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Media studies eval powerpoint

  1. 1. Q4: How did you use media technologies in the construction and research,planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. SONY HXR – MC2000E HD Solid State Broadcast Camera.This camera was used for all of the filming in our documentary,including: The interview footage, the b-roll footage, and eventhe voice over recording.For research purposes we used the still image setting on thecamera to take some still shots of dance, these were used forinspiration in our final documentary.The image on our newspaper advert was also filmed on thiscamera and we used a still image from the filming.We also used the boom microphone that comes with the camera to record our b-roll footage.
  3. 3. Dell Inspiron ComputersThese computers were used throughout the whole process ofcreating our documentary.During the research and planning stages the computers wereused for the internet, and they allowed quick and easy internetaccess. Blogger was a website that was frequently used,especially in the planning stages.During the construction stages they were used regularly as theyhad the software that we needed (Adobe Premiere Pro &Adobe Photoshop)They were also frequently used during theevaluation stages for websites such as bloggerand slideshare.
  4. 4. Clip MicrophonesDuring all of the interview footage we used clip microphones,this was because they recorded much better sound and createdclearer interviews, this also meant that our footage was of ahigher quality than if we had used boom microphones or thebuilt in microphone on the camera to record the interviews.The clip microphones connected to the camera and thenclipped onto the interviewees clothing the capture clear soundwith less background noise.We also used the clip microphone when recording the voiceover for both the documentary and the radio advert.
  5. 5. Boom MicrophoneThe boom microphone was used when recording our B-rollfootage during the construction stages of our documentary.Mostly we left the boom microphone attached to the camerabut when recording our vox-pops we used an extension lead torecord closer to the person we were filming.During the research and planning stages, we used the boommicrophone to record some practice footage, to get us used tofilming.During the evaluation stages we used the boom microphone torecord our audience responses to our final media product.
  6. 6. USB Transfer CablesDuring the research and planning stages, these were used totransfer all of our practice footage and still images onto the‘Dell Insprion’ computers so that we could look back on ourfootage and look on what we could improve.During the construction stages they were used to transfer all ofour footage on the computers, where it was all put together(on Adobe Premiere Pro)During the evaluation stages, they were used to transfer all ofthe audience feedback onto the computers and also any stillimages from the filming or stills that were needed.
  7. 7. Adobe Premiere ProDuring the research and planning stages, this software wasused the create the preliminary documentary, so that we wereable to get used to programme and understand how to use it.In the construction stages it was used to put all of our footage,images, music and text together to create a 5 minute longdocumentary. This was the main and most important softwareused during the whole process.During the evaluation stages, the software was used to help meanswer question 2 in a way that allowed me to incorporatedifferent areas of media.
  8. 8. Photoshop CS5During the research and planning stages, Photoshop was usedto edit the graphics used in the preliminary documentary, butwe also used it to edit some of the still images we gathered togive us inspiration.During the construction stages, we used Photoshop to edit allof the graphics we included in our documentary, but it wasmost important when creating our newspaper advert as theimage we used required a lot of editing to look professional.During the evaluation stage, I used Photoshop to edit the stillimages I used when answering questions 2 & 4.
  9. 9. Firefox MP4 DownloaderDuring the research and planning stages we used this softwareto download any potential music tracks and archive footagethat we were thinking of using in our documentary.In the construction stages we used this software to downloadall of the tracks and archive footage that we used in our finaldocumentary and radio advert.In the evaluation stages I used this software to download anydance footage or audience responses to dance that would helpme to answer the questions in the evaluation.
  10. 10. Microsoft WordDuring the research and planning stages we used Microsoftword to write out detailed plans of what we were going tofilm/record and we also used it to write out scripts for thevoiceovers, and also questions for the interviews.During the construction stages we used this software mainly tocreate the running order of our documentary and to createsome spider diagrams for our ideas.During the evaluation stages, I used word to script someanswers to the questions, but also to plan my answers and thelayout of my evaluation.
  11. 11. Microsoft PowerPointDuring the research and planning stage, we used PowerPoint topresent our plans, and easily upload them onto blogger by usingSlideShare. We also used PowerPoint to present any researchthat we found so that we could easily find and use what we hadfound out.During the construction stages, I used PowerPoint to keep trackof what information I had put onto my blog and any ideas Icame up with for the documentary throughout the constructionprocess.And during the evaluation process, I used PowerPoint to answer Question 4.
  12. 12. Google ImagesIn the research and planning stages, Google Images was usedto collect images that would give us inspiration on what themeto create our documentary on.Then, during the construction stages, we used it to collectsome images for overlays within our documentary, and we alsocollected some images to use within our graphics.During the evaluation stage, I took images from Google to helpme answer Question 4 and show what kinds of equipment andsoftware we used.
  13. 13. YouTubeDuring the research and planning stages, we used YouTube towatch similar documentary’s to the one we wanted to create,this helped to give us ideas and inspiration for our documentaryand helped us to understand what our audience would belooking for.During the construction stage, we used YouTube to collect all ofour archive footage, and once the documentary was finished weuploaded it to YouTube.In the evaluation stages, I used YouTube to watch back ourdocumentary and Radio advert so that I could effectivelyevaluate them.
  14. 14. BloggerDuring the research and planning stage, blogger was used todocument all of our ideas and planning, also the preliminarytasks were uploaded onto my blog and all of the written workneeded.In the construction stage I updated blogger regularly and withany images/audio/filming that we used and completed all of thenecessary written work.During the evaluation stages, uploaded my evaluation toblogger and completed any other missing work. I also uploadedour final products onto my blog as a way to present them.
  15. 15. Barnums Dance Shop WebsiteWe used Barnum’s dance website in the research and planningstages so that we were able to get an idea of what kinds ofdance were the most popular, this was so we had a focus for ourdocumentary and knew what to include.During the construction stages we used this website to try andsecure an interview with the shop owner and film some b-rollfootage in the shop, unfortunately Barnum’s refused to let usfilm with them, so there was no further use of their website.
  16. 16. SlideShareDuring research and planning, I used SlideShare frequentlybecause I created a number of PowerPoint’s containing anyideas I had for the blog. I then uploaded them to slideshare sothat I was able to embed them to my blog.During the construction process I used SlideShare less as I hadalready completed most of my research and ideasIn the evaluation process I used Slideshare to upload question 4and then embed it onto my blog to show that I used a variety ofmedia products to convey my evaluation.