larger than just your website More touchpoints for your brand – web, mobile, fb, set-top box, gaming consoles, video, etc…. Understanding customer behaviors across all digital channels is necessary to optimize the interactions with your customers Forrester coined the term “Splinternet” – the explosion of digital channels beyond the traditional internet – Facebook being one of them  Webtrends has evolved with the Splinternet to provide our customers with a multi-channel view of their customers. Whether that be Web, mobile, facebook, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, video, etc. The ability to measure all your digital channels.
  • Within the FB “channel”, the Webtrends FB analytics solution enables our customers to measure FB activity for: visitors across the entire FB visit go deeper than you could do with facebook itself be able to look at your facebook traffic in the context of you other digital channels. --- Facebook Insights provides useful information on low-value events, such as page visits and counts. Webtrends adds to this and provides tracking of high-value events, such as conversions, transactions and campaigns. Webtrends enables this data to be coupled with similar data from other digital channels providing a valuable multi-channel perspective.   Some specific limitations of just running FB Insights: i)                   The data from Facebook Insights is several days old. Webtrends collects the data same day and it is available in the reports the following day ii)                  FB does not provide the ability to do drilldown on how visitors are getting to a page. Webtrends is able to collect data related to how visitors are getting to the tab/app location. iii)                No multi-channel view. Webtrends enables customers to track visitors across channels – facebook, website, mobile, etc. iv)                Facebook alone cannot provide detailed tracking around things like Influencers and Scenario analysis
  • Included in Webtrends Facebook Analytics i) Analytics 9 Ondemand environment provisioned for the customer along with the integration needed to collect Facebook data ii) 15 pre-configured reports built specifically to report on the people that interact with your custom applications. Reports can be run via the Insights interface or the ondemand UI iii) A self-implementation guide that provides an overview of the steps required to implement the tagging service on a custom Facebook tab and custom Facebook app. This guide enables the customer to be self-sufficient and must be completed to initially turn on data collection to populate the pre-configured reports.. iv) Phone support for Webtrends Analytics
  • Performance Scenarios Custom Conversion metrics (measure ads, campaigns, conversion metrics by gender). Ad Drilldown (by type of aD) – number of registrations as a reasult of the ad.

Facebook Analytics - Tudo aquilo que você imaginava e agora ainda melhor Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Facebook Analytics
  • 2. 500,000,000+ Usuários Facebook & 5,500,000,000+ Facebook Posts Por Semana
  • 3. O uso das redes sociais é explosivo
    • 3 de 4 pessoas usam as redes sociais
    • 2/3 da população da internet global visita redes socias e faz parte delas
    • Visitas à redes sociais estão a frente de acessos ao e-mail pessoal As redes sociais estão em 4a. lugar no ranking de acessos
    • E , estão crescendo 3X na taxa global da Internet*
    * Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009
  • 4. Desafios do Marketing na mensuração Facebook
    • Os modos de tagging usados não funcionam no Facebook
    • Visibilidade é limitada para o Facebook
    • Não podemos fazer track Ad conversions no Facebook
    • Os dados recebidos no Facebook são de ate 03 dias
    • Existe a dificuldade de entender as métricas do Facebook no contexto de outros canais digitais
  • 5. O Facebook Custom Tabs & Apps Ads Wall Fan Page Standard Tabs Wall Info Photos Blog Video Discussions Events Boxes Notes
  • 6. Facebook – Customização de Apps Links to an app Custom App Custom Tab
  • 7. Facebook - Flashbook Flashbook
  • 8.  
  • 9. Facebook é o site mais visitado no mundo da Internet 2.5B 2.0B 1.5B 1.0B 01/2009 11/2009 * Compete.com comparing visits vs vs
  • 10. Facebook demanda mais tráfego para novos sites do que Google
  • 11. Webtrends Facebook Analytics Webtrends Analytics Webtrends Facebook Analytics permite medir comercialmente o retorno de seus investimentos nessa midia social, dando maior visibilidade à atividade dos fãs e, em seguida , colocá-lo no contexto de seus outros canais digitais. Multi-channel visibility provides greater customer intelligence Web Mobile Facebook FiOS TV Game consoles Video
  • 12. Webtrends Facebook Analytics Webtrends Analytics Profunda medição de alto valor de atividade no Facebook Visibilidade da Campanha inteira em todos os seus canais digitais As métricas mais rápidas com os relatórios pré-configurados Multi-channel visibility provides greater customer intelligence Web Mobile Facebook FiOS TV Game consoles Video
  • 13. Webtrends Facebook Analytics O que eu posso medir? Custom Tabs Custom Apps Ads Links Flash Webtrends Analytics Facebook Measurement Multi-channel visibility provides greater customer intelligence Web Mobile Facebook FiOS TV Game consoles Video
  • 14. Webtrends Facebook Analytics O que está incluso? Analytics 9 w/ Facebook Redirector Pre-built Facebook Reports Essential Care Support Self-Implementation Guide Webtrends Analytics Facebook Analytics Multi-channel visibility provides greater customer intelligence Web Mobile Facebook FiOS TV Game consoles Video
  • 15. Relatório Webtrends Facebook Visitor and fan activity Demographics Basic share metrics Scenario Analysis Conversion Reporting Drilldowns Pathing Reports Basic activity and demographic data (self-implementation) Performance & Behavioral Data (custom reporting) “ WHO” “ WHAT”
  • 16. Webtrends Facebook Analytics Pre-built Reports Understand who is visiting your Facebook pages Understand who are the most engaged and influential visitors Understand who you reach with your Facebook ads Understand who your Facebook campaigns are touching Basic activity and demographic data (self-implementation) Performance & Behavioral Data (custom reporting) Scenario Analysis Conversion Reporting Drilldowns Pathing Reports “ WHO” “ WHAT” Top Visitors Identified Visitors User Influence Potential   Streamshare Influencers Ad Performance Summary Ad Performance by Campaign Facebook Campaigns (Basic) Like Status Visitor Primary Language Share Metrics Application Summary Pages  Browsers by Version Gender Geo
  • 17. Webtrends Facebook Analytics Self-Implementation Guide
    • Possui um guia que permite ao cliente ser auto suficiente na inserção das tags e tabulação passo – a – passo
    • Permite ao cliente integrar as métricas nos relatórios
    • Maior foco nos relatórios de “Atividade Basica & Dados Demográficos ”
  • 18. Obrigado pelo seu tempo e interesse