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  • NHS exampleParticipate: the idea of users as authors
  • RDF = Resource Description Framework, URI = Uniform Resource IdentifiersRDF extends the linking structure of the Web to use URIs to name the relationship between things as well as the two ends of the link. Using this simple model, it allows structured and semi-structured data to be mixed, exposed, and shared across different applications.

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  • &
  • Arrgh If only I thought of!
    All this data to get through! There must be an easier way...
  • Introduction: what is
    Platform that “democratises” data.
    Provides a variety of government datasets to the public.
    Tap into ingenuity and innovativeness of the public.
    Allows for a more transparent government
  • The way it works...
    Central / Federal organisations publish data that is not sensitive.
    Allows public, private sector and NGOs to search data feeds and create applications.
    Aid in research and provide new and innovative ideas to the way in which Government works.
    Example of semantic web technology.
  • Why?
    Hold public officials accountable.
    Lower cost of Government operations through innovative solutions.
    Transparent and open democracy so you can see exactly how Government operates.
    Help Government drive better policies.
  • The semantic web: how does fit in? An example...
    Scientists looking for a cure for a newly discovered disease. allows scientists to pull information from many datasets related to the nutrition of certain demographics.
    Why did swine flu begin in Mexico?
    Share,reuse and respond
  • How is this useful for economists, statisticians and you?
    Share your ideas on where you think Government can improve. Use blogs.
    Use data as evidence.
    Suggest more datasets.
    Compare and contrast.
    “Knowledge is power” – how useful is it?
    Participate, participate and participate.
  • How can the data be used?
    “Knowledge is power”
    Develop applications such as‘Crimemapper’
  • Standards
    Like the document web, the data web has common standards.
    Document web has HTML, CSS...
    Represent data in RDF format
    RDF is to data as HTML is to documents
  • Disadvantages
    Information overload.
    How much power is handed over to users?
    Must be a way to manage feedback.
  • Conclusion
    Users becoming authors
    Data; the sea of change.
    Access data more effectively across the globe, put machine power in to filter data.
    Allow joining of data to maximise human capability to see correlation and trends.
    We may be able to solve problems we’ve never solved before.