Girl Scouts Cookies: Cookies with a Mission
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Girl Scouts Cookies: Cookies with a Mission



Girl Scout cookies are much more than raising funds. They provide opportunities for finanical literacy learning, communication skill development and personal growth. As a product, this presentation ...

Girl Scout cookies are much more than raising funds. They provide opportunities for finanical literacy learning, communication skill development and personal growth. As a product, this presentation details how innovation has played a critical role in the continued success of Girl Scout cookies.



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  • Women – How many here were a girl scout?Men – Was your wife or sister a girl scout?Parents of girls – Was/is your daughter in girl scouts?Everyone – Raise your hand if a girl scout came to your door to sell cookies this year. Last year? Ever?
  • Did I mention that the entire sales team is made up of volunteers?
  • Did I mention that the entire sales team is made up of volunteers?
  • Did I mention that the entire sales team is made up of volunteers?
  • Add photos….
  • Let Me Know: Life Online – First digital patch

Girl Scouts Cookies: Cookies with a Mission Girl Scouts Cookies: Cookies with a Mission Presentation Transcript

  • Girl Scouts Cookies
    Almost A Century of Innovation
  • Girl Scouts – Girl Guides
    Founded in 1912
    >10M Worldwide
    >90 Countries
    >3.4M in US
    >45K in Minnesota
    Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and
    character, who make the world a better place.
  • Some Famous Girl Scouts…
  • Dionne Warwick Singer
  • Candice Bergen Actress
  • Lois JuliberPresident, Colgate Palmolive
  • Katie CouricCBS News Anchor
  • Mariah Carey Actress
  • Hilary Rodham ClintonSecretary of State
  • Gloria Steinem Author
  • Bonnie Blair Gold Medalist
  • Celine Dion Singer
  • Cheryl TiegsSuper Model
  • Barbara Walters TV Journalist
  • On to the cookies…
  • Every Cookie Has a Mission
  • Finding Cookies
  • Everyone Has a Favorite
    Lemon Chalet
    Thin Mints®
    Thank You Berry Munch®
  • Favorite Cookie App
  • Favorite Cookie Poll
  • National Breakdown
  • More Than Just Fundraising
    Develop …
    Self confidence
    Financial literacy skills
    Communication skills
  • How the Cookie Crumbles…
  • A Peek Behind the Scenes
    Baker contract every two years
    GS owns 3 of the cookies
    Thin Mints®
    Most sales in Jan-Mar – Some in Nov/Dec
    Very large sales organization (>3 million)
  • Short Selling Season
    3 Months
    Must be Winter – Keep the Chocolate Cold
    Compliments Commercial Bakers “Seasons”
    A Supporting Role to the GS Mission
  • 6 Selling Personas
  • 6 Selling Personas
    • Learning alphabet, words and numbers
    • Active, constant movement:  talking, wiggling
    • Begins to understand consequences of behavior
    • Positive attitude and pride towards school
    • Has likes and dislikes (food, activities, people)
    • Seeks adult approval and guidance
    • May have trouble finishing what they start
    • Age 5-6
    • Grades K-1
    • Imitates/Role plays
    • Likes to make things
    • Wants to be liked and helpful
    • Needs and wants structure
    • Takes directions well
  • 6 Selling Personas
    • Age 7-8
    • Grades 2-3
    • Developing reading & math skills
    • Able to work on projects for 20 minute stretches
    • Love repetition
    • Like to inspect, organize and classify
    • Relatively compliant
  • 6 Selling Personas
    • Age 9-10
    • Grades 4-5
    • Building literacy skills in language arts & math
    • Competitive team sports
    • Musical instrument
    • Beginning puberty
    • Seeks recognition for their individuality
    • Friends more important that teachers or parents
    • Building social conscience
  • 6 Selling Personas
    • Age 11-13
    • Grades 6-8
    • Middle school
    • Mixed emotions about Girl Scouts
    • Focus on self
    • Concerned about perception of peers
    • Experiencing puberty
    • Spending more time on personal appearance
    • Resist adult authority, seeks independence
  • 6 Selling Personas
    • Age 14-15
    • Grades 9-10
    • Seeks relevance
    • Interest in boys
    • Desire leadership roles
  • 6 Selling Personas
    • Age 16-17
    • Grades 11-12
    • Assuming leadership responsibilities
    • Concerned about graduating/college
    • May hold a part-time job
  • 67 Selling Personas
    • Affluent (>$50K), well-educated
    • Age 34-54
    • Married with multiple children
    • Homemakers, healthcare services or professional/managerial
    • Own newer, larger, more expensive vehicles
    • Lifestyle preferences…higher use of/more
    • Credit cards
    • Technology
    • Mail order
    • Pets
    • Contributions to health-related causes
    • Less likely to move and tend to live in single family homes
  • 67 Selling Personas
  • 67 Selling Personas
  • Process Challenges
    Sales Tools
    Sales Team
  • Sales Materials
  • Incentives – Do they matter?
    Stuffed Animals
    Cookie Credits (for programs and camps)
  • Weather
    Cold in MN
    Heat in CA and FL
  • MN “Sales Team”
    # Troops – 4,100
    Volunteers – 17,745
    Girl Scouts – 45,698
  • Ordering - eBudde
  • Distribution
  • Distribution
  • Distribution
  • Cookie Delivery
  • Cookie Delivery
  • Cookie Delivery
  • More Challenges…
    Changes in Market
    Health conscious
    “Why don't you offer cookies that are whole-wheat, wheat-free, non-dairy, dairy-free, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, organic, low-carbohydrate, low-calorie, low-fat, non-fat, fat-free, etc.?“From Girl Scout Cookie FAQs
    Childhood obesity
    Fair trade
    Girl Safety
    Family Structures – Time Commitment
    Single Parents
    Both Parents Working
  • Still Very Successful
    Conservative est. >200M boxes sold in US
    >4M boxes sold in Minnesota
    >80,000 boxes sold in Edina(largest MN Service Unit)
  • Innovations
    Cookie Care and Share Program
    Elimination of Trans Fats
    eBudde System
    Cookie Booths
    Geo Planning – Walkabout – March 6th
    Social Media
    Digital Patches
  • Over 500 Facebook Groups
  • GS Cookies on FB
  • FB Cookie App
  • MySpace
  • Many Council MySpace Sites
  • Digital Patches
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • GS YouTube Channel
  • Possible Future Innovations
    Mobile App for Taking Orders
    Selling Cookies Online
    Vegetable Cookies?! 
    Electronic Payments
  • Thanks!
    Rhoda Bernstein
    Special thanks to
    Barbara Boelk
    Public Relation Specialist
    Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys