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Remix Remix Presentation Transcript

  • Notes
    Free coffee!
  • Notes
    Some guys talked about what they’re gonna talk about.
  • Notes
    • Slides can be found here:
    • Glossed over CSS3 but highlighted: transforms/transitions, gradients, new selectors, border-radius, box-shadow, text-shadow, @font-face as coolest features.
    • Talk focussed more on best practice and using CSS3 for the right reasons (not just because it’s cool) and things to consider when using, eg. Browser support, device support, vendor extensions [moz, webkit]
    • Talked about Nicole Sullivan’s OO-CSS concept ( look for patterns in layout and build libraries according to patterns
    • Talked about ‘pre-processors’, eg. LESS (, SASS ( These enable you to use variables within CSS. On compile, CSS becomes bloated and conflicts with Sullivan’s OO CSS principles.
    • CSS Media Queries enable Responsive Design: scale across devices; start with simple linear layouts and work up from there.
  • Notes
    Free coffee and cake!
  • Notes
    • Presenter Vaughan Knight ( built this:
    • Runs best in IE9 (of course!!), even though he didn’t optimise it for IE9. Used a library called three js (
    • Showed us some code for a basic game, and also how it looks in a little utility he uses for game building called impactjs (
  • Notes
    • There were exactly 10 things.
    • These included: ways to save money; ways to get pretty URLs by tweaking CNAMEs out of stuff hosted in the cloud, other than default ugly ones; can run non-windows stuff using Azure; static websites can be hosted in blob storage (
  • Notes
    • Free food and drink!
    • Finalists in competition to win $40,000 worth of consulting from Microsoft presented their entries (brief was it could be anything that would be hosted in the cloud, so the idea that was best suited to this stood the best chance of winning)
  • Notes
    • Soap creative ( presented world’s biggest pacman (
    • Were asked by Microsoft to build something in HTML5 to show off at conference in Las Vegas. They came up with the pacman concept (build your own pacman maze and add it next to an existing maze, and navigate between mazes).
    • They had 8 weeks to build it with no HTML5 experience. Yay!
    • Talked about libraries they used (highly recommended easeljs []).
    • Also, the basic things you need to keep in mind when, ie. Each game character represents an object programatically and a character has a personality so these are all programmed as properties of that object and the way the objects interact with other objects also needs to be programmed.
    • Showcased some of the great creative users have submitted so far:
  • Notes
    • The point of the talk was that with minimal code you can make a boring site look cool in very little time, using ‘social’ plugins such as: facebook like buttons, facebook login buttons, paypal buttons, disqus comments, twitter feeds, etc.
    • Wow!
    • Mentioned a cool Visual Studio feature called ‘NuGet’, which can be found under Tools -> Library packet manager. I checked the version we have but we don’t have it  ... it gives you the option to include the js files and other assets to use all the latest libraries so you don’t have to go hunting for them yourself!
  • Notes
    • Free coffee and cake!
  • Notes
    • Presented a simple demo showing in SVG and canvas.
    • Stuff on canvas are stateless objects; you need to maintain state yourself (hence why they use libraries such as easeljs)
    • SVG has referencable elements which maintains state. There are a few jquery SVG plugins (eg. which allow you to animate SVG elements using jquery syntax.
  • Notes
    • Showed Windows8 video off youtube.
    • Gave out prizes.
    • Home time!
  • In conclusion
    • They’re all using libraries!
    • All the speakers love IE9 and Visual Studio is their editor-of-choice (even though most of them are just writing JS).
    • Microsoft are really excited about Window Mobile and Silverlight!
    • Flash developers, don’t worry if it dies...just do all your stuff on canvas.
    • Getting out of the office on a work day, having access to free food and drink, and finding out about what other people in the industry are doing is fun!