LMA Case Study: Beasley Broadcast Group


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Case study highlighting Beasley's success story rolling out VendAsta's "Do It With Me" Reputation Management and Social Marketing services.

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LMA Case Study: Beasley Broadcast Group

  1. 1. Beasley Broadcast GroupLaunches Reputation and SocialSolutions in Record Time
  2. 2. Digital Opportunities● Online listings are full of user generated content (UGC)○ Consumers trust UGC more than traditionaladvertising● A businesss brand is what their customers say it is"Reputation Management is expected to be a $3.5B industry by 2014."- Kelsey Group
  3. 3. Digital Obstacles● New territory for traditional media● No standardized training in place● Support collateral yet to be developed● Fulfillment process● Integrations to legacy systemsWhat if the solutions provider could eliminate these obstacles for you?
  4. 4. ● Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBGI)● Number of Employees: Approximately 650● Number of Radio Stations Owned or Operated: 44● Number of Markets Served: 11● Number of Listeners: 6.2 million
  5. 5. ChallengeTo expand advertising and marketing solution offerings,Beasley Broadcast Group required:● Solutions with a clear value proposition● Solutions with market opportunity● Robust technical infrastructure● Straightforward provisioning
  6. 6. VendAsta presented a complete reputation and socialpresence management solution:● Comprehensive visibility information● Customizable alerts● A mobile-optimized presence● Social marketing with measurable ROI● A Concierge CRM option to assist with all of the aboveSolution
  7. 7. Go To Market TimelineWednesday: VendAsta met with The Beasley GroupThursday: VendAsta conducted sales and product trainingFriday: Beasleys sales efforts began○ VendAsta participated in three sales calls
  8. 8. Results● In three days, the Beasley Group sales people were ableto begin selling the platform● On the first day of selling, Beasley Group closed $20,000in new business from three calls
  9. 9. Strategic Market LaunchesApril/May 2013:● Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Fort Myers, FL andWilmington, DEJune 2013:● Miami, Atlanta, and New Bern, NC
  10. 10. Tier 1: Product Expert Training● Online training with a "Company Expert"■ Expert becomes go-to product person foryour organization● 1 - 2 months of weekly meetings to familiarizethemselves with the platform
  11. 11. Tier 2: Seminar Training● Basic Training: How topitch effectively, Q&A○ Led by our SalesSolutions Specialist● Access to pre-madecollateral (sales decks,partner invites, and more)
  12. 12. Thats it. No more Obstacles.● Standardized training sessions● Support collateral for sales teams● Easily integrated technical solutions● Available backend fulfillment centerStart selling digital in record time
  13. 13. ContactNathan RhodesStrategic Partner Developmentnrhodes@vendasta.com(306) 291-5748www.vendasta.com
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