My Sweet Apocalypse: Wk 16


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The Sims 3 Apocalypse Challenge... I've made it to week 16 despite some glitches. This is generation 4 growing up and generation 2 leaving. Sad and yet happy for the little Sims.

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My Sweet Apocalypse: Wk 16

  1. 1. Hi, Welcome back! =D I messed up my Game save somehow, now my game was giving the toddlers LTWs. I figured I’d finish the Apocalypse if I could or play until I had to move it, if I could move it. It’s week 16 and the family has hit generation 4 with 11 lifts plus the Alien Abduction. =]
  2. 2. The newest member of the family is Dorita. “What?” – Dorita Her mom, Chaya, is teaching her to walk.
  3. 3. Dora is the older daughter of generation 4. I see she brought home BairnJr, her distant cousin. “He came home with Dorian, not me. I don’t have any friends yet.” –Dora I’m sure you will have lots of friends soon.
  4. 4. This is Dorian, Dora’s twin brother; he’s the charmer this time. “Dad says you’re the prettiest girl he’s ever met.I hope I find a girlfriend just like you.” –Dorian Yeah, Devin loves to talk about his wife to his kids. XD
  5. 5. The next morning it was time to help the kids with their homework. “Ahh, I wanted to play some chess.” –Dorita “That’s fine, girl. Your old grandpa will stand over here and wait for you to want to do things with him.” –Virgil “Okay grandpa, I’ll let you help me with my homework.” –Dorita
  6. 6. “Aaahahahahaa!” –Devin Yay- Alien baby time! O.O
  7. 7. “I can’t go in and help him. Chaya, you have to go help your husband have his baby.” –Babette “What could I do? I’ll stand out here until he yells for me.” –Chaya “Someone help that poor boy. My heart can’t take much more.” –Virgil
  8. 8. “Hi Sweetie, I came to help since the screaming stopped. Glad to see you’re both alive.” –Chaya “At least you finally showed up. Here’s my daughter, Datum.” –Devin Squeee! She’s adorable. XD
  9. 9. “Hey…. I’ve just had a daughter. Doesn’t everyone want to see her?” –Devin “Whisper so he doesn’t know how uncomfortable we are.” –Virgil “Oh, stop it, old man. I’m not uncomfortable about it.” –Babette
  10. 10. “Oh, how embarrassing it is.” –Chaya You don’t like your husband having a baby? XD “It’s not that. It’s my parents flirting in front of me. It’s just gross.” –Chaya
  11. 11. Aw… bath time should have toys and bubbles and toddlers giggling. Smile, Dorita! XD
  12. 12. Datum won’t go away if you ignore her, Chaya. “The Freezer bunny hides behind the ice cream.” –Chaya You can’t ignore me either. XD
  13. 13. “Mom, mom, mom, mom! I got an A+ on my report card this week! Look mom, loooook!” –Dora “What do you mean everyone’s talking about my husband? How dare everyone gossip!” –Chaya
  14. 14. “Mom, mom, mom… look mom! I got an A+ on my report card this week!” –Dorian “I got mine first.” –Dora
  15. 15. Gossip and friendship boosting time so Sims were invited over. Everyone can come inside the house, Intelligence was lifted by Devin. “Pull my finger!” –Dora XD
  16. 16. She got caught kicking over our trashcan… give her hell, Devin. XD I have no idea why she’s mad at my Sims. “What you didn’t isn’t very nice. Leave the lot now or I’ll have to use bigger arm movements.” –Devin.
  17. 17. “A hot bowl of soup would be nice right now.” –Benjamin I don’t think she’s listening to you, Ben. XD
  18. 18. Yes, I had to make him change her diaper but it’s still cute to see.
  19. 19. “I hope the Aliens will take me up there. I want to be just like my dad.” –Dorian I hope they don’t. XD
  20. 20. Chaya is still holding on to her job in Music. Nice outfit, too.
  21. 21. “Dorita, ca you say, ‘My grandpa is the best grandpa.’” –Virgil He’s so happy with the kids. =D
  22. 22. It was early morning and everyone was up even as some wanted to go to sleep. “Waaahhh!” –Dorita Mom will put you to bed as soon as you stop crying.
  23. 23. “Okay, I don’t mind the baby in here but you have to leave so I can use the toilet, grandma.” –Dora
  24. 24. Someone doesn’t like the babies sleeping and has to feed them every hour.
  25. 25. “Pffft! That’s the ugliest painting I’ve ever seen.” –Virgil Virgil is bored and will walk around passing judgment on all the paintings. XD
  26. 26. It’s about time you held you step daughter. “She’s kind of cute in that fascinating can’t look away weird cute.” –Chaya Yes she is cute. =D
  27. 27. “Isn’t anyone going to rush out and meet me today?” -Roberto You could stop and knock on the door.
  28. 28. Birthday time! So why isn’t someone taking baby Datum to the cake?
  29. 29. Because baby Datum was frozen and didn’t’ want to age up- Time to save and delete her. “Hey! That doesn’t look safe for Datum.” –Devin She’ll be good to go now.
  30. 30. “Happy Birthday!” Babette… you don’t look excited. What’s wrong? “I’m feeling a little tired, is all.” –Babette
  31. 31. Lol! Awesome- I had to check and make sure Datum was really a girl.
  32. 32. Angel is visiting! “I see dead people.” –Dorita Lol~ I couldn’t help it. XD
  33. 33. Dorita has grown up with Custom hair and cute as a button outfit.
  34. 34. They like to make a friend right away so I left Dorian close enough to make friends. “Happy birthday, Dor.” –Dorian
  35. 35. A little glitch… deleted and bought new ones. =]
  36. 36. Daddy Devin was home to teach Datum how to walk… Glowing Alien! XD
  37. 37. Kobe visited. While Babette and Kobe aren’t friends any more they still remember each other. “Are you feeling old too, Kobe?” –Babette
  38. 38. “Have I told you lately how hawt you are?” –Devin “You know I love hearing you say it.” –Chaya
  39. 39. Chaya got to teach baby Datum to sing the nursery rhyme.
  40. 40. “What’s up Old Man?” “You’re still looking good, Bairn.” Bairn is the second generation spare that I don’t play anymore. XD
  41. 41. “Staring at this old map isn’t fun. Let’s go out and run around.” –Dorita “It is too fun looking at this old map. It’s Awesome!” –Dorian “Yeah- it could be a map to Pleasantview. There’s lots of fun places in Pleasantview.” –Dora
  42. 42. Babette’s second trip out to the distant fields of their home… it was time.
  44. 44. Virgil, go say goodbye to your wife before she vanishes! “I don’t want to say goodbye. I don’t want her to go.” –Virgil Aw… don’t worry. You’ll be with her soon. O.o “That’s not what I mean..sniff.” –Virgil
  45. 45. “Oh, my Goodness-You’re handsome now that I can see your face.” –Babette “I HEAR THAT ALL THE TIME.”
  46. 46. “Hi, I’m Bairn. What are your names?” –Bairn Stop it, Bairn. You have a wife and 2 kids at home… and a few girlfriends, too. XD
  47. 47. “My mom died?” –Crewe Oh, yeah… someone hit rock bottom. O.o
  48. 48. “Mom dies and now Crewe is going nuts… life is terrible.” –Chika It was pandemonium for a while. O.o
  49. 49. “Grandma!” –Dorita
  50. 50. I guess talking with dad about money and his feelings helped Crewe.
  51. 51. “Wahaahahhh!” –Chaya Poor Chaya, she doesn’t want her dad on her bed. Don’t fret, he’ll move soon. “It’s not that and you know it. I want my mom… sniff.” –Chaya
  52. 52. The next day it was getting back to normal. Babette was still there in spirit…
  53. 53. Virgil walked his rounds of tucking in his grandkids… after a few hours of sitting in the hot tub… alone. =[ He was on baby duty for the night and took wonderful care of Datum.
  54. 54. The whole family is up and about…and studying before school. XD
  55. 55. Finally, I remembered to ask a few more Sims about their jobs… “Why do you want to know my job? Are you with the mob?” –Kennedy “No, no! I was just wondering and hoping you had a good job.” –Chaya Freakin’ touchy Sim. XD
  56. 56. Yay! Dora maxed her body skill. It’s easy-peasy with the bookcase now. =D
  57. 57. “Girl, you are a hottie.” –Virgil “Yes I am.” –Frozen Sim
  58. 58. Birthday time! Datum is first. Dora and Dorian look stunned she’s not a 6 foot monster or something. XD
  59. 59. Dorian grew up to be a Popularity Sim. He’s a cutie. =]
  60. 60. Dora looks adorable with her CC hair and non-Winter clothes. XD Another Popularity Sim… I forgot to remove the mod for Uni LTWs but I will and her LTW will change.
  61. 61. “You’re not smarter than me. It doesn’t matter you have more skills.” –Dorian “I am too and it does so HA.” –Dora
  62. 62. The two youngest kids have fun on Saturday and play some cops and robbers. “You can’t take me alive copper! AcK..Achk…” –Datum
  63. 63. “Wweeee!” –kids Okay, that’s enough; Time to study so you have skills for Uni.
  64. 64. “Whoever broke this computer needs to fix it next time.” –Virgil Yeah, I made you fix it because you’re near the end of your life meter.
  65. 65. Dorian maxed his body skill too.
  66. 66. What- You gave it to the youngest Sim on the whole lot? You’re a mad, mad Gypsy! “Tough, take it or leave it. I just deliver the lamps.” –Gypsy I have to leave it. Not only because Paranormal isnt’ lifted but one of the Handicaps I chose is Muggle World- No supernatural creatures and that includes the genie. No wishes for my Sims, ever. =]
  67. 67. The kids got a job in the Gamer career. It’s lifted so it doesn’t matter. Off to work they go. =]
  68. 68. Lovely! They got two Chance cards; one for each teen at work… the same two CCs, too- Lol!
  69. 69. Study, study … one skill maxed already? O.o
  70. 70. “I’m bored, Dorian. Let’s go to the store and buy a cell phone.” –Dora “Brilliant idea, Dora.” –Dorian
  71. 71. “Hi…. Hey….. How ya doing there?” –Dorian Dorian was finger gunning everyone. XD
  72. 72. Yay! Cellphones are Awesome and it’s fun to buy one. ;)
  73. 73. “We can travel to the beach and go playing in the secret ocean.” –Doita “There’s no such place on that map.” –Datum They get fun with the map… love that old map. XD
  74. 74. Babette is visiting! “Woohoo! My old bed is still here.” –Babette
  75. 75. “Grandma is here….wowowowooo!” –Babette “AAAHhhh!” –Datum Babette loves scaring.
  76. 76. Chaya is a Knowledge Sim and got a good memory of seeing her mother’s ghost. I’ll end here- Sunday. I lost my notes for the next two weeks but it can’t be too hard… Uni is coming soon. Thanks so much for reading ~ Happy Simming! <3 Check out Boolprop- -for Sims 2 and Sims 3 stories of all kinds! =D