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Converge Making It Real 05 12
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Converge Making It Real 05 12


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Indigenous Engagement Project conVerge08 Making It Real 5 December 2008 Rhonda Appo
    • 2. Context
      • Massive under representation of Indigenous people in vocation education and training (VET) and broadly
      • Poor infrastructure, if any
      • Social disengagement and exclusion
    • 3. Reflections and learnings
      • Training needs to be purposeful
      • Role of the Project Champion
      • Gaining acceptance – knowledge of local protocols
      • Assistance with applications and overcoming difficulties
      • Cultural knowledge is shared
      • Technology is the conduit to learning and engagement
    • 4. Highlights
      • Self Esteem
      • The role of the champion
      • Recording of stories, sharing cultural knowledge
      • Relationship with government funding and policy organisations
      • Indigenous people are equal partners
      • Level of engagement
      • Using the technology for “just me” purposes
    • 5. Key Messages
      • High Priority learner group
      • Cultural knowledge can be shared
      • Resources highly interactive, visual, innovative and adaptive
      • Ownership and pride in sharing/testing/questioning
    • 6. Challenges
      • Perception
      • Gaining trust
      • Level of priority within community
      • Ensuring equal Indigenous participation
      • Valid consultation
      • Timing
      • Leadership
    • 7. Location
      • Google Earth ( showing each of the locations)
    • 8. Funded projects
        • Open Learning Institute of TAFE (QLD)
        • NSW North Coast Institute of TAFE (NSW)
        • Charles Darwin University (NT)
        • TAFE NSW Western Institute (NSW, WA)
        • Cultural Recreation and Tourism Training Advisory Council (NT, WA, QLD)
        • Mount Isa Institute of TAFE (QLD) TAFE NSW Western Institute (NSW)
        • Central Gippsland Institute of TAFE (VIC)
        • Kimberley College of TAFE (WA)
        • Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE (QLD)
        • Tropical North Queensland TAFE (QLD)
        • JobTrain WA Pty Ltd (WA).
    • 9.  
    • 10. Jobs for our Mob – Camooweal
      • Preparation for the world of work, to be physically and mentally ready
      • Resource developed and nationally received
      • Employment and training model recognised nationally
    • 11. Jobs for Our Mob
      • Appropriate language
      • Virtual tour
      • Resources
      • Familiarity of location
      • Use of avatars
    • 12. Indigenous e-learn = e-skills n work”
      • Familiar voices - connection
      • Relevant resources
      • Appropriate terminology
    • 13. Making It Real
      • Ability to “make it” real and owned
      • Build the resource to keep
      • Appropriate to the community needs
      • Language and visuals are developed and individualised
    • 14. Making It Real
      • To engage the communities of Lockhart River and Yarrabah
      • To engage learners in literacy and numeracy resources by providing a familiar context and environment
      • To provide a resource which is customisable by any community within Australia
    • 15. The concept
      • Create a resource with default graphics and audio with links to suitable literacy/numeracy activities based on four locations – community council office, school, shop and the home – as well as a customisable photo album which can be populated with local pictures
      • Create a tool which allows communities to customise the resource with their own names, photographs and audio
    • 16. The resource
      • A collection of webpages, audio and flash with a default “look and feel”
      • Links to four identified locations:
          • Community Council (Office)
          • School (Classroom)
          • Home
          • Shop
      • A link to a community photo album
    • 17. The resource
      • Each location has an outside view which is customisable by the community
      • Clicking on the “Go Inside” button takes you inside the location – the inside views are drawn visuals of what that place might typically look like
      • Inside are clickable objects that load literacy and numeracy activities related to the object – eg. Clicking on a guitar will access activities around music
    • 18. The tool
      • When the learner has customised each location – choosing pictures and voices – they click on the “Make It Real” button which copies their own files into the resource, customising it for their own community
      • At any stage, the tool can be run to change any aspect of each customised location – names, pictures or voices
    • 19.
      • View the Elluminate Live! recording
    • 20.
      • Contact details
      Website: Rhonda Appo Ph: (07) 3307 4707 Mob: 0439 678 412 Email: [email_address] For more information on the Australian Flexible Learning Framework: Ph: (07) 3307 4700 Email: [email_address]