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Question 5
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Question 5


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. The music begins straight away along with the production logo. The music helps to express that it is a thriller film. The music is fast paced and provides the audience with anxiety and tension. Similar to the thriller opening sequence of 'Se7en', I aimed to make my opening express fully that it was a thriller film and that it would be a film full of mystery and drama. Introducing my thriller with my production logo gives my target audience knowledge of the production company.
  • 2. The first shot is an establishing shot, as the main character of my thriller opening is known. I used a shot of my main character to open my sequence because I thought it was important that my audience was introduced to her first to express her importance and role in the thriller opening. Her facial expression expresses her emotions to the audience and begins to unfold the storyline.
  • 3. This shot represents my target audience of young people. I aimed to show the typical day of an adolescent in my thriller opening and this shot shows ‘Chellsee’ going out and walking down the road on a normal day, this represents young people’s everyday life. Also, I aimed to represent young people by the costume I decided to make Chellsee wear. Jeans, shoes, a t-shirt and coat represents what a modern young person would wear on a day-to-day basis when going out.
  • 4. I used this shot to make it seem as if the camera was the stalker. I used this technique to explore and express the vulnerability of my female character, and wanted to demonstrate to my target audience how vulnerable she is, as she is unaware she is being watched. I aimed to film in the daylight as I wanted to express fully to my audience, especially females, that vulnerability can happen whenever.
  • 5. I aimed to make my titles demonstrate that my opening sequence was a thriller. I attracted my audience by adding effects such as ‘Cracked’ to add an effect which showed that my opening sequence was a thriller, I also used this font because it provided my target audience with a sense of anxiousness, tension, drama and suspense. I aimed to engage my audience by the font and colour of my titles.
  • 6. I used an effect ‘Additive Dissolve’ to attract my audience and grab their attention. This effect was bright and attracting along with the sound effect I used. I aimed to attract my audience using these two effects together, as they would have been unexpected for my audience. This shot would represent vulnerable audiences as my female character Chellsee’s facial expressions show she is lonely and vulnerable.
  • 7. I made my music on Garage Band adding a variety of instruments and sounds together. I made sure I kept it constant and continuous so my audience could be aware and familiar with it throughout my opening sequence. I played my music to my target audience and used their feedback to edit my music. One member of my target audience said there was too much playing at once, so I took this into consideration and edited it so there was less playing. Other members of my target audience described the mood of music as tense, dark, edgy, mysterious, sinister and creepy-like. This feedback was good as this is exactly how I wanted my audience to respond to my music track. I added a sound effect at one point to my music track but the feedback I got from my target audience was mostly negative and some said; ‘it was random’, ‘it didn’t suit the rest of the track’ so I took this into consideration and removed this sound effect, leaving me with just one, which I had got positive feedback on. My Music My Music
  • 8. I used this shot to attract my audience. I aimed to make them feel a sense of anxiousness and tension with this shot, as my female character Chellsee is unaware my ‘stalker’ character is behind her. This shot would grab their attention.
  • 9. I decided to show the title of my thriller film at the end as this shot would attract my audience. I believed that it would conclude my audience’s thoughts and curiosity about what the film is called and what the storyline could be. I also stopped my music suddenly, I did this because I thought it would leave my target audience thinking what’s going to happen next, and the sudden stop would leave them tense and anxious of what the film is about.
  • 10. To attract my audience I explored fully and demonstrated that my film opening was a thriller film. I used features such as fonts of my titles, effects and shots/angles to demonstrate the thriller sense of my opening sequence. I directed my female character Chellsee to express emotions of my character by asking her to think of negative things, as I wanted her expressions to tell the story of my thriller film. I made my titles, production logo and film name look very ‘creepy-like’ so it would express that my media product was a horror-thriller. I also made my music explore the thriller conventions by using a variety of instruments to show this. I took in and considered my target audience’s feedback when creating and editing any pieces of footage or music, I did this because I wanted to meet the needs of my target audience. I addressed my audience by the costume/clothing I used on Chellsee, as I wanted to represent my target audience. I also did this by taking in my target audience’s feedback. How I addressed/attracted my audience How I addressed/attracted my audience